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 Be Your Best & Succeed! You Come In Right Place & Right Time... Meet With Brainstorming Partner May
Change Your Life Today



 What is a Brainstorming Partner?

Someone who can help you think-through your marketing challenges in a constructive, efficient way, and help you come up with the best solution. Used correctly, a brainstorming partner can be your secret weapon—an incredible competitive advantage. 
Why Does Every Business Owner Need A Brainstorming Partner?
When you run your own business, it’s surprisingly difficult to find people who have both the marketing knowledge and the ability to “think outside the box” in a strategic way. Every business owner needs someone they can talk to in confidence, exploring various approaches and determining the most successful approach.
Why Alexander & His Team Are Equipped To Be Your Brainstorming Partners?
Reason #1:  You Will Get  Access To An Encyclopedic Knowledge Of The Newest And Most Effective Marketing Strategies.
We've been studying, practicing, and refining traditional marketing strategies and learning new, very different profitable ones and their techniques for years. We have a rich mental database of situations and approaches that work. We will be your powerful resources and a solution to many of your business or possibly personal challenges. Why? Because we are capable of delivering  value, such as that of our mentors, for a cost of at least 5 times less. Your investment in this service is much more cost-effective. If we don't know the answer to one of your questions we simply ask our mentors, allowing you to avoid paying a high consultation fee. Thus, we are saving you a lot of money. Plus, you will receive a more  PERSONAL touch...
Reason #2: We Have A Personal Understanding of What You're Up Against
 We know what you struggling in, and what you wish you could do with your marketing, because we are, like you, life-long entrepreneurs. We have successfully created, run, and sold businesses, in the most challenging of environments. 
Reason #3: Alexander Has A Unique Ability to See Possibilities Where Others See Challenges; A True "Idea Generator"
 He is fortunate to have the kind of brain that can turn objections and barriers into opportunities and posiblities, to take something that is not producing well, make some basic tweaks, and have it suddenly generating double the amount of revenue. Alexander, who has always been able to do this,  has gotten better over the years and applies this natural ability to a variety of situations. Now he wants to help you realize your own goals.

What other say about Alexander?


Dear Alexander, Thanks for the referrals.

I was amazed that your networking efforts had collected more contacts than the owner of the Networking Group we both belong to had done. As you know, Michael has Networking Groups in 3 states built over the past 2 or 3 years. The Reason Why I quit going to Mike's Networking events is that a business card or a contact name and # is too much like a cold call. When You Refer Someone You do it in a 3-way call. Or contact the person to let them know I'll be calling them.

Thanks again,

Glenn Osborn, 

Millionaire Mastermind Marketing Association, Rent-a-mentor Network

____________________________________________________ I highly recommend if you haven't already, that you connect with Alexander. His energy is incredible and his passion is inspirational! I always look forward to connecting with Alexander and receiving a valued introduction as a result! I am sure you will agree with me.... Michelle Clarke ______________________________________________
Alexander lives up to his 'Mr Connector' title! We met today for the first time, and as soon as I start talking to him he came up with some great contacts and connections for me! He is definitely someone you want to have in your network.

Christine Clacey
You should make the time to meet with Alexander if you want to see what networking really is about. He is a friendly, open and sincere individual who knows how to cultivate relationships. Alexander knows how to network and has a bionic memory for people, their interests and their skills. Whilst he has a very outgoing personality.

Stuart Oliver
Alexander is Connection Specialist - if you haven't met him yet then you are missing out big time. He has a memory for faces and skillsets that might even surpass the great Mr Power's. I'm so glad to have taken the time out to meet him and recommend everyone else does. Alexander will change your life for you by making that magical connection you were looking for.

Tom Evans
I can only echo some of the comments here. I only met Alexander recently allbeit two weeks ago, and already he has shared with me some of his valued contacts. He is a serious networker with an extensive network. I recommend everyone hooks up with him.

 What’s The Best Way To Test His Claim?
The best way to understand what we can do for you is to experience it for yourself. The first session is always free. You'll discuss  what you're trying to accomplish and, within minutes, he'll be able to point out areas that could be improved. You'll see things in a new light. Furthermore, you'll learn several new ideas and strategies that you could put to work immediately. 
In addtion you will have access to our WOW Program that will teach you how to make your customers beg for your business instead of you going out and looking for  them.
   How It Works
 We consult business owners in companies of all shapes and sizes, but we especially work with small business owners. You can meet  Alexander or his team by phone at your convenience and in keeping up with the frequency of your need. A typical session will be limited to about fifteen to thirty minutes. (To set up a simple one-on-one "brainstorming" session click here)




Alexander The G.r.e.a.t Alperovich's Blog

Why G.R.E.A.T.?

People asked me why did you call yourself, "The G.r.e.a.t".

I would be glad to collaborate on this more clear. When you talk to me you will notice a lot of similar things between character of Alexander The Great myself ...

Here are three characteristics why this name is attached to me.

The most important reason is because I want everyone become G.R.E.A.T.

this name has an important benefit for you. It is like a nickname… Continue

Posted on January 29, 2009 at 7:37pm

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