Is there a difference in what is righteous and what we think we know as truth? Is it possible that we are living a life style that in our minds and hearts we know is not the right way to go? Why do we learn the right principles of life but choose to do the opposite of what our very own mind says to us? Just how long can something that is not being operated right keep going on when it is hurting so many others? Did the creator of this world also create a set of instructions(rules,laws) to live by? and if so, why is it that no one seems to know them or follow them so that others can find their way also? Or is it that it is not the intent, nor, the interest of the 'powers that be' for this to happen among them the people? Is there any real truth flowing around and if so, just how do we get it to others so that all will benefit from the "Knowledge of understanding the Wisdom," and be able to be made whole?

As the truth began to reveal itself as the truth, many things that we thought or know was truth will began to reveal itself as untruths and just where do we go from there?

We will begin to realize that learning to become Holy and getting connected with the "Holy One thru the Messiah" that was sent to us so that we know and understand that the creator of all wants and love us will be more important than anything that the mind can began to perceive, only than will the mind even think about what the "Real goal in of life was/is, less lone what the true goals of life is.

Sometimes finding one's self living in the belly of the devil doing devilish things take one's mind off of what it really should be thinking about and doing for self and others in a well designed world.

Instead we have groves of folks being misled with false truths making some of them find themselves mistreating others in the name of some kind of real justification of theirs as being the reason for them having done it.

They all speak of love, honor, respect, in front of many, but then they react with like the storms katrina, and ike, where is the real love that the creator created for man and his kind? we need it, and we need it now!

R.C. Beckom is the author of "IT'S COMIN'/TRILOGY," his book delves beyond the comprehension of daily life. It defines some conditions of some folks that need immediate attention, things that most will refuse to listen to, simply because of the guilt that just may be founded in one's own self. This book is not one to be put aside, this is a "must read." There will not be another book that approaches these types of issues published for at least another hundred years, so don't miss out on reading the most truest tale of the century. This story is Godly inspired!

Though the stories take place in a fictional setting, the implications defined are real-life issues that need immediate attention. There are also a variety other stories in this novel, the novel is divided into three parts: "It's Coming," "Aquarius(A New Beginning)," and " Black Thoughts About Black Things," after all this is a Trilogy, this book is also sold as an e-book, "It's Coming," and "Aquarius" can be heard in Audio at the bottom of this page by downloading it, "Black Thoughts About Black Things can only be read by purchasing the book, so be sure to make it a point to take a look at this site and perhaps you will get a few pointers on how you can get to see your "Voice in Print." Yes, even you, can learn stuff about printing, publishing, getting published or geting self-published even. Sounds Great? Give Us A Look and change your life forever."

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As the world take its new transition, so must the People,as well. As the world gets to look at and in America and it's Elections, We find that we must pray that who-so-ever takes the "Chain of Command," take the country and we the people in the directional way of the Creator and not in the way of the Creature for that is Doom. Enjoy the music here and the story,"IT'S COMIN' part one and part two, part three "Black Thoughts About Black Things can only be access though the purchase of the book , my son Moe-B-Z as he calls himself, dedicates the song, "I can and I gon' change" to Senator Obama, with hopes that he do become the next President of the United States of America, and he pray in the name of YHWH (the creator of all life,animal and things)that the change is a positive one for all the People of the Whole Wide World.


and thank you for hearing our prayers

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