For the Gods of Google to accept your site, you must do more than offer up a golden cow. Here are the Ten Commandments to follow. Sinners will face purgatory with a penalty or be sent to hell with a lifetime ban.

The First Commandment - Thou Shalt Have Fresh Content

The easiest way to accomplish this is with a daily blog. One to three paragraphs of original content related to your site.

The Second Commandment - Thou Shalt Do Keyword Research

For each of your daily blogs, go to the Free Keyword Researcher on our Free Biz Tools page and identify a keyword string of 2-4 words long to title your blog.

Use the Keyword string in your blog content 1-3 times.

The Third Commandment - Thou Shalt Submit Daily Blog to Social Bookmarks

The exact keyword string that you identify for you blog's title will be used in each submission. Change up the description for each submission.

Here are the angels of Google that will help you ascend in the rankings and find a home in Google Heaven:

For the complete list of Social Bookmark Sites go here.

The Fourth Commandment - Thou Shalt Use the Site Name in the Title

The Google Gods want you to be true to yourself and not try to trick your fellow man.

The best way to accomplish this is to use it in the second half of the title. Ex: The Ten Commandments of Search :

The Fifth Commandment - Though Shalt Have Links from Directories

Identify the keyword string that you want your index page to rank for and use it in the title of your submissions. Also, only do a couple of submissions each day.

Here is a list of PR4+ directories that have free submission. The $299 Yahoo directory submission is also a good move. 8 6 6 6 6 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 4 4 4 4

For the complete list of Free Directories go here.

The Sixth Commandment - Thou Shalt Post Comments on Blogs with Do-Follow

Do-Follow simply means that a link on a page is valued by the Google Gods. Be sure to post a good comment and use the keyword string that you are focusing on as your name.

Here is a list of Do-Follow Blogs: 6 6 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 4 4 4 4 4 4 4

For the complete list of Do-Follow Blogs go here.

The Seventh Commandment - Thou Shalt Use Signatures in Forums with Do-Follow

Focus your signature around the main keyword string for your home page. Try to be the first response to new posts and participate on long discussion threads that will consistently be pushed to the top of the main discussion page.

Here is a list of major forums with Do-Follow signatures: SEO - music - seo - business - seo, webmaster - webmaster - Webmaster, seo - comic books - photo - ecommerce, advertising - domains - books

For the complete list of Do-Follow Forums go here.

The Eighth Commandment - Thou Shalt Use Free Classified Ads

This is an easy way to get a little push and some customers at the same time.

Here is a list of some of the large free online classified sites:

For the complete list of Free Classified Websites go here.

The Ninth Commandment - Thou Shalt Create and Submit RSS Feeds

Here is a list of free RSS feed directories that will get your feed slurped up by Google:

For the complete list of Free RSS Directories go here.

The Tenth Commandment - Thou Shalt Not Forget about Google Images

Google images accounts for a large amount of traffic and should not be ignored. On each daily blog, you should have an image that is clickable. Remember that Google images shows a bunch of thumbnails and not your blog content. Then use the keyword string to name the image, alt tag, and caption.

Although I may not be Moses, this list just may save the soul of your website.

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Damn! There is not one of these commandments that I keep. I must have been busy worshiping some other gods not to have taken notice. But now that you have enlightened me with all these "Thou shalt ...", Moses, thou shalt now consider me a true convert. But pray tell me, how I could be loyal to the first commandment when the nature of my website would make the task of updating it on a daily basis much more daunting than crossing the Red Sea.
Great and worthfull info.
Once again thanks a lot for your valuable information.
Damn very useful advice, i will be very busy now
Very Very Good!!!!
I would like to address the fourth commandment:

I rarely will use the business or website name in a page title. The only exception is if the name is also a keyword. My business is Tucson SEO Solution. None one ever looks for Tucson SEO Solutions but they do look for Tucson SEO. So I will include it in the title.

A better use of the website or business name is in the page description Meta Tag. Page Titles are for keywords only! Most businesses and websites are not going to be searched by name, and those that are will get picked up from the page description.
Great advice and I love t he way you wrote it as commandments!


Tatyana Gann
I surf aggressively looking around for this stuff and I have not even hear of half of it! Oh dear I gotta go under the bed here for a bit.
Still there is so much content out there these days ...
I'm trying to get a small honest community of people submitting google add and revenue makings on my site at -
thank you again
Free Search Engine Optimization of Your Web Site
I need help Optimizing My site. I have had the site for about 4yrs but not sure how to optimize it. The site is Could you please help me with doing this. Thanks so much
Hello The Master
Appreciate your list, But I would not agree with everything you have listed.

1. You dont have to necessarily Have Name in the Title, If it makes sense to the visitors add it. Rather than this you should have given this one: Have unique Titles for each page with keywords
2. The Second Commandement should go first, Before even coming up with Content, do the Keyword Research
3. Submit Daily Blog to Social Bookmarks ? You mean keep Submitting your blog Daily?
4. How about Descriptions? The Descriptions are important for the visitors. Even thou it does have some impact on Rankings. Describe what that page is about in the description.
5. Though Shalt Have Links from Directories : Having links is important but you dont have to get links form any Directory, Get links from quality Directories and related directories. Dint you knwo that Google recently Banned sites and directories for buying and selling links? Here is the link to banned directories:
6. Go to or and learn from Experts.
7. How about internal linking ? Anchor links etc
Thank you for all this useful information. I have a lot to learn and at least now I have something to study. I will be reveiwing your commandments often. For now can you tell me just what a RSS feed is?
Great input, definitely useful for a beginner, but for serious internet marketing one will need to take a step deeper.

Also I kind of disagree with some of the "commandments", or otherwise think time and resources can be better used to achieve a greater success. Examples are:

#2: keyword research goes beyond just using keyword suggestion tools. One need a more comprehensive approach. And as someone pointed out earlier this needs to be done prior to creating content (content needs to be created around the identified keywords)

#3: this is going to take you a serious amount of time if you have several sites/blogs to manage. Plus most of the social bookmarking sites don't allow multiple submissions of pages from the same site. So daily submission might actually get you banned.

#4: not true is your site name is unrelated to your main keywords (business name for instance). Google will not penalize you for using your using your main keywords in your title. The title is too important of an asset to waste it.

#5: General directories today are not what they used to be a couple of years before. Although it is always good to get additional links, you need to make sure that the directory is not selling links. How many of site owners do you know who have got their sites listed in DMOZ recently? And $299 can be better used than spending it on a Yahoo review (unless you are a multinational of course). Finally you need to do some variations when submitting, if all your links are with the same anchor text that might mean red flags for your site.

#6 & #7: No follow links may not be useful for certain search engines (Google is not the only search engine around), but can make your link building appear more natural while bringing some needed traffic especially if you get it from highly relevant or popular sites within your industry.

#9: I sometimes worry about RSS feeds especially for new sites because it means your content is duplicated all over the web, and if your site is not strong enough other sites may rank higher than yours for searches relevant to your articles. It might even push you to the supplemental index.
Hello. I need major help with a website I just started. I was told by an SEO company that there is so much competition in the field that my website is included in that it could take close to a year to optimize my site. They suggested I try google ad words for quicker results. Can you take a look at my site and content and tell me what you think. Also, can you help me with optimizing it. I market an online credit card application site Thanks.

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