“When I was a child”…I acted like a child. There are many children, I’m sure we all know a few, who seem to have skipped childhood and went straight into adulthood. Their walk, talk, and actions are those of
someone much older than their tender years represent. I always feel
saddened by the mannerisms of a child whose childhood has been stolen
either by the actions of their parents, other caregivers, peer pressure,
the media or too much exposure to all of adult society.

Back in the “good old days” when I was a child, I admit that much that we should have known was held in secret by all those who believed that a child should be “seen and not heard.” We were not allowed to
remain in the company of adults who were visiting, but introduced then
quickly shuffled to a discreet distance away from the ensuing
conversation. “Grown folks business” was not our business, and we were
not privileged to interact with older adults until we were much older,
even if we were young and married.

I agree that life has changed and information exchange has loosened…thank God. Because of the times we live in, the strangers who lurk around the corner, and too much exposure of the negative kind being
spewed out to tender minds, there is a need to counteract with
information that parents deem appropriate for their children. This need
to protect yet enlighten is the premise behind the Restore Childhood

The goal of the Restore Childhood Project is to support those non-profit organizations which promote play as the appropriate outlet for children, as well as help parents, other caregivers, teachers, and
the media in developing and using positive messages and tools of

Please feel to add any comments on the need and benefits of play for children. Thank you.

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