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1) Intellectual Property Network
2) Place to debate about business, law and technology in Intellectual Property field; share experiences; find contacts; promote your webpage, blog, tools and services in intellectual property field.
3) Innovation, technology, business, entrepreneurship, startups law, intellectual property (including patents, trademarks, copyrights, etc)
If you are looking to Start a Homebased Business backed by a very famous Billionaire!
Business Opportunities
Mr. Payday provides fast and easy payday loans in Canada. If you need a loan and your credit is not perfect we have the solution.
Category: Loans
Negative Remarks about Earthquake Stricken Haiti

Dr. Campbell responded to negative comments that were made by Paul Shirley regarding the efforts to assist the people of Haiti. Shirley failed to recognize how the dysfunctional European thirst for slavery has impacted the present culture of Haiti and the thinking of the people of Haiti. Dr. Campbell also spoke about helping the people of Haiti by teaching them to manage their human capital as a resource for economically redeveloping the country and redeveloping the mindset of the voodoo culture that dominates and transforming it into a Christian culture. Dr. Campbell calls on Christians to work as a team that will transform Haiti.

You can listen to the entire show on
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The Chaga Health Shop

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Wildcrafted Siberian Chaga

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Health & Prosperity

A great opportunity for extra income, even if you all ready have a business!
Solid Company and a real support network.

Category: Business opportunities
Have we found the Fountain of Youth?

Since the beginning of time, mankind has had a mission to extend the lifespan of the human body. We've searched for the secrets to living longer, to turn back time, and to slow the aging process. We've searched for Eden, the Fountain of Youth and dreamed of immortality.
Today, we continue this search with natural dietary supplements. Some of the most powerful and promising discoveries relating to anti-aging and longevity have their roots in naturally-sourced herbs. Scientists are researching and finding amazing heath enhancing properties in these ancient, herbal supplements.

Of all the natural life-enhancing herbs, there is one that stands above them all - only one that has documented its effectiveness in scientific studies for immune and general health support on the human body. It is known as Chaga - one of nature's oldest documented and most revered herbs.

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Health & Prosperity
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2) Cosmetic surgeon specializing in Liposculpture, weight loss, natural hormone balancing and Natural supplements

3) Health and wellness

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