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http://Wageningen, the Netherlands

My Passive Income Programs

NEW! Please check my new Strategies Blog with my portfolio for beginners!

Great Cheap Programs

1. PURE2X2 WHERE EVEN FREE MEMBERS GET A 2x6 BONUS MATRIX - JUST FOR JOINING! Yep, that's right. Even free members get a 2x6 Activity Bonus Matrix JUST FOR JOINING! Pure2x2 combines 2x2s with Straight line Cycling and Infinity Matrix
Earn multiple payouts of $16, $48, $144, $432, $1296 and $3888 from the six 2x2 matrix tiers. Up to 2x16 Activity Bonus Matrix with 131071 paying positions, can earn you over $8.5m in bonuses alone. Upgrade to PRO with a single purchase of just $5.00! Even if you don't have 5 bucks your first Activity Bonus Matrix will pay for your first 2x2. No monthly requirements, no subscriptions.
Spillover, spill under, you name it, we got it. The only way you'll lose money on this is by not joining!

2. Teamwork Revolution Power System is going to launch on Oct.7.Members can lock in their positions now for only those who want to upgrade on Oct.7 by paying $29.95 Alertpay monthly join here because due to the advanced and generous construction of this program, I have no doubt it will explode with new members on daily basis. 2x8 Forced Matrix allowing all members to recoup their monthly membership fee with ONLY 2 REFERRALS, and earn $2,330 Alertpay A MONTH WITH ONLY 510 PEOPLE in your downline, which will achieve faster than ever before due to the mathematical heavy rate of spillover of the 2 wide forced matrix. An Guaranteed Alertpay Monthly Income.

Forex related Programs

1. Future Invest*** Pretty serious Private Club - Returns: 8 - 19% monthly - min. $20 Compounding enabled - Long term. Liberty Reserve or PayPay are their Payment Processors.
2. Private FX Club** Purely Forex based. Membership will be kept very low. Still available. But will close pretty soon. Returns are variable, as they use 8(!) best Forex Robots you may chose from, or join them all. So this is a managed FX-Robot acct. My preferred Plan there would be the Super 7 Robots. Meaning more diversity and less risk (17% last month). Just added new FAP Turbo Evolution (by July 15). Bi-weekly returns - Long Term.
3. Panamoney (c) Site is very professional and their trading sessions can be viewed live. Weekly returns.

Sports Betting Programs

Our opinion about the future of online investing: Forex, Surebets and arbitrage programs will be the way to go. Those choosing this way of investing will be doing well. Actually none of the current sports betting programs disappeared just as so much HYIP and investment sites did these last years... These programs are working pretty well and for some years already, making themselves and their members good money. A SureBet is a specific set of bets where you are sure to win money, no matter of what the outcome of the event turns out to be. Key point with this kind of investment: earnings are tax free in UK and most parts of Europe...

1. GNI*** Has consistently paid out and continues to do so. Great core program. Canadian admin. Arbitrage trading - Online AND paying since 2006...min 6% per week...they GUARANTEE your principal... More info on my blog about GNI.
2.SportsVal* Norvegian private offshore arbitrage trading company. Returns may vary (max 15% weekly). Principal remains earning for a full year.

3. SureBets4All** The German GNI! sports betting site. Online since March 2008 and paying like clockwork. Two Plans: A) 40% after 34 days - B) 0.95% daily for 70 days (0-100% compounding) Liberty Reserve is auto - other PPs by request, but manual. I asked for a withdrawal today August 6 and got paid no less than 2 hours later. Long term -
4. SportArbs* Online since April 2009 - Investment plan: min. 1 $ - Return daily variable 2.25% for 42 days. Compounding available (Principal not returned)

5. Webmoney4Future** Online since June 2008. Private alternative investments Club. Plan "Power-saving" is risk free, yielding 30% profits monthly. Manual rollover. PP Liberty Reserve
6. Bet And Forex** NEW ! Online since May 2009. Swedish program, offline since 2007 - earnings are done through a combination of Sports betting and Forex. Realistic profits of 20-22% monthly depending on Plan. Plan A: min $50 - $1000 is returning 20% - Plan B: min $1001 and no max is returning 22%. After 60 days principal can be withdrawn. Earnings are compounded or paid every 30 days directly to Liberty Reserve.

Profit Sharing Programs

1. AdFlasher** NEW ! Will this one last a while? I think it will last a long time. They obviously spent some money on the software design. Plus if you notice, those ads are paid for by advertisers. They are the ones giving us these returns. The owner gets a cut of course but that's why they call this a revenue sharing program. AlertPay and Liberty Reserve accepted.
2. AdVentures4U** My next best program - I love it. With their huge membership (42,000 right now and growing exponentially) this is a great advertising tool for your ventures. A traffic exchange you surf but no monthly fees and has a revenue sharing component that should make it last a long time and be very profitable as they share 75% of the surf income and 90% of the external income from other sources they make money from with the ventures revenue. Excellent communication from admin. NO complaints from members. Prompt payment of withdrawal requests (under 24 hrs). Currently paying at 14% weekly (50/50 rule gives you still 7% earnings weekly to cashout or rollover). That, plus the 15% referral commission, makes this a very high paying program. Top surf program of the year and on the net in my opinion. More info on my blog about AD4U.

3. AdGateWorld** AGW2.0 has best potential of all profit sharing programs presented here. The fact that once the old AGW biz model proved to be a failure, they looked for a solution. It came as AGW 2.0 which is now an exact clone of ADV4U (2 level Ref Comm. being the only difference). AGW has the best software & script out there with the capability to accommodate members in the Millions!!! Maximum investment in AGW is by far higher than any other program. The $100,000 limit will earn $14,000 a week, 50/50 rule will put you at $7000 a week! Not that the average person can even think of investing that much, but it just shows you how far you can go here. PPs are AP - STP and Bank wire.
4. GRS** is very similar to AV4U. On June 15 GRS has implemented the exact same successful system AV4U was following these past 6 months. So right now GRS is paying same kind of returns - in fact increasing the Rebates to 200% instead of 150% as they had before - Admin is very honest and responsive and (important in case of increasing membership) not USA located. Same 7% weekly as AV4U.

5. 15 Ads Daily* is another one that is following the success of AV4U

6. AdCashNetwork** With ACN, you can purchase AD ventures and Double your advertising dollars while building your own home based business with The Ad Cash Network! Every AD venture purchased by you will receive 200% rebate before it expires. The more AD ventures you purchase the higher your income potentials.

7. Pay It Forward Traffic* Another AV4U? Spreads on the net like a wild fire. A unique Revenue sharing program with same profile as Ad Ventures 4U. What's even better: PIFTraffic gives you the CHOICE to surf ANYTIME/DAY you want to as long as you surf a min of 50 sites weekly. Yes, you can choose when you surf!
8. Moondance Ads and Traffic** Just started! An other Revenue sharing program. A traffic exchange you surf but no monthly fees and has a revenue sharing component that should make it last a long time and be very profitable. Very honest admins. Members of TeamBuilder Direct.

9. TrueIncomeShares** NEW! After MySurf4Cash being closed to new membership, TIS is another T.I.M.E. Program that is reopening for new members. For those seeking for another reliable little program after MySurf4Cash, 4xCB and MIHO (all gone private) this is the time to join another T.I.M.E. program. $5.00 minimum upgrade up to $2000 maximum. May be in any combination of upgrades but no more than $2000 running at any one time.
10. WBwso* They make money from websites (like SOW) and do not aim to stay opened for more than 5000 members. Online since Jan 2009.0.65% daily compounding for 3 years.
11. CloudShare* NEW! Still in Prelaunch!
12. Unlimited-Advertising* NEW! In Pre Launch for Advertising, Revenue Sharing, Matrix

Other Investment Opportunities

1. Affordable Affiliates** Do not confuse this with affiliate marketing. It is a completely different animal. This program buys stuff and sells it at a higher price and pays us for the privilege of using our money to buy the stuff and make the profit. They did implement an inventory of 100k items. This should be a great program. Official launch was on June 1.
2. Genius Funds (c) State of the art site. Online since April 2007. Professional service. Located in Cyprus. Weekly program: 6.3%
3. NanoMoney (c) Taiwan Company, online since March 2006. They found a new niche that turned out to be profitable enough to make money fast: Nanotechnology. And this possibility is no more just a benefit of a few chosen. 30% monthly
4. CashTanker** NEW ! Program operated by a real Bank admin and followed by a huge Christian membership of over 12000 upgraded people! Online and paying since September 2008. Astounding returns: Plan A: min $5 - $1000 - 2% daily - Plan B: min $1001 max $50000 - 3% daily. Though earnings can be cashed out daily or compounded, total cash balance is always available on Dec 25... and this till 2012 (!)
5. GreenBackStreet** NEW! The Best Place to Shop on the Internet!
Up to 30% CASH BACK on every GreenBackStreet purchase. Great low prices from more than 1,100 of the most popular national and local retailers...

Programs*** excellent ones (if you can afford it, $1k-5k would be possible investing)
Programs** Very good ones (You should not exceed $500 - $1000 investing)
Programs* still very good (stay between $100 and $500 investing)
Programs (c) are to be handled with care (do not put any more than $100 - and get back your seed money

PyraBang.Com - Discover... Post... Profit!
Chirp, chirp!

Marjan Boone's Blog

My Best Passive Strategies

My Best Passive Strategies


Welcome to my Strategies Blog...

which has been set up for the purpose on how to handle the favorite progs I'm currently in and set up a portfolio for beginners in this industry...

* Sow - First You'll need some cash. All depends on how much you'd have to invest. A min $1000 would be necessary for getting started with 10 programs. Of course this starting amount could be higher… Continue

Posted on September 7, 2009 at 3:06pm

My Best Passive Programs

Forex related Programs

1. Future Invest*** Pretty serious Private Club - Returns: 8 - 19% monthly - min. $20 Compounding enabled - Long term. Liberty Reserve or PayPay are their Payment Processors.

2. Private FX Club** Purely Forex based. Membership will be kept very low. Still available. But will close pretty soon. Returns… Continue

Posted on August 18, 2009 at 3:49pm

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