10 = Very Professional and Pefect
1 = Unprofessional and Need Some Work

If you want to be rated then just reply to this discussion and ask to be rated.

When rating someone else mention the good along with the bad and offer suggestions on how to improve.

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Oh yea, take a look of My other pics and confirm again that I am like a lawyer! But Thanks, You are much to generous! You are 9 too! I think, that looks even better!

9 too!
Thanks, good luck to You too! Have fun!
Thank You, You look well too! a 9!
I already placed a pic with My full head on it! Take a look above please! 10 for You!

Thank You very much indeed! You are good for 9 Sir!
Good enough? For You a 9!

I rate You 9 too! I would like to see more from You to give You 10!

Thank You!

ok we value your aopinion, but we are smiling and because it is a home based giftbasket business we wanted to show we enjoy what we do...Just to ad somw fun! Your pic is fine and professional, we wer trying to catch the eye.
please others give us more input
I'm always looking for feedback and ways to improve. Thanks
you are lookong great.
i will give u 9.

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