1) Requiring CAPTCHAS for friend requests and comments.

Don't make it difficult for your potential friends and customers to send you friend requests, or post comments on your MySpace. Go to Edit Profile > Account Settings > Spam and turn off all CAPTCHAs. It's better to get a little Spam than no friend requests or comments.

2) Having a song play on your profile!

Songs are fine for personal profiles, bands, and music industry profiles, but it is a huge mistake for small business profiles. People's first impulse it hit the back button and/or be annoyed. Odds are they aren't going to like your choice of songs or they may already be listening to music. You have 3-5 seconds to make a strong first impression on MySpace about your product or service... the song is a huge distraction. So resist the urge, and remove the song!

3) Not having contact and location information front and center on your profile.

This needs to be the first content you add under "About Me"... mention it again in a blog entitled "Where are we lcoated?".

4) Not linking to your website on your profile, in comments, in bulletins, and on your blog!

The power of MySpace is that it allows users to insert html... make sure you link to your website, blog, Facebook page, etc. at every opportunity! MySpace is one of the fastest ways to increase website traffic.

5) Not using your blog.

I see a lot of small businesses with no blog posts. Blogs are very powerful... use them at every opportunity!

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very good advice. I am going to follow through. Thanks

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