StartUp offers you full control of everything that could be considered spam. Here is a quick tutorial of what to do if you feel like you are getting spammed.

Changing Your Settings

1) Change to Approve Comments Before they Appear on your Wall

a) Find this question: Do you want to approve comments before they appear on your blog?
b) Change to: Yes – Let me approve comments first
c) Click "Save"

2) Change to Receive Only "Messages sent to the whole network"

Unclick everything except the fourth one. This will eliminate all the emails except the ones that are coming directly from and are approved for the $1000 giveaway. Essentially, this means one approved message a day M-F.

Stopping Invitations to Other Networks Completely

One step will stop this forever.

Log onto with your user id and password and go to this page:

1) Under "Email Notifications on Ning" locate "Invitations to Join Social Networks."
2) Change to "No"
3) Click Save

Friend Management

Making a Friend Request

1) Do not make blind friend requests.
This means do not just go from profile to profile clicking "Add Friend" 100 times in a row.

2) Make friend requests to people that are active on the site.
Look for the other members that are making comments on blogs and are actively posting.

3) Visit the member's website before making a friend request.
This will allow you to add a targeted comment in the friend request.

Receiving a Friend Request

1) Never accept any friend request blindly.
Send a message asking them a general question about their business or If they answer, then accept their request. If not, then reject their request.

2) Be wary of accepting requests from people who do not have a picture.
People that do not post a picture are more likely not going to be around, and they are more likely to send you spam.

Managing Existing Friends

1) Immediately remove any friend that sends you a message that you consider spam.
At the top of every message you receive in your inbox on there is a link that reads "Block Messages." After you click the "Block Messages" button, then click on their profile link and click the "Remove as Friend" button on the left side under their profile image.

2) Immediately remove any friend that sends you more that one invite to another site in a week.
If you notice that you are getting 15 invitations to all kinds of social networks, then you have a friend or two that you need to eliminate. Each invitation will have the person's picture and name. Just go find them in your friends and unfriend them to stop these invites.

3) You must spend a few minutes a day removing friends that are sending you spam and excessive invites.
If you do not, then things will quickly get out of control. 5-10 bad friends can turn your email inbox into a nightmare. Some of these people will invite you to 10 sites a day. Spending a few minutes a day on removing these bad apples will save you time in the long run.

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Thank you! That was very helpful.
Thanks for the tips. I had already figured some of this out in my first week. Please stop spamming everyone.....pretty please
Terrific information! It's great to network but these tips are very helpful to managing how we do it successfully.
excellent! Would like this to be a positive experience. thank you
Thank You...)
Very useful information thanks David.
Thank you, this has been very helpful to me.
Thank you for these tips, helpful.
Really nice info. I was looking for this for a long time on other sites and just joined here and got to know. It really works.
Thanks :)
Thank you for the tips, this blog is very useful

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