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http://Sacramento Ca
First day on this new to me site and already i can see so many opportunities to grow my online and off line businesses and to connect with a lot of busy people.

As a business coach I work with people and companies that are ready to really looking at what is missing in getting them where they want to be, the presence of which would make a difference.

By finding what really matters then creating an impossible future to produce extraordinary results in.

I know this sounds off the wall and it is, to have first an impossible future and then to cause extraordinary results may look to be a contradiction in terms but it is not.

Some perfect examples of what I am talking about would be when President Kennedy proclaimed "By the end of this decade we shall have a man on the moon". and when Gandhi invited the British to pack up and leave India peacefully and give up their rights to the massive nation.

Both of these seemed totally impossible at the time but were realized successfully.

One more of my favorites is Bill Gates when he created the vision of a personal computer in every home. Still has not happened but you know what, look how that one dream has changed mankind.

So I now invite you to create your own impossible future to live into and if you need a coach (psst,, you do BTW) then lets talk about a relationship that together we can make that come true for you.

As a business owner you should register your business in the 7Mainstreet community. Because 7Mainstreet offers any size and type of businesses the ability to:

I am on the leadership team that is rolling out the most comprehensive online business directory ever. So unique we have patents applied for our technology.

To get an idea add these three major components and mix in a whole lot more in minor components.

1. A yellowpages style directory listing except you get
a. 3 full pages unlimited content
b. up to 20 embedded videos/pictures per page
c. no hosting fees- ever

2. An eBay stores style ecommerce site
a. unlimited products
b. unlimited time listed
c. real times sales using paypal
d. only pay a fee AFTER the sale

3. Social networking feature
a. connect business to business
b. connect business to customer
c. super networking features

Next add a blog, real feedback from customers- networking partners- business associates`

Head over to (referral code "markayers" my name no spaces or quotes) today to pick up your free listings too.

If you feel I can ever be of service to you please do not hesitate to let me know. I do offer no cost introductory coaching sessions and can always just be a friend and answers a few questions to help you get on tract if need be. Email questions are no charge but really a conservation is the most realistic way to be effective.

All the best in what ever you choose to do with your life, and remember you do have a choice.

Coach Mark

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At 3:32am on December 22, 2008, Teresa Perkins, Design Xtraordinaire said…
Hello Mark;

It's great to see you here, and thanks for sharing your business info, I look forward to networking with you, stop by anytime;

Royal T
At 10:57pm on November 26, 2008, Sagar Dasgupta said…
We would like to take the pleasure of introducing ourselves as a Business Process and Recruitment Process Outsourcing unit located in India. Our company Touchstone Systems is a direct business-outsourcing partner for businesses of all sizes. Managed and controlled from our India office; our core operations team & systems are located in our call centers throughout the country. We specialize in Business Process Outsourcing, (BPO) and Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) Any non-core business activity can be outsourced. Anyone who is part of our business process is geared to assure quality, coordinate with customers and research & develop new systems & solutions. We have a pool of workers and technical abilities that are called upon when clients needs dictate.

Our Liaison Managers are happy to deal with any problems or issues that may arise and will assign work from clients to their virtual teams according to ability and strengths. All virtual employees are centrally managed by the Liaison Managers and are fully equipped with high speed PC hard and software. We only use 1:1 contention high-speed Internet in our offices so that our virtual office services are as close to actual office activities as possible.

We have a team of professionals with experience in diverse support activities. Besides our team of full-time employees, we also have empanelled freelance & part-time professionals with specialized skills who are available on call. Depending on the needs of your project, we will deploy staff with appropriate skills & expertise to execute the assignment to your complete satisfaction.

The management team comprises professionals with qualifications in IT Services, Economics, Management, Accounting, Sales, Visual Communication, Recruitment, & Marketing. All our team members are graduates or have a specialized technical qualification or certification in the area of their specialization. All team members are of course English speaking and also can speak in other European and Asian Languages and our offices operate a strict English only rule to comply with international business practices.

We offer flexible solutions custom-designed to meet your specific requirement. Our client liaison managers can discuss with you any aspect of our BPO services; however we are able to take your workload off you in any way that suits you best. Be that by providing you a full time off-site worker, or taking care of one or more aspects of your business (Accounting, Call Handling, Virtual Assistance, Live Chat, Customer Service, Selling - Outbound Sales Calls, etc).

Our pricing is linked to the time, effort, skills & expertise required to execute the project. We execute projects on fixed-cost basis, piece-rate or on time & material cost basis. The pricing model will depend on the nature of work. However you can be rest assured we will always remain competitive. We will never forget that the prime reasons for business outsourcing are of course because of the cost savings available. Our clients will unquestionably benefit directly from lower costs.

How does it work? If you have a project or business requirement that you want to outsource simply make contact with us and we will be happy to discuss with you how to proceed. We will analyze your requirements, contact you for any clarifications that we may need and then submit our proposal through your preferred method of contact. Our proposal will outline our approach, methodology, price and payment schedule. After mutual agreement of the terms, we will commence the assignment. We will provide sample outputs for your review & approval when necessary. We will be in constant touch with you providing updates of the progress and delivering the output as agreed.

In case you wish to know how we can be of your help please feel free to mail us.


Sagar Dasgupta

+91 9830425190
At 8:46am on November 8, 2008, Denise Lize said…
Hi Mark,

Blessed Regards,
At 10:28pm on October 22, 2008, Welcome from KARYNE said…
Thanks for adding Me as a Friend!

It is Awesome to have You in My Universe!

I hope your days are truly blessed and Prosperous!

Please check out my newest business Blogs and remember just like in business....

In Africa, every morning a gazelle awakens knowing that it must outrun the fastest lion if it wants to stay alive.

Every morning, a lion wakes up knowing it must run faster than the slowest gazelle or it will starve to death.

Moral of the story:

It makes no difference whether you are a gazelle or a lion: When the sun comes up, you had better be RUNNING!

Please let me know how I can assist you in expanding Your Universe.

Pay It Forward!

Peace & Blessings

At 5:32pm on October 16, 2008, spencer said…

At 6:20am on October 16, 2008, Denise Lize said…
Hi Mark,

For the friend request.Nice to be networking friends now.Lets keep in touch.

Have a prosperous day.

Best Regards,
At 8:09pm on October 15, 2008, Jason Braud Internet Consultant said…
Welcome Mark,

It is good to see you here at SB. Here are some helpful tips to get started: Start by Introducing Yourself or check out the Questions and Advice on How to Use to help you get a jump start here at

I would love to share with you my greatest passion that I have, is to help others become successful in their life and help others achieve a secure and prosperous future for them and their family. This is a strong vision and desire that I have. Help Create Success in Others is strongly believed within my heart. I look forward to hearing from you, please consider adding me to your network of friends. If you like to be surrounded by good people, good energy, and positive energy consider becoming apart of H.C.S. in Others Group. Do you share the same passion that I have? If so, I would love for you to become a member of H.C.S.inOthers team. Sign up today for free!

To your Success,

Jason Braud

"Success is not in what you have, but who you are." --Bo Bennett
At 1:04pm on October 15, 2008, Denise Lize said…
Hello Mark,

May you enjoy your journey on this wonderful networking site.

Best of Luck with your business.
At 11:03am on October 15, 2008, Fabulous Margeo said…
At 1:00am on October 15, 2008, J Swain said…
I would like to introduce my self jay swain, The Boss Eliminator,
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good luck , J
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I would like to introduce my self jay swain, The Boss Eliminator,
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You’ve got to mentally change how you see your business.
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