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My husband finished his book called, "My Life in a Cat House Memorial to Cats I've Known and Loved" by Jim Colet.

Exerpt from the book:
"CAT LOVERS, you are in for a treat. In this book, Jim Colet entertains you with numerous tales about cats that have graced his life. You'll meet Coors, who became a campus celebrity at the University of California at Berkeley in the turbulent 1960s. Meiling, who apparently had a built-in GPS system. Rollo, the boarder cat whose curiosity almost killed him. The tiny but super-confident Maggie and her mate Mauwi. Bee-Bop, a kitten whose best friend and bodyguard was a dog named Amity. And many more.

Most of the stories are comical; some are side-splittingly funny; some are poignant. Jim's love for cats has led him to have approximately fifty feline roommates throughout his life sharing his household and conscripting him to clean their litter boxes.

Jim was inspired to write this book while remembering some hilarious episodes from the early 1070s, when he and his first wife had the zany and lucrative idea of turning their home into a boardinghouse for other people's cats. Thus the Cat House was born. Almost all the incidents recounted in these pages actually occurred; about two percent are Jim's cat-fancy embellishments.

You will laugh and you may even cry, but you will be entertained as you become intimately acquainted with the many furry friends Jim has known over the years."

Know that when you buy one of my Jim's books, you are helping us get closer and closer to our dream of having a baby. Thank you ahead of time. Many Blessings to You and Your own. Love with Hugs and Smiles, Michelle

Category my website falls under: Humerous Cat Stories is a Reiki Co-op with Margot Rawlinson and Corrine Petteys, both Reiki Practitioners of the Usui Reiki System of energy healing.

Reiki healing is for people looking for a Reiki Healing Energy Session or to be initiated in the 3 levels to become a Reikimaster. Reiki is a Japanese Healing Modality to promote over all relaxation and well being and to bring balance into all areas of your life. Reiki removes emotional blockages that inhibit ones growth and life flow. Reiki deals with the Chakras and Chinese Energy Meridians in one's body.

Reiki Healing is in the Alternative Healing area of Natural Healing modalities.
Charles Vibber said:

EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques®)
The most popular brand name in the energy healing field

This is a self healing using your accupunture points and "Tapping " (not needles) to release
energy blocks causing you pain or holding you back from achieving your goals.


Please take alook. This can help you with little things such as fear of airplanes,snakes,and public speaking. Also, can help you with more serious traumas. There are many cases where releasing emotional
issues will fascillate healing of other physical ailments. You can apply the techique yourself on any issues of your life. It has prove to provide amazing results and instantly in some cases.
THERE IS NO CHARGE TO DOWNLOAD AND PRINT THE BASIC MANUAL. EFT Maybe you know someone who would benefit from this manual. Help me spread the word. PAY-IT-FORDWARD.Mr. Gary Craig, EFT Founder. Offers this information free to the world.Remarkable.
My website is and feel free to visit to have regular updates about all things tax and accounting to help you drive meaningful business results.
Finally got a wordpress/blog site up.

(2) is a website for homebased bakers, cake decorators and food entrepreneurs. We are committed to helping food processors take their specialty products from kitchen to market. If you have ever wanted to sell your delicious products this website provides sound information, training burst, podcast, resources, webinars, you name it we have it!!!

(3) Food Entrepreneurship
Worldprofit Home Business Community Network launched!

-> YOU are invited to join a like-minded network of people building an online home business.

"After 14 years of helping people around the world establish an online home business, designing thousands of sites, researching traffic strategies, and building business software, we at are excited to launch the new Worldprofit Home Business Community Network. Finally, a one-stop resource where we can share what we"ve learned about building an online business, from our own humble beginnings as a home business in Edmonton, Alberta, to now being one of the top 10,000 of popular sites. It didn"t happen overnight, and we have learned a lot along the way, with much more to discover. We learned long ago you can never stop learning, trying, exploring and having fun when you are a technology company. We look forward to helping the many people around the world working from - and profiting from home. Cheers!" ~ The Worldprofit Team

To join the Home Business Network go here:

This business is ideal for people wanting to work from home and building a home business Network.
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Online marketing & SEO services
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Category is: Telecommunications, Mobile Phone Services

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