In the follow-up to our "what is your website discussion," we are now looking to identify some of the best products and services offered by our members to feature to the group.

List your product or service and why someone should buy it or use it.

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Thank you, Jim!

Although I own this book already, I thank you for your gift! Very kind of you!

I want to offer you a gift as well: If you go to my website
you can sign in to get my free report "8 Steps to Getting What you Want in Life". Enjoy!
Peace and joy,
My product is a web based financial management software specializing in aggressive mortgage and debt elimination. Most people have their money working for someone else. What I mean by that is money works 24 hours a day, 7 days a week 365 days a year! No Sick time , No Vacation , No holiday. Most people do not even realize the vast majority of their money is working for someone else most of the time even when they think it is in their possession. Case in point You get paid and put your money in a checking account until you're ready to spend it or pay bills. While you think you have that money reality is the banks do and the bank is earning interest on it everyday until you spend it.

That is money you earned , you paid taxes on yet the bank is earning on it, not you, why? Because you don't even see the possibilities. You have been indoctrinated into buying and spending the way Banks and Corporate America want you to. The software product I market as an Independent Agent has sophisticated algorithyms and math engines that will take any and every possible scenario given a set of circumstances and give you the most effective financial solution mathematically possible.

The average American has 13 credit accounts. Using that figure there are over 3 million payment combinations assuming that each account had a different balance and interest rate & term. Only one of those payment scenarios is the most effective at eliminating debt. There is virtually no way we could spend the time to figure that out on our own without technology! It is like a financial GPS no matter who you are where you are this software will show you the quickest most cost effective way to zero debt period.

What is amazing is it makes it as simple as point and click to get the answers! Its kind of like being able to take an equation as complicated as Einstein's theory of relativity (for finance if you will allow me that latitude) and making it available to the every day person to use at the point and click of their personal computer.

Best of all I can show you what it can do for you and basically let you take it for a short test drive. We offer a Free no cost no obligation analysis so that you can see exactly what this software will do for you. I don't need any private info like Social Security#s or Bank Account numbers. Just a rendering of monthly costs with rate, terms and balances of these your accounts and I will supply you with a 5 page analysis complete with a guaranteed in writing payoff date for your zero debt day! After that it is up to you if you want to buy it.

Hearing all that I have said wouldn't you at least be a little curious to find out your zero debt day and have all your questions answered? I recently refinanced my $297.000 mortgage @ 6.95% fixed for 30 years and will have it paid off in 11.8 saving over $318,000 in interest that I would have paid to the Bank. I only wish I had looked at it with an open mind when it was first presented to me over 14 months ago my savings would have been greater!

Thanks for asking,

John Jakobs AKA "The Equity Man"

Your "boss" comes into the office and with a bright and cheery voice announces, "James...You're moving to Atlanta! We need your widget knowledge in our new branch, and Jane, your new Branch Manager is expecting you in two weeks. Get things wrapped up here and good luck in Atlanta!"

You've never been to Atlanta. It has never crossed you mind to move to Atlanta. Where in the world IS ATLANTA?

Hearth & Home Northwest helps Clients like James and his family Relocate "From Anywhere-To Anywhere...From Now On. We find out where, what, who, and when. We provide school, major employer, area demographic, and special needs information to families having to uproot from "HOME" enroute to "Never Never Land, that mysterious never-before-seen community that either you, or worse, someone else. has sent you to.

We interview professional service providers you will need during your move. We provide Quality Assurance throughout your move, making sure your service professionals are well serving you, and that information and reports important to your early confidence and comfort are in your hands when you need them.

No one should have to make a move across the state or across the country alone. With Hearth & Home, you won't have to...We're right there with you...every step of the way.

PS...Here's a nice surprise for you--As a valued Hearth & Home Client, You Pay us ZERO for our services! Call and ask us why. We think you'll love the answer!!! (our link will give you more information...please give us a click and let us know how we can be of help. Thanks.
If you are a wedding vendor you can place a free vendor listing and/or place your wedding products on our site for free. If you a bride-to-be we giveaway monogram cake toppers every month and $500 worth of wedding products from our site every 6 months.The winner of $500 will be announced on June 1, 2009.
Go to today to place free listings!

InfaCity is an online marketplace where you can buy/sell new and used wedding products!
My product is a legal plan for small business owners which also has a vital component of business consultation. The reason small business owners should have a legal plan and consultation is so they can level the playing field with big business and protect their biggest asset (their business) against frivolous lawsuits.

Business Solutions Plan
FastCommerce is a low-cost, high-powered e-commerce platform that gives the small business entrepreneur a search engine optimized online product catalog, a professional web store and a well designed, easy to use back-end management module to build the store and run the business, process orders, even generate invoices and pick lists.

The real reason to use FastCommerce is that it is easy to get started, and provides all the tools you need to run a business online. And the price is great. For up to fifty products, you can run the store, host your domain, and accept payment through PayPal for 19.95 a year. 29.95 a month will get you 2,000 iems.

You start your business with a first class e-commerce application that ties everything together in one platform and makes it work. You can build a powerhouse of an online business without spending money, and with out the need for technical expertise. Perfect for the small business entrepreneur.
I am affiliated with a socially responsible company called Soul Purpose Lifestyle where I am giving back on a global level from the consumer and merchant to my Earth. We are a GREEN company and look forward to promoting at least 150 millionaires by 2012! Care to Join Me!

All of your 100% Organic Products at the click of a button! Click on
the banner below & then Click Order Now to view our whole product line!
Soul Purpose product line will be last on the list of item tab. Enjoy!!!
Vitamins, Lotions, Candles, Shea Butter, Skin Care, Mineral Make Up,
Food & More!

Click Here


For additional information click here: Discover Your Soul Purpose
My product is a financial management software (web based) specifically designed for aggressive mortgage and debt elimination. I saved over $318,000 and took 19 years off my mortgage, here is the three most important things to remember:

I did not have to refinance

I did not change my monthly payment

and I did not change my lifestyle

I simply followed the prompts of the program and saved tens of thousands of dollars! Click for info
WebProsperity - Launched on the 13th January 2008 Webprosperity is an online platform that has pulled together - an Email marketing system (including a powerful Auto responder), A video and audio creation tool, a contacts manager and an Online Meetings tool (complete with Video and Voice over the internet).

WebProsperity is really every Professional Internet Marketers tool - but the great thing about it is that a Revenue stream has been built around these tools enabling entrepenuers not only leverage the tools to help build their online businesses but also generate additional income. (Click this link for info on our compensation plan

A few years ago I sold a product called Centra - similar to webex - for any of you that have ever used online meeting tools - and we sold these tools to corporate customers at $25000 for a corporate Licence with an monthly onging fee. Well - Webprosperity has a similar online meetng solution ad you will be please to know that this is provided at a fraction of the figure above ($27 and $55 per month.)

Check out

See you at the TOP

Celestine Ononye
My main core business are domains, hosting, domain monitor and affiliate programs. I tried my best to deal with prospects, customers on a personal and daily basis, I work on the internet for 12+ hours daily except Sundays. I want to be different and offer cutting-edge solutions to people that will try my products/services.

People always say on my services, "Oh I forgot to pay on that service" and my usual response it's free as long as you're my customer all add-ins I try to offer for free if I can.

Domains and Hosting In One Business -
Domain Uptime Monitor via Sms -
My Main Site:
My Blogs:
My customer support:
Personal Development Programs that are life changing! These are stand alone products or you can create your own business.

Either way, you receive MY coaching which is gentle and direct and produces results!

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