I am very much interested in your free SEO service for my blog

My PageRank used to be 3, but since 6 months, it is PR0. Most of my posts are indexed well in Google. My Technorati rank is 11,695 and my Alexa is 88,691. Even though my Technorati and Alexa rankings are good, I am losing credit and money just because my PageRank is 0. Could you please check and advise what might be the problem causing Google to rate my blog as PR0. Thanks!

Mert Erkal

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Sometimes when termites get out of control, it is just better to build a new house and move what's left over.

A few years years back I used to spend an entire month trying to figure out why Google penalized my site or dropped my PR. Trying to figure these things out is a losing battle that keeps you looking back and not moving forward.

Your article from yesterday about buying old domains with PR is most likely your solution. Depending on how valuable PR is to your business I would suggest either starting over from scratch with a new domain or buying one with existing PR. There is a high turnover with blog domains so you should be able to find something with at least PR3.

Start promoting your new blog from your exiting one and continue to blog if it is ranking well in the SERPs.

It is frustrating but the key here is diversification. If you are running 10 blogs with PR between 2-5 and you lose one, then you just replace it. Use this bump in the road as an opportunity to diversify and expand.
But master here problem is different, it becomes easy to say but if the webmaster has not put eggs in different baskets since beginning or has a special attachment with the blog or blog has been doing very well in terms of traffic and popularity which is gained over the period of time; then it gets difficult to make up mind to change over to a new blog.

But certainly with your experience in this field, the middle solution of making a new blog, and popularizing it through existing blog makes sense.

Again, "how important Pagerank is for the business" becomes one important point to think upon - as I mentioned in the other post here - unfortunately there is vast population in advertisers that still believe in PR.

Mert, did you try reconsideration option with Google. I have gone through your exact situation few months back, and that did work for me. I have also written a post about re-inclusion success. Because this blog was [is] so dear to me, and I could not take it casually that the PR was gone. Luckily Google got me my PR back, though 1 less than before. I was happy with whatever I got... and now the situation is - the blog has 100 pages of PR3 due to proper interlinking and all. That's different story altogether though.
Thanks a lot to both of you. Your ideas are very valuable for me.

TheMaster, you are right, I need to diversify to minimize the risk.

Yeah, I tried reconsideration once. I also installed TLA before my blog is punished. I have just read your blog post, will follow the same steps and try again. Lets please keep our fingers crossed then :)

I am glad to read that reconsideration worked for you. Awesome!
Hi Mert, I found a couple articles that you wrote (Great articles, by the way):

Search For Blogging #1
Search For Blogging #2

PR drops to zero as a penalty if Google perceives bad neighborhoods. Good luck on re inclusion, I wish you the best.
Hi James,

Thank you so much! I am writing good articles, but it does not recover my PageRank :)

I keep on writing good content, as if one morning I will wake up and see my rank as PR3 :)
I think one of the largest issues is duplicate content. I am finding large textual chunks of your writing on different websites. Its a shame that people like your writing so much that they are stealing it.
Here is an article about duplicate content from Google:
I think your chances for reinculsion are really good if Google figures out that you were scraped. it's worth a shot for sure.

Take care!

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