Two Skills You Must Master to Become a Top Tier Marketer, Leadership + Marketing = Top Tier Status

Leadership and Marketing are the two most important skills in becoming a Top Tier Marketer and becoming a dominating force in this industry. When I say that I mean dominating the numbers. Putting up the 5 figures a month with ease...Racking in the leads by the hundreds in one day..This is will be the outcome to becoming a Top Tier Marketer and Mastering the Leadership and Marketing skills of a Internet Marketer.

Top Tier Marketers

I am here only to help YOU and help YOU achieve Top Tier status very very quickly. It can be done just get out there and do it. You might find myself quoting this statement qu often in my videos and my blogs. Nike has the best slogan "Just Do It". Well you might be saying now Jason what does this have to do with becoming a Top Tier Marketer in this industry and that is if you live your life everyday by this statement you will reach Top Tier status quicker than anyone else! Plain and simple JUST DO IT.

Ok, if you still don't see the picture with this powerful statement and slogan let me translate for you. TAKE ACTION!!!! Now can I get any more blunt than that?.. Ladies and Gets, THE ONE THING YOU ABSOLUTELY HAVE TO DO TO SUCCEED IN LIFE IS TAKE ACTION ON YOUR IDEAS AND THOUGHTS! I can't stress that enough, please do not sit around on your butt and wonder what if. With what is going on in our economy and around the world NOW is NOT the time to be lazy!!!

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I agree with this approach (in part) ;-)
Yes, you DO need to take action! But more important than blind action is a focus and plan of action!

Here is a great example:
Joe joins a new program every other week, now he has multiple streams of income, but does he have the TIME it takes to promote all of them efficiently? More often than not, none of these programs will bring in the rewards they should because Joe doesn't have focus or a strategic plan for promoting them. Joe may be bringing in a little cash every now and then, but it more than likely isn't anything to write home about, and there is NO WAY that he will be able to quit his 9-5 $10 an hour job and work from home fulltime. Joe is wasting not only his time, but also much of his energy just trying to keep each program going - notice I said GOING and not GROWING!

Now we will take a look at someone who not only has focus, but also has a Plan!

We will call this person Jane. Jane is joining the same programs as Joe, but she has a plan. She joins one, promotes it and makes it a self-sufficient business that takes a couple hours each week to keep it growing. Once she gets that program running on 'autopilot', she then starts repeating the process with the next program. Once she gets that one where it only takes a couple hours a week to keep it growing, she moves on to the next one. What Jane is doing is applying two things - FOCUS and Repeating what works!

That is how you can build a profitable home business and get away from working for someone else! If you want to learn more on how I do this, check out my pages here and the groups I am a member of!

Mark 'MKWeb' Hultgren


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