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Increase awareness and present opportunities for co-op advertising for business owners that don't have the budget to advertise as frequently as necessary to reach more consumer's.

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If you want to start a business with a relatively low start up cost then co-op advertising is the business for you. This guide is your tool to setting up your co-op advertising business. You will find information on recruiting, marketing, press releases, and other tools I have used. Many small businesses are looking for a low budget way to market their products, services, and maximize their advertising budget. Organizing a co-op advertising business is a way for you to network and also work from home.

After being successful with co-op advertising and building large groups using the concept, I wanted to share that experience with others. This guide book will help you to get started step by step. Take your time going through the guide and print a copy for easy referencing as you go through the steps. The tools listed here will help if you use them and follow the tips. A business is work and it is not easy. You will need to approach this with the idea that you are going to do be an entrepreneur and successful.
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We show you how to make over $190,000 as soon as possible.

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What if you could have gotten paid to be on Facebook? The Best $10 Investment in the World"

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Promote your business plus make an extra $88,000 in 2011 and get over $5,000 in Secret FREE Resources..

Promote your business plus make an extra $88,000 in 2011 and get over $5,000 in Secret FREE Resources..Join The FREE & DISCOUNT Advertising Network and “Make Friends, Make Connections, Promote…Continue

Started by Mark Anthony Wilson Feb 12, 2011.

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