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Twitter Viral Marketing Strategies


Oh Twitter how I love thee! Let me count the ways…Although you might not hear those exact words said very often online, you know it’s true when you login to your Twitter account or visit someone’s blog.

The question posed by Twitter, “What are you doing?” has become almost as popular as AOL’s “You’ve got mail.” So much so that it has even caught the eye of offline news mediums such as USA… Continue

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I Went Against My Own Advice...

I tell people all the time that the essence of attraction marketing is in not to pushing your company and or "opportunity" but instead its about establishing relationships. But then I went and did it in my profile and the website I posted.

So I changed my profile and took down my MLM site and put up my primary website. I still have the MAX video up and I think I will leave that.

I appologize to people viewing my site. I did not take my own advice on that one.

I… Continue

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5 Keys to Success

1. Stop working for someone else. No one EVER became rich working for someone else. You need to get something going where YOU get the money, not someone else.

2. Do something different. Remember the definition of insanity, “Keep doing the same thing over and over again, and expecting different results.” If you want different results from what you’re getting now, you MUST do something different.

3. You gotta have leverage. You absolutely MUST find something that allows you… Continue

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Things That Weathy People Do !!

Wealthy people choose both. Poor people choose either/or.

Wealthy people learn and grow. Poor people think they know.

Wealthy people focus on their big picture or why's. Poor people focus on their little pictures or how's.

Wealthy people visualize what they desire. Poor people wonder how they will ever get what they desire.

Wealthy people go outside of their comfort zones. Poor people do all they can to protect their comfort zones.

Wealthy… Continue

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Learn how to KEEP 100% of what you Make!!!!!!!

PEOPLE LOVE THIS BUSINESS! And, it's proved more and more EVERY SINGLE DAY! Dozens of people are signing up to watch our AMAZING video and many of them are signing up.

PEOPLE LOVE THIS BUSINESS! Because you get to keep 100% of what you make! It's incredible! People have earned OVER 38,000 in just about 8 weeks! In ANY other business they would have earned ONLY a small percent, possibly 20% or $7,600...INSTEAD YOU GET TO KEEP 100%! They would have paid the "OTHER" company a whopping… Continue

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Ten Blog Traffic Tips

If you are new to blogging, here are ten things to do to get started correctly.

10. Write at least five major "pillar" articles. A pillar article is usually a tutorial style article aimed to teach your audience something. Generally they are at least 500 words but less than 600 and have plenty of very practical tips or advice. The more pillars you have on your mlm blog the better you will generate mlm blog traffic.

9. Write at least one new blog post per day.. Not every… Continue

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Pumpkin Builders is More Than Just a Strange Name!

My website, Pumpkin Builders, is much more than just a website with a strange name. My site is an online gift shop with thousands of gift ideas for everyone in the family. You will think you have stepped into a huge mall of fine gifts! We have everything from baby gift ideas to zebra silk sheets!

We also ship free, so no need to worry about additonal costs! In this economy, we need all the help we can get and with Pumpkin Builders' great prices and fast shipping, you get that… Continue

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A SOLUTION to the 'hamster wheel' of debt!

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Prolific Investments Limited Managed Account Program(PILMAP)

Prolific Investments Limited Managed Account Program(PILMAP)

The Prolific Investments Limited Managed Account Program(PILMAP) is designed to help investors reach their long-term financial goals in today’s volatile markets.

This Program accommodates the needs of institutional and individual investors interested in allocating a portion of their risk capital to the Foreign Exchange (Forex) market.

Established in 2008, the PILMAP focuses solely on spot trading in… Continue

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To all members!

Hello and Welcome to my page on!! Feel free to ask questions...

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New Personal Powerline Pay Plan Takes the Internet by Storm!

February 28, 2009

New Personal Powerline Pay Plan Takes the Internet by Storm!

In a time of doom and gloom that we find ourselves in with today’s failing economy, it’s refreshing to see program or should I say a pay plan come along that was actually designed with the average person in mind! A pay plan so simple and so affordable, anyone can join and anyone can succeed!

The pay plan I’m referring to is called “The Personal Powerline”, and is was designed by…

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funky unique baby & toddler girls' outfits I opened my Bonanzle booth last week. Bonanzle is big news these days, I guess. (I have to get all my big news from my husband, who is actually in tune with the outside world... I am in my own world of children and design!!)

I hear it is growing exponentially. That's good. I also hear it encourages buyer/seller interaction, another plus in… Continue

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Those are powerful words for someone who'd like to have an extraordinary life. If you've never heard of Landmark Education, please allow me to give you a brief overview. I recently spent the weekend experiencing their powerful flagship program, The Landmark Forum (Friday, 2/20/09 thru Sunday, 2/22/09). There was a Tuesday evening session that I wasn't able to attend. The… Continue

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Foundations: Your Vision, Mission, and Values.

A well-stated vision and mission can be critical to the overall success of your business and brand. Together they help focus, guide, align, and inspire those inside and even outside your organization. It's important not to confuse the two nor fuse them together into a single "mission/vision."

William Drohan provides us a helpful distinction: "A vision statement pushes the association toward some future goal or achievement, while a mission statement guides current, critical, strategic… Continue

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12 Surefire Tips to Boost Your Credit Score.

Tip 1 — “Rapid Rescore” your credit

If you are applying for a mortgage loan and the tri-merge (3 credit bureaus) credit report has a derogatory item, your lender can request the 3rd party credit report agency they use to perform a “Rapid Rescore” to delete or correct the account item for a small charge of $15 to $30 per “trade line” or per derogatory item.

It typically takes 48-72 hours to complete. You will need to provide documentation to verify your claim that the… Continue

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Do you have a Plan with a finish line?

Do you have a Plan with a finish line?

One of the most counterproductive things that I see people do the most is plan, plan, plan and dream, dream, dream. Now don't get me wrong, anyone who desires success should plan and dream. But not excessively to the point where action never takes place.

Why is this concept so important? I'll put it to you like this, you can dream about having a job and plan on having a job, but if you never go out to get the job,… Continue

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7 Tips for New Network Marketers

# 1 Don't Quit. It is the only sure way you will fail. People will say no. Your family and friends may think you are stupid and crazy. You will sponsor people and never hear from them again. You will want to quit. You will think this is too hard. I hate to tell you that I let one of these things affect me for 6 months. Even though I was told stuff like this happens, I still got emotionally attached to people and my business. Just say NO! Get over it. Know why you decided to start in the… Continue

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How to Start Building a List without a Capture Page

I know how scary it can be if you are technically challenged to make your own capture page when you first get started in marketing your product or business. Some people don't have money to get everything started initially, so an easy no frills way to capture a prospect's information and build a relationship with them would be good. Of course you can add an auto responder to your blog, but I wanted to show you one way to do it without a thing.

You still need an auto responder. I use… Continue

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Important Locksmith Information from JOELOKLOCKSMITH

Serving NW Arkansas

Auto, Residential and Commercial. Complete Locksmith Services. Make Keys, Rekey Locks, Program Keys and Remotes. Unlock Vehicles, Business's and Homes. I can order and install any lock you may need. The locks I can get will be more secure than any you can get at any local store. I would advise all vehicle owners to get an extra key for your vehicle before you ever need it. Most vehicles now days use Transponder keys. Some vehicles require at least one working key to add… Continue

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Wanted Exceptional Hungry Medical Sales Professionals!

Ok we all know 65,000 plus pharma reps are getting fired! I'm sure some of you will be reading this post. If you have talent, exceptional confidence and a proven track record in medical equipment sales, contact me via I'm offering a select few an opportunity to represent my company and it's products. I distribute throughout the US so location would not be a problem.


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