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Mark E. Sackett's Page

Profile Information

Where do you live?
San Francisco and Los Angeles
What best classifies you or your business?
Marketing and Advertising
Website Address:
What industry is your business in?
Event Planning

Who is Reflectur? What do I do? And who is this guy?


Reflectur, a highly regarded, widely published, award-winning, corporate and entertainment branding, interactive, website design, graphic design and marketing agency was originally founded in 1990 as Sackett Design.

The Agency, known for its creative solutions for Television Network and Cable Broadcasters, Entertainment Brands, College and University Foundations and Corporate Clients as well as Non-Profits, has deep expertise in strategic brand development, graphic design, motion graphics, film shoots and marketing communications. That expertise includes: high end motion graphics, branding, multimedia, print, direct mail, web and product development.

Reflectur's offices are in Los Angeles and Kansas City as well as San Francisco where they occupy a historic 1920s warehouse (formerly the William Randolph Hearst Printing Plant) which houses not only the company's operations but also its subsidiaries: Articulation Films, Brainfood Creative Programs, Republic of Sound, The Etling Press, The BOX, Theory of Cool and Stage 24 Productions.

Take a look at the work. Feel free to say hello or ask a question, we don't bite! And...We love what we do! Just click the links or cut and paste them into your browser, and take a look!


Mark E. Sackett, President and Creative Director; and his team have won over one thousand industry awards in national and international design competitions. Their work has been published in numerous design annuals, books, and publications around the world; and has been selected for representation in the permanent collection of the Library of Congress.

As a multidisciplinary firm, Reflectur's clients range from large corporations to growing start-up companies and non-profit organizations focused heavily in the entertainment and broadcast industry. Reflectur art directs and produces on-air re-brands, tool kits, video, film, broadcast design, motion graphics, and various multimedia projects including Internet development and eCommerce strategies. The firm has extensive experience in the design and development of network re-design, consumer and trade advertising, licensing programs, style guides, and promotional campaigns, as well as the creation and implementation of integrated brand initiatives and collateral standards development. The firm's work also encompasses development of brand strategies, image audits, annual reports, publishing, posters, product launches, retail design, apparel, corporate identity, logo development, retail promotions, product and packaging design, brochures, advertising, interior design, and various other forms of collateral and three-dimensional design.

Reflectur continually selects assignments in which they can collaborate with clients in the creation of dynamic solutions and integrated brand development strategies to increase brand recognition, sales, market share, and visibility.

In addition, Reflectur has designed and implemented a corporate creativity-training program entitled Brainfood Creative Programs for organizations with in-house marketing and creative departments. Brainfood focuses primarily on team building, trends analysis, cognitive skills development, research techniques, and motivational programs designed to improve individual and team productivity as well as creative results. Mark E. Sackett also speaks around the country at conferences and seminars presenting their Brainfood programs, the firm's work, and the importance of a cause-related marketing approach for all organizations.

We are members of the AIGA (American Institute of Graphic Arts), Promax/BDA, MGLA (Motion Graphics Los Angeles) and a number of professional organizations. We are always looking to connect with, share and hire the best talent we can find.


I am a Graphic Designer, Art Director, Film and Music Producer and Director. I also host a LIVE internet talk radio show on creativity and am a public speaker.

I am now hosting a LIVE internet talk radio show called "BrainfoodUSA -Living a Creative Life!" on Spirit Quest Radio every Tuesday at 10pm-Eastern, 7pm-Pacific! Please join me!

And of course if you use Facebook, Linked-in, MySpace, Ecademy, etc, etc and if you Twitter...all the links are here on my page as well. Just click to add me or follow me!

Perfect Networker works for me because of how I connect and reach out to people. I find that everyone has a story to tell and share. I believe in connecting with as many people as you can and then reaching out to each of them to establish meaningful connections and hopefully long lasting and rich relationships. I am not a "connections" or "friends" collector, I email everyone back, I add everyone and am honestly interested in helping everyone do better.

If you reply only to those you meet in person, or you feel that you must first meet in person each individual before you add them, you miss the point of true connecting in my opinion and you may miss out on most of the world.

By example, had someone I had never heard of reach out to me here initially, and had I not been open to connecting and learning more, I would not be on here and you would not be reading this. I am a living, walking testament to the fact that if I had narrowed my connections, I would have missed out on possibilities and relationships that have now led me to some of my closest and coolest friends in life.

So who am I? I like to be in motion, on a plane, or in one of my homes in Los Angeles or San Francisco, searching, tasting, listening and shopping. Maybe sipping wine or with friends eating a special meal out. I do a great deal of creative motivational public speaking as well and sitting with folks, sharing my creative life and creative ideas, learning about theirs and helping people get fired up, fires me up! That is the best!

Odd places, experiences, objects, art, photography, antiques, unique artists, interesting people and music fill my life. My friends live all over the world and I remember all their Birthdays! I love being out as much as being at home. I am passionate about many, many things. I collect Wine, Cook, play Drums and Congas, produce music and events as well as feature and documentary films, I get lost in Antique stores and Flea Markets. I collect books, art, photography and frequent flier miles. Needless to say, I don't sit still well, but oddly, really enjoy a night at home on the couch with a bottle of wine from my cellar, a pizza and a DVD! :--))

I serve on 6 non-profit Boards and I am passionate about my causes. And if all goes as expected later this year I hope to launch a unique new non-profit that will give millions to charity and those in need around the world. I love the thrill of the hunt, and often make left turns in life that lead me to new and interesting places and people. I want to see every corner of the world breathe its air, taste its foods and meet its people including you! I have a strong opinion and I voice it. One always knows where I stand and where they stand with me! I worry about our country and our reputation in the world and I cannot nor will I become passive about our role on this planet. I care about animals and children but have none of my own and don't need or desire either to be happy. Besides everyone that knows me really well, already thinks I'm just a big 4 year old at heart anyway.

I thrive on being creative everyday. I work in Music, Advertising, Graphic Design, Interactive/On-Line, Website Design, Film, Music Events and Concert Production and Television Production as well as motivational speaking. I talk to strangers on planes, and more often than not, they have become close trusted friends. I think nothing of doing something fun on the spur-of-the-moment including hopping a plane to meet friends for a fun weekend. I have no fears, except really nasty big Spiders at which time I am a big whimp. Basically, I'm a white guy from Kansas City who moved to the West coast in 1988 and thrives here.

I have homes in both San Francisco and West Hollywood and love my life, family and friends in each place. My family still all live in Kansas City and I see them as often as possible. I don't even look or act close to my age (I'm told), I'm blessed that way! My, family in Kansas, my friends and my staff are important to me, I care deeply for them and we have too much fun for our own good! I have more energy than you and I can out shop you. Sorry, that's a fact! I am not an 8pm to bed or the sit on the couch TV watching type.

I cannot tell you how passionate I am about life, my work, my staff and my friends!!! I collect Wine and love it and a have about 4000 bottles...let's go to Wine Country...I'm in! I will also get lost in a Flea Market or Antique Shop so keep tabs on me or I will wander off. I love to collect odd things and yes that at times includes odd friends or clients and yes, you know who you are!



I own 10 businesses all somewhat related and all of them Creative! My primary business is that I build brands through creative marketing, branding and strategic design at Reflectur. We work in all media! I am President and CEO of my firm working as a Director, Producer, Art Director and Graphic Designer. I work in Advertising, Marketing, Branding, Design, Feature Film Production, Music Production and Television. We create everything from award-winning Websites and On-line initiatives to Logos, Brochures, CD Covers, Interactie DVD's, Music Videos, Presentations, Event Graphics, Trade show booths, Social Networking, etc etc.

Basically we help you increase sales through targeted integrated creative implementation! Confused yet? Ok me! Happy to clarify. and feel free to add me on all the sites you use! All the links and my Twitter accounts are listed in my contact section, just click to add me!

And one thing worth noting. For decades, I have had 4 of the most amazing people around me in my business on a daily basis who allow me to live this creative, free, amazing life. Without each of them, my foundation would crumble. They are without question, the reason I am good at what I do and deserve every good thought and word I type about them here.

We have a number of divisions and if you are really interested just ask me and I will talk to you about what each of them do!

I am living a creative life and I encourage people to do the same, because most people tell me that that are not creative. I would argue that everyone is creative and each of us just needs to find it within! I will be talking about just this on my new live talk radio show and I hope you will listen and join in the conversation!

I also own THE BOX SF a creative high end event space for concerts, wine tastings, trainings, food and media events, social networking space, and unique food, wine and retail venue! Visit us at:


Interesting people who marry with my vision of life and business. People who understand that best of class branding and marketing, paired with ethical business practice are the key to sustained business. Those who like the music, get the jokes and understand what's between the lines if often the real key to learning.

Meeting and doing business with those who do things right is critical for me! And by right I mean you care about the environment, you care about people, you understand that money is not always the primary driver to success but that relationship and reputation are!!!

OH AND YOU GENERALLY WEAR A SMILE! Did you know it is physically impossibly to be in a bad mood if you are smiling? Try it right now. Put a big SMILE on your face and see if you don't feel immediately better. How simple is that?


Street Address:
1069 Howard Street
San Francisco, California

Phone Number:

Email Address:


Business Organizations I belong to:
American Institute of Graphic Arts, AIGA, Promax/BDA, Broadcast Designers Association,, Old Skool Cafe, Everychild Foundation, Linked-In, MySpace, E-Cademy, Xing, Facebook, IMDb, Reflectur, Republic of Sound, Articulation Films, Stage 24, The Box, Brainfood Creative Programs, Theory of Cool, Circa Props, Target Paper, Richmond Ermet AIDS Foundation, Maitri, Cops4Causes

Awards & Honors:
I and my team have won well over 1000 awards in the US and Internationally for our work! We have been widely published and extensively featured in scores of books and magazines on creativity. My work is also included in the permanent design collection of the Library of Congress.

I am a frequent keynote speaker on issues of creativity and creative motivation through my Brainfood Creative Programs talks and seminars, which also have been well published!

I so want to start my own!

Favorite Books:
'The Fountainhead', 'The Gilded Age' and 'The Four Agreements' are my three favorite books of all time. I usually have scores of books about and rarely make it all the way through any of them. I have too many CD's, Movies and Events that distract me. Then when I finally get home I read enough to put me out for the night. I love Chapter 3 page 12. I've read it countless times!

Right now I LOVE Territory magazine, 944 and some of the old favorites! And I have collected signed first edition Children's Books as well as Antique Children's books since I was 16 years old. It's my one nerdy hobby and I love nothing more than getting lost in an old bookshop on a thunder filled rainy afternoon. My blood pressure disappears all together!

Favorite Movies:
I am a big sap...I Love romantic movies and movies that take me on a journey like the 'Lord of the Rings' triplets! Oh and I have a special place in my heart for any movie I have produced, directed or worked on!!! You can find my profile on It's not much yet, but I am dipping my toe in something new all the time so I can constantly learn new things. I love soaking up new things, people and experiences...I live my life in a very different way than most people and I am happy out here wandering around.

Favorite Music:
Anything with a beat and a great lyric. Since I play Drums and Congas and have since I was 7, if it has a beat my hands or feet are moving. i-Pod Baby! Ok so when does the 4000GB I-Pod come out? I have 300GB of music now and 3000 CD's and want more....I could not live without Music on a daily basis. I have many, many DJ, Singer and Musician Friends so if you need to know a place for music just ask and if I know it I will help you find it! And ask me about our upcoming "Out of the Box" events nationwide.... 'Wine, Cheese, Chocolate and a Concert for a Cause!'

Special Interests:
I own my businesses. I am a Director, Producer, Creative Director and Graphic Designer. We work creating Brand and Creative Marketing Programs for large Entertainment companies, Corporations and Non-Profits including, Wineries, Financial Institutions, Restaurants and Film and Television Studios like- Capitol Records, Paramount Pictures, NBC/Universal, Twentieth Century Fox, Warner Bros., MGM Networks, MGM Consumer Products, Corporations like- Charles Schwab, Texas A&M Foundation, Estee Lauder, Sawyer Products, The Disney Stores, Sprint, Hewlett-Packard, My Non-Profits like- Everychild Foundation, Old Skool Cafe, Maitri, Richmond Ermet AIDS Foundation, Cops4Causes and many others.

I often will use this site to find, clients, models, actors and talent for our various projects so don't be surprised if I add you or say hello out of the blue! I am interested in friends who get it, who have great businesses, great minds, smart brands and products or fantastic ideas and are looking for help or advice. If you know of a non-profit looking for help, I am always interested in helping out if we can, especially if they are doing good in the world, helping children, animals or those in chronic need including our Mother Earth! Just ask me!

Finally, I am in constant motion because when I sit still I just get dusty. I love life, my career family, staff and friends deeply!

Favorite Quotes:
"The key is to be like a Duck, smooth and unruffled on the surface but paddling furiously underneath!"

"The hottest places in hell are reserved for those who, in times of crisis, remain neutral."

"We will survive NOT by using an example of our power, but by the power of our example."

"No pessimist ever discovered the secret of the stars, or sailed to an uncharted land, or opened a new doorway for the human spirit."
-Helen Keller

"Don't look back, you're not going that way."

"War does not determine who is right. War determines who is left."

"What would you attempt if you knew you would not fail?"

"Does 7th Grade Ever End?" -Rhonda Lea Davidson

"An Ape is an Ape, a Varlot a Varlot, though clothed in silk or clothed in scarlet"

And the best and for those of you in California! My friend from Leon France said this when I took him to 'In and Out Burger' in Los Angeles for the first time: "It is so white and clean and they wear white and red outfits...'It iz like hospital fer burgers' read that with a french accent! I have been laughing since!

Favorite Websites:
This space is not big enough but I'll start with links to mine and to a few I support: (And feel free to add me on Facebook, Linked-In, and say I referred you! or MySpace if you use them, follow my Twitters and if you use Facebook please also join the Reflectur Fan Page there!) There is a link to my Blog and sites on my page here as well...You are warned, cause I say what I think! :--)) AND NO IF THESE SHOW UP AS HOT LINKS THEY ARE NOT THE LINKS. LOOK UP....THEY ARE ABOVE HERE IN THE PROFILE!

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At 4:28am on January 2, 2010, solcarina said…

Shaping our conditions begins with our thoughts.
At 3:18pm on July 5, 2009, Lydia Scott said…

Dear Mark E. Sackett,
I would like to say thanks for adding me as your friend. I'm sure everyone here have to feel that it's a honor to have you here with us, sharing so much remarable work that you have estabilish. Wow, people like you are so far and few I know you will be such great impact to a lot of us. I look forward in reading your first blog (smile). Well take care and enjoy yourself here at, The Small Business Network. Again, Thanks A Million for your friendship.
At 12:13am on June 24, 2009, Alida Fehily said…
Hi Mark....thanks for the connection. You look so familiar??? I just sent you a request on fb. Maybe perfectnetworker???

Nevertheless... great to make the friendship!

life is a journey
Alida xxx

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