Is this you ?

Have you been frustrated trying to set up your online home business ?

Wondering why you don’t seem to be getting any real results,
no matter what you do ?

The problem has always been the same: getting people to notice you.

You can be offering the greatest products or services and even have a fantastic website, but then you will strike the problem that stops 99% of businesses dead in their tracks - MARKETING.

Getting a good website built is expensive enough, unless you know enough to build it yourself, but then, having a website without getting the word out about it is like having a lone store out in the boondocks -


Meanwhile, all the shops in the big cities are getting heaps of customers while you sit, waiting.

It’s all about EXPOSURE.


So, you have your product or service you want to offer the world.

Where do you go from there ?

You might think that if you spend a few thousand dollars getting a professional website built, then that should do the trick.


The problem with websites is that there are MILLIONS of them out there!
(it’s actually more like hundreds of millions…)

And, as you can see, even this is OLD data! Just extend those lines another couple of years and it is easy to see why your website just won’t get noticed.

Competition out there is fierce.

So what are the options ?

You can:

Spend thousands on Search Engine Optimization (“SEO”)

Create a mailing list and bombard everyone you can (“Spam”)

Employ services to get you hits (“Traffic Generators”)

Try to get others to help you advertise (“Affiliate Marketing”)

Join some scheme that promises to make you quick cash (“Scam”)

But if you have tried these things, then it is likely you will still be sitting there, waiting, probably with no customers, possibly now broke but definitely frustrated.

We thought about this for a long time, because the problems we were facing were exactly the same as those faced by most others and we figured that if we could solve our own problem, then we would be able to fix it for everyone else..

We studied metatags, search-engine friendliness, keywords, robots, affiliate schemes…
We tried joining dozens of marketing sites.
We signed up for LinkedIn, Twitter, FaceBook.
We SHARED, we TWITTERED and we advertised everywhere we could think of.

And the results ?



Then, suddenly, it dawned on us!

It was sitting there under our noses the whole time.

A way to get NOTICED.


Do you know what a “widget is” ?

Now, if you have ever used a widget, you will know how wonderfully efficient these little things are. They consist of a bit of code that you just copy and paste into a website.

One of the best things about a widget is that it is, as stated in the above definition - REUSABLE.

You can make as many copies of it as you like.

So just IMAGINE you have your entire E-Shop in a widget.

You could, in theory, publish that widget to MANY websites.

What sort of websites could you publish it to ?

Actually, those are just a few… there are many more….

In fact, we have only JUST begun finding our which of THESE sites you can embed code on:

(And on top of that, now there are many more AGAIN!)

So just imagine the advantages of having your own widget and being able to make as many copies as you like and embedding them on every site you are a member of.

So what might such an E-Shop look like ?


Technically, the ABCwidget is an IFrame Action-Scripted Widget.

Now, if you are not into programming, this might not mean a whole lot to you.

But the advantages of it are:

It is very easy and quick to create your own E-Store

It can have integrated PayPal secure checkout

You can put it on any site that accepts embeddable code

You don’t need any programming skills to make or use it


Ok, what would it look like on a typical social networking site ?
So, what is involved in setting up my ABCwidget ?

1. Go to

2. Go to the Purchase Page and select a plan

3. Go to the Configure page and enter your details

We will then contact you for further information about what you wish to see in your widget.
Typically, your widget will be ready in less than a week and will be displayed on our server.
You will then receive notification that your widget is ready and we will send you the embed code..

Once you have your code, you can now go to any site that accepts embeddable code and
make a copy of your shop. You can then invite your friends to check it out and share it
with other members of networks.

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