We are looking for some member websites to feature on in a wide range of categories, and we also think this will be a good topic for members to showcase their sites to other members.

1) List your url
2) Write a basic description and why someone should visit
3) List a category that you think your website falls into

4) This is not a place to put ads into. Blatant sales pitches will be removed.

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Though I dont have a website per se for my start up, I also have my own network on Ning
My url is and

We are a new company specialising in vintage wines and ports for birthdays and anniversaries. i.e. we will send you a wine from the year of your birth or special anniversary. I am looking for like-minded companies with which to develop links.

The category would be beverages/wines
Christian Inspirationz
Find Your Inspiration
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Cat. Retail / Home & Garden
My website is
Wealth Creation because I'm a stock broker/investment adviser and I can show people how to get their money and super, through self managed super, working for them as I do.

Emanuel Blankenship has been in the internet marketing business for 12+ years and has written many articles with strategies on improving page rank. He enjoys sharing tips, strategies, and techniques that many websites charge for what he teaches for free. Please visit

SEO strategies and products.
Forex Trading Blog | Forex Trading System Basics

Do you dream of making great money on the stock market, either as a frequent trader or a long term investor. The way things are, especially in today's market conditions, the stock market isn't territory you want to try and navigate without the best information at hand. Here we aim to provide you with the knowledge and tools you will need to become successful in the Stock Market.

Category: Forex Trading | Stock Market Review
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ResumeCandidate was created in September 2008 when I notice I was spending a lot of time helping friends and family with not only their resume but providing them tips and tricks to stand out from others and get closer to their dream job or career.

Our career search services, career resources and resume networking tools enable job seekers to find tips and inter-connections across the world with a multitude of online references.
I have a new website and i like to know your opinion.

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