Why Internet Video Marketing Captures Your Audience
By Marc Vitorillo

A lot of people prefer watching to reading, especially on the computer screen. Calling movies a ‘video’ is actually a misnomer – it is ‘audio + video’ or what is called an AV. Audio Visuals have been seen to have a far greater retention level among internet viewers than written information.

It is no wonder, therefore, that video advertising is fast becoming a major internet marketing tool for selling products and services.

Advantages of Internet Video Advertising

The main advantage of Internet marketing videos over the traditional text format approach is that videos can get to the point much faster. Even a static visual is worth a thousand words, it is taught in graphic design schools. Imagine what a moving visual, or the movie, can do in delivering your message to the viewer.

The viral edge is another advantage Internet videos have over other traditional marketing channels. There is no better marketing strategy than ‘word-of-mouth’. Websites continually share and serve popular content driven by user choice. The speed at which videos are picked up, shared, and distributed is unparalleled to any other.

Internet Video sharing sites like ‘youtube’ are a rage today, and this is a reflection of the choice of internet surfers. New sites like LeadsbyVideo are coming up with video sharing innovations which are great for online marketing.

A video ad can actually demonstrate a product’s usability, so don’t just say it, show it!. A nicely produced visual message with a human touch can do wonders in reaching out emotionally to the customer. Does the quality of the video matter? Yes, of course. Like in other marketing tools, there are experts available who can produce the right movie to suit your product, and budget.

A Few Tips

1. Use the videos on the first page. It’s like handing out your business card. The first page recommends you, and the first impression is a lasting one. Don’t tuck your marketing video away, on some inside page. Make it visible.

2. Always have a ‘call for action’ – something that the customer will feel like doing immediately, like clicking on a link, or filling up a form.

3. Search for the tools that can tell you how much of your video was played before the visitor closed it, how many prospects actually decided to pay your site a visit after watching your video, how many of these visits converted into sales, and so on.

4. Today you can track traffic on the website and analyze results. Make an extra effort to measure the impact that your videos have had on the prospects, and to measure their performance.

5. Use Search Engine Optimization techniques to generate leads. Remember, videos are a gourmet dish for search engines, so give it proper time and prepare it with extra care. Use the right ingredients, so to speak.

Go ahead, share your video!

Thanks, Mac Craig, for contributing this article. He is an internet professional who has been serving several firms as an online marketing consultant. He counsels on internet video marketing and video advertising.

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