MySpace, Facebook, Digg, My Yearbook, Direct Matches, Zenzuu, Ning, Wetpaint, MyBlogLog, or another?

Google Stephanie Haile aka Wavecritter ;)

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I am on several, well, more like a gazillion like the wavecritter. The members here on are very professional. Powerful intentions is great also. and I'll plug my network Your Other Self it's on ning also.

It's nice to ease into business and friend relationships without being hit over the head.

Peace be with you
MySpace is the over all winner for me, but the Ning Networks are second, MyBlogLog, Zimbio, and WetPaint! :)
I think it depends on what your doing on anygivin network. Facebook is good for finding old friends you haven't seen for a while, myspace if you into getting tons of mail from people selling some kind of adult entertainment, and this one, the S.U.B. on ning for meeting other professionals looking to help others and themselves either build a business or start one. They all have some kind of benifit for whoever is using them. I belong to quite a few and enjoy them all for different reasons.

Have a great New Year! May it be prosperous to us all.

James Witmer
In my 3 years online, I have had memberships in most of the major social circuses, except for myspace. As an online entrepreneur, my space will always be my own domains -

The art and function of blending "work and play" has been a struggle for most business-social communities from a business point of view although you would not notice that from the rapid growth of this venue.

Startupbiz seems to have mastered it to a great degree, kudoos to their programmers.

To your awesome success

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BOOK DISTRIBUTORS: Lists Authors Can Use Today!

Today, on *Conquer All Obstacles* I’ve displayed it in a different format than from the usual. Just for a change, I thought I’d present an informative post rather than the usual article.


Call it a touch of writer’s block; or it may just be the result of our weather (where’s Spring???); okay, can I just blame the lack of creativity because of my down mood?

Yet, I’m sure you will find this information more than useful.

I am in the process of creating a list of distributors for authors. Exposure is the answer. To display our profile and books, here’s a list of sites that we (as authors) can register:


Register, create an author platform, submit synopsis with book covers, add reviews…and don’t forget to HIGHLIGHT your site where your books are sold.

- Librarything
- Goodreads
- Shelfari
- Anobii
- Authorsden
- NothingBinding
- Weread
- Authortree
- Internet Authors Network –
- Authonomy
- Facebook
- Red Room
- LinkedIn
- ShoutLife
- Twitter
- Goodreads
- Book Marketing Network

- Book Blog (Ning)
- WinterFace
- – Good new site, but not registered yet.
- Connectviabooks
- – Excellent site to add profile and books and distributers.

Can you help and add anymore for us???? Please feel free to contribute…

When it comes to exposure, what help do I need? Here’s a list of sites that I feel is the job of the publisher to honor distribution of our books. Am I way off base here, or is there something we can do to register our books with these distributors?

For maximum exposure, the publisher must list our books to the following distributors:

- Premium Promotional Services

- Barnes & Noble
- WHSmith
- Author House
- Yahoo Books
- (uk site)
- Booksamillion

A couple of thoughts from the e-book scene. One site to add is:
Also, don’t forget about Amazon’s digital text platform that lets you upload your book as a kindle book. That address is:

In Canada, most libraries purchase their books through library services, and the best way I found to get into libraries here, is to contact these library service companies directly. If you offer them a good enough discount on your book, they will include it in their mail outs to libraries. I have sold about 60 copies of FireDrakes through these Canadian library service companies. This may be a small but untapped market for writers in the USA.

They service the province of Ontario, which has 1/3 of the population, and are open to self-published works as long as the discount is good.

In Canada, authors also get paid a small amount based on the number of books they have in libraries. It is not very much, but you get paid for each title. The whole idea is to compensate the author sonewhat for lost sales since many people will read the book for free instead of buying it.

Okay. If you are a Canadian, then Google ‘Public Lending Rights’. You will find that there is a window in February/March to submit ISBN’s that match their criteria, which includes all novels. They will pick 25 Canadian libraries, I assume at random, and look for your books. I think they say that the average payment made to authors each year is about $600.00, but they do pay on titles for fifteen years from the publication date.

An author/librarian told me once to donate a copy of my book to a local library, ask them to “catalogue” it, and that will get it into the system. If it is available through their distributor, Baker and Taylor (I think), other libraries can pick it up if they want to. I donate a copy of each of my books to the local library and have been invited for talks and signings.

I hope you find some use in the above information. Good luck in your writing adventures.

God bless.

To read more, click HERE.


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