As the election draws closer, it seems that all we are talking about is fear... What I don't understand is what's behind all the fear? This is supposed to be a nation based on Judeo/Christian principles and belief, along with all the other religions' tenets, so the primary premise is supposed to be faith in an all-knowing, all-seeing, ever-present God. Where is the faith in God? Has everyone succumbed to the media hype and tricks of political propaganda that is a part of and common to these events? Are we so weak that we have allowed all those who have lurked in the shadows brewing up their hateful brews to finally get an opportunity to come out and release their potions into our systems? I wish everyone would be man or woman enough to say what is on their minds about all the fear so we can get on with the business of electing a president and getting this country back in shape. Our duty to our children, our citizens, and the world is the most important thing right now. Not running around like Chicken Little saying, "The sky is falling, the sky is falling..." No matter who the president has been, or will be, whether he or she is black, white, female, or other, this is still America and we are all Americans. Let's act like it.

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Thanks, Krystara, I love your eloquence. I hope we hear from others who are willing and strong enough to stand up for our future and for our country. Paris.
Hi Paris,
Very appropriate. It is human nature to fear the unknown. But you are right. We ALL need to conquer our fear or we will all fail. I will take advantage of early voting (since I will be on the Conference at Sea during the election) to make sure that I did my duty as a citizen. To my candidate - win or lose - we should all help each other put this country back to shape (for the future of our children). To all voters - before you cast your vote.... take a moment to reflect who should be the appropriate person that will lead our country. Forget your party - do the right thing. Let your concience be your guide.
Thank you, Katherine, for your comments. We all have our own motives for voting the way we do, and that's good, but there is a reason why there is an age restriction on when you are able to vote. One should be able to reason and make an informed decision based on one's own beliefs and needs; not on what others frighten you into doing.

People are so fearful because of Obama. He represents change and hope! Because he's not the same cookie cut candidate people allow fear take over. We need to relax and let God be God!

Biz Bud

Lee Woods
Thank you Lee,
I believe the fear goes even deeper than Obama. People are afraid to lose all the material things they have accumulated with credit cards and loans on their homes. Obama, when elected, will have to turn everything around and make the economy appear to straighten itself out. The war we are involved in is another source of fear for many. Terrorists and the possiblity of nuclear weapons add to the mix. I agree with you that we should "relax and let God be God" because He is going to be that anyway. Regardless of our fears, our faith needs to be stronger. This election is showing how little faith in God, the economy, our govenment, themselves and mankind in general many people possess. Paris.
Fear is generally overruled by understanding. There's just obviously a lot of people who don't understand. Whether it is a business or political decision, you should know what you are doing. Even when the path isn't necessarily clear between options, you can have faith in yourself and Providence. So besides all the ignorance, I think a lot of the fear you find is a result of lack of moral integrity.

Paris, I really liked your reference to founding principles. It was nice to see the reminder. It's also easy to find on any solid currency. I tend to work with that more than the intangible, artifical, and superficial. Of course, those are values based on the same principles. The interesting dillema is how the two leader authorities are presenting such different directions. I actually like both candidates.

When I hear a good thing I usually trust my instincts. Both appear to be right with the exception where they are conditional upon the other being wrong. I am not divided and I don't expect a representative government of me to be divided either. I am quite optimistic and will be looking forward to seeing what this next President can do for me and this country, if anything. Both have obliged themselves to taking dramatic action and bear the burden of decisive leadership. I think now is about a good time for it. I'm only 31 anyway. It's not really any of my business until the next election as far as I see it.

The nice thing about keeping a position of singularity in our government is it reminds us that an individual can make a difference. I also think terms are a good idea because that reminds us that more than one individual must carry that burden and you don't know who that might be. We can celebrate this transition just as it was intended in the guidance passed on to us by this nation's founding principles. I'll do my best and expect nothing less from my presiding representative.

Fear may be falsely brought, that doesn't change the fact it is a real phenomena in itself. I sense there is real danger in all this. However, it's in times of danger that we experience the glory of courage. The challenges are what bring us closest to the truth. So I think in moments of uncertainty like this, we can still pray and do our best to meet the challenges of the day. Courage is only something you measure after the fact, and is based both on work done and results accomplished. So we will.
Dear Anthony,
Thank you for adding your wisdom to the discussion. It will be very interesting to see how our leaders, whomever it may be, will accomplish even some of the promises made during their campaign. No matter who wins, I believe we will presevere and continue to show the world that we can be strong and caring, mighty and empathic to not only our citizens, but to misfortunate people around the world. Our future lies in that hope. Paris.

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