Hi everyone

Since i am first time here to start a discussion,i am not quite sure for being on the right place;i hope so.My incentive came up today because my Web site /banned from WebBiz Insider/and Article submitted on ezinearticles have been banned.Seemingly,they have inappropriate content, and questioned that i am Author of the same.I am member of,where i posted my work as well.
I was very angry;Do they know how much efforts it needed to write my ebook,realise PDF format, to make my own Web Site,by the way i made it myself using Word/MS Office/.
I called them unlettered;Mikhail Bulgakov is one of the greatest writer in the world,Oscar Wilde and his best known"The picture of Dorian Gray",i mentioned them in my writing.Second Chapter of my ebook is based on Jules Michelet's "La Sorciere"/Witch".If they don't know who is that man,just to click on Wikipedia.
The picture i posted is a piece by Albrecht Direr,named'Four Witches"

Thank you for reading

I would like to know your experience and hope you are in good knowledge of what is all needed to realise a project of yourself,on your own!

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I'm not sure about my "good knowledge," but I used to work in a Library. Yearly we displayed banned books such as Harry Potter, The Bible and many others. Amazing how many people checked these items out, especially when they realized the books had once been banned.

Maybe, with the material you offer, you are reaching out to the wrong market or reading audience. Why not submit to other venues?


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