Hi my name is Corina, I have a question I want to start my own buisness but I need a grant to start, but I have no Idea were to start. I was hoping that someone could help me out.

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If your business is for profit and you do not provide something the government needs - like a missle defense system - give up on grants. They are just not there. if they were - everyone in this country would be in business for themselves.

Try to figure out what you really need? Then think out ways to get it. If you need capital - there are many, many ways - even non-bank ways to get capital for your business - that is my business - helping business owners find and obtain capital -

If you need other services like marketing - find ways to market at little or no costs. Think free services like press releases - or partnering with like business or online marketing.

If you need to hire more people - think of alternatives - like work study from your local college or commission based sales people.

If you need general help overall - visit your local small business development center (SBDC) - they are free and can help.

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Sorry, but there are no grants for profit-making businesses. You might want to look up the Microenterprise Initiative (Microloan Fund) in your state, the State's Small Business Development Center and the local SCORE chapter. All three are connected to the US Small Business Administration and your state's economic development people. There should also be some business groups that you can look into. The main thing is to research, campaign and get out there and network with enterpreneurs and the aforementioned organizations that can provide you free consultation.

Good luck,

If you are Canadian, UI now has a program to get you started, it is linked to second career options, this is the route both my husband and I are heading at this moment,

I have been busy placing proposals together, two books, one for him, and one for me, then our government pays us to stay at home and give it a try, so that is half the money. NOT ALL.
I know of a guy named edward c robinson he lives in California and he's a grant consultant.
I would suggest find a grant consultant or looking one up on youtube for you can see how he/she looks .
Anyway the number to Edward C Robinson is 562 408 2325
Hi, Thanks for potential links, even i was looking for the same, are any country women entrepreneur eligible to have this grant benefits

FREE GRANT MONEY- "" I tried to reach you once before but no luck.

I write resumes for people who are unemployed.  These people can't afford to pay their bills much less pay someone to rewrite their resume.  I'm looking for an "angel investor".  Not asking for too much.  I don't ask for much when doing a resume!!  Just enough to visit the local grocery store and pay my own bills.  Any suggestions?  I'd like to walk up to someone and say, come see me....and unknown benefactor has paid for your resume enabling you to submit, get an interview, and ultimately get a job doing what you were trained to do.  If you wish to reach me with your thoughts, I can be reached at

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