Advertise your business / yourself by posting your business card online. Curious what this group thinks. Most small business owners or people in Sales, seem to like the idea. Market yourself online?


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why wouldn't you want to put the business card on line as an advertisement. the more things you and ways you can use to get the information out there then by all means use it.
I even go so far as to leave my card behind on the restaurant table as suggested by I believe zig ziglar once. as you pay the bill and leave the tip leave a few cards on the counter or table. some one just might be looking and pick it up.

Thank you for the legitimate response. Most of your information is out there already. I'd say if you operate out of your house you may think twice about posting online. I'll look out for your card on the counter top. Thanks,

Thanks for the info Steve, got my biz card out there now.
Wine-Fi (,

Thank you for posting your card!

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I'm also a business card fanatic. Leaving one or two behind at restaurant is not ideal, however. Some places have fish bowl which is used for a monthly draw. Bulletin boards at grocery stores can be also be productive. I would love to show it here but don't have a scanner so I took a pic of it w/ my digital camera. I think I'll just show my ventures URLs -


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