Ning have recently announced that they are doing away with the creation and maintainance of free networks and going over to a 100% paid version.


This has caused a lot of panic and speculation amongst some network creators who do not currently pay for any premium services with Ning.


Here at Sup we have always subscribed to Ning Premium Services so we view the changes as very positive, especially in the light of promises made by Ning to further enhance and expand upon the fabulous range of features they provide us, and hence you.


This is what Ning has to say about this....Ning Announcement


If you have any comments or thoughts on this, dont be shy, lets hear them.

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I agree with you. The changes will be good for the communities and allow Ning to develop and enhance their offerings to their subscribers.
Here is an excerpt from an article I wrote regarding the recent Ning announcement titled "Does Ning CEO Rosenthal Announcement Mark the Beginning of the End ..."


so I’ve come here to give you a hand
and lead you into the promised land
come on and take a free ride [free ride!]

Lyrics from the song Free Ride by Edgar Winter Group

Denise, a member of my Facebook community shared a link earlier today regarding a major announcement from Ning’s new CEO Jason Rosenthal which may very well signal the beginning of the end of the social networking free ride.

Don’t get me wrong, this has been a long time coming. In fact in an excerpt from the opening of the 2nd chapter in my new book “The Unsociable Business of Social Networks And Why The So Act Social Network Will Change The World” I wrote the following:

“The social network community is on the verge of a monumental shift in which many of the networks that are in existence today will not be around tomorrow.

By evolving beyond their technological origins, the core survivors will avoid the fate of the early lights, who like are destined to fade into historic insignificance in much the same manner that CP/M ceded to the DOS platform in the early days of the personal computer.”

Of course for me, this debate has extended well beyond the pages of the book itself to encompass several articles and even a radio show or two on the PI Window on Business.

Note: Use the link above to access the article in its entirety.
I think they made a big mistake by not grandfathering in the existing free ning networks. I have several free ones I set up to promote some political ideas I have. I will have to let them go. I also have one I set up with They are no longer free but I was not told I would loose my free status. There is a lot of upset people in the ning community because of this bonehead move.
I guess that's another site off the list :(
No problem ...providing that you can show an immediate return/value in and to the community.
It's all about the four W's....What are we doing..What does it cost..What's in it for me...and when do we start! I know because I have built global brands including the little squeez balls that became a global cultural presence. I am launching another project now and am utilizing the same presence/performance exchange. SO, I am pleased to see you are being an innovator of the next generation of interactive performance related media networks.
It's only a good thing for those who are making money with their Nings. I on the other hand will move on over to a Ning competitor. There are several out there ready to welcome us with open arms.

Greedy is an understatement.
Free now does not mean free forever. Those who have Ning sites with premium services look at it as a great business opportunity. I look forward to the changes and improvements.
Realistically, this will allow many people the opportunity to decide for themselves, which if any of the social networks they want to stay involved with. So many want to just use them as a source to cram in their advertisements, not to mention all the adds by Google here and on every page in every Ning network. My web site offers a blog format anyway, so I will just be using it, and adding posts as links in the directory.
And those who use ning sites just to simply connect with the like-minded on a non-business level, will lose out. It's the American way huh?

I'm not a money whore, so my group will be moving to a free competitor (until they charge us) and that's it.

Jonathan R Black said:
Free now does not mean free forever. Those who have Ning sites with premium services look at it as a great business opportunity. I look forward to the changes and improvements.
It is a shame when greed is the only motive here...what else can I say!
They should take a look at social leaders like face book that are doing the opposite! Question: When someone gives you something then takes it away! What do you think about that person?? I help 1,000's of people world wide I do things and give things for FREE and it will always be FREE!

George Holmes.

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