That old saying, "a glitch in my get-along" probably wasn't about operating a business, but it just seems to fit at this time for me and what is happening. My story is somewhat unusual in that I have been in start-up for the last 16-17 years. I think that may call for a "wow." If I was reading this rather than writing it, I probably would think, "why doesn't she give up, and try something else?" I have heard those words more than once, but if I give up, what do I do, start something else all over again? One of my friends suggested I begin a discussion and give all of us something to talk about and an opportunity to learn. I am open to answering any question regarding this odyssey I am involved in and look forward to learning what may be offered. I may not take your advice, but it will be interesting to see what everyone thinks about this journey.

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A Glitch in My Get-Along--I love it!!!

I was listening to a trainer today--a multi-millionaire. Her words exactly "If it takes me 20 years, it will be worth it."

I think you're on the right track!

Let me know if I can help you in anyway, Ms. Paris.
Thank you, Ginger, I believe there is a reason and a season for everything, and in time I will be on time.
Ok, dear Paris. So let me just make sure I have this straight -- You've been at the doll biz for all these years and you're wondering why you haven't made it big yet? Is that correct? And are you wondering HOW to take your biz to the next level?
I'm just asking these questions, so I know what the issue actually is, and then I can address it.

Dear Faye,
This includes a very long story, but I will try to cut it down. I have not been in business, rather in preparation for business, which I am still. My idea was to find someone to publish the books and manufacture the dolls. I never intended to sit at home and make dolls, and as each doll has its own storyline I needed to have other writers to help write the stories, which I am still looking for...I've written about 8 so far. I had the prototype for the first doll made and in the meantime, I was raising my two sons alone; I ran a non-profit for 7 years; I returned to school; returned to work; lost my fiancee, was made homeless; lost my son who was my partner, and I was stopped dead in my tracks for awhile. I have signed 3 publishing contracts. The first publisher went bankrupt after 2 years; the second publisher/manufacturer said she "bit off more than she could chew" after 2 years; now I have a third. He had a friend who could have the dolls made in China for a really low price...this is where the current problem comes into play. I sent the first factory the original doll I made and they took it apart to see how it was put together and never returned it. To avoid that problem, I sent the new factory pictures and detailed instructions, but because of the language barrier it took them months to understand how to sew the "hat" on, and they sewed it on backwards, which pulled the hair back, so they glued it to the doll's head...and they made 1,000 of these. Of course, they had to make them again without the glue and I insisted on having them inspected before they left the factory, due to all the Mattel problems. I found an inspector and she questioned the factory about the weight, so they got really angry and refused to work with her. I also found a shipper and asked him to speak to the factory to arrange for the inspection and shipping, but instead they quit. Everything is settled down somewhat now, so I hope we can move forward soon. All through this, Faye, I never gave up hope of bringing my dolls and books to market. I still believe that I have a winner as my dolls can fulfill the need for dolls truly representing the black expression as there are no other commercial dolls like mine, and I continue to get wonderful feedback from folks around the world who would like to own or collect the "Oodles." God knows what is in my heart for the revenue I expect to make from their sell, so I have faith that I have been blessed with something which can make not only my dreams, but others' dreams come true. Besides all that, I know that there is a right time, and I believe it is now; so I hold fast to my course.

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