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Here is an example:

Claire Power Murphy, A Top Member and a Top Host on Womens Radio

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Hello Claire,

After a chance meeting one day I was introduced to Jim Rohn, I didn't take in all he said but one thing stuck in my mind, he said " Work during the day to earn a living then work in the evening to earn your fortune.

Would it be OK if I shared this with you, this is my story:

I now have a great residual income from my online Network Marketing business, but it wasn't always that way, I was very frustrated and struggled for over twenty years hopping from one opportunity to another searching for that business that was going to earn me that fortune, then I got myself educated.


Idiot!, why did I ever think that I could just jump in with no skills and be an instant success, earn the same as all the other high flyers, I struggled year after year yet I did exactly as my upline instructed, I read all the books listened to all the audios, I went to all the meetings listened to all the hype, blah, blah, blah, same old same old, make a list of your friends and family.

One day I stumble upon a mastermind group who were offering free skills training, I was very sceptical, there's nothing in this world for free what’s the catch? I spoke to a senior mentor and coach who explained that they are a volunteer organisation from various mlm companies and assured me they would never ask me for a penny, and they were true to their word.

All the skills training was indeed free, they believe in the value of education and self development and want to pay it forward and give back to this great profession.

WOW, I got training from some industry top earners, one that is known world wide who is still building his business and has over 100,000 distributors in one business and over 300,000 in another, can you imagine what his residual income is? I know what he was called many years ago "The dollar a minute man" which he earns 24/7 he is known the world over and gives generic training, sometimes for free.


Did you know that most of the richest men in the world are part of a mastermind team;

EVERY Olympic athlete has a coach. The top ones hire their own personal coach,

A coach keeps you accountable and focused. There are just soooooo many opportunities in life to get sidetracked.

Pro athletes like Tiger Woods, Bobby Bonds, Peyton Manning, all the big stars, have several coaches. Each coach teaches their own specialty.


How To Choose A Coach?

I've been married almost 42 years. If I wanted marriage counselling, would I talk to someone who's never been married?

How about someone who's graduated from college with 3 or 4 degrees and never been married? Would I go to someone who's been married for 2 years or 5 years, when I've been married for 42 years? Would I go to someone married 10 years, with no children?

Or would I talk to someone who's been married 30 or 40 years or more and who has raised a couple healthy, happy kids?

Who would you want to get your coaching from? Somebody who has experienced it, or somebody who hasn't?

Our volunteer Network Marketing Coaches between them have decades of experience and will Mentor and coach you for free, they will help you select the right ethical online Network Marketing company to suit you, or help you accelerate your existing MLM business.


Why waste years of our most precious asset "TIME" Get your self educated.
Join me in "Mentoring For Free"


Tom Big Al has this to say "You can stumble through years of MLM trial-and-error or you can read this book first." So what's it going to be for you?


Just download the free generic ebook at the link below.



Mentor with a Servants Heart!


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