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The Reason 4...

Give love on Christmas day and remember it's ok to love yourself. I'm not talking about selfishly, but completely. Love yourself in a wholesome manner. You have a soul and a spirit, it's important to feed yourself with a spirit of true love.

We're supposed to always love and give, but above all else this is the the season for giving and sharing, but most importantly never forget the true reason for the season. It's all about the Believing, not just in God but because of God and what… Continue

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The Life and Death of Mr. Green

To master advocacy one must master adversity.


To master your perspective one must master the art of Anamorphosis.

The video "Life and Death of Mr. Green" directed by rising talent Timothy Garrett and starring musical troubadours from Carney, Evan Rachel Wood opposite of Reeve Carney (Broadway's next Spider-man, Julie Taymor's rendition of the infamous love story of the masked hero and Mary Jane) and was shot on the set of HBO's Carnivale in… Continue

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Network Marketing Fraud - Now There Is A Site To Report Fraud!

Hello Network Marketing Friends,


Finally a site to report the below FRAUDSTERS!

This came from my good friend The MLM Attorney.

Written By: Nehra & Waak, Attorneys at Law

Gerald P. Nehra

I receive 10 to 20 fraud or scam or phishing emails a week, sometimes

as many as 5 on the same day. No one in Nigeria is waiting to make me

rich. I have not won an overseas lottery that I never even…

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Talk to others about your plans

This is step three to FINALLY loving your work after forty!

This is not a process of ego. In some ways it doesn’t matter who you talk to. Strangers on the airplane are the best for the start. They listen and ask questions while you get to practice your new elevator speech about your life. When you talk to others about your plans you commit yourself and start to believe that what you want is possible. This is really important.

You are not talking to others to… Continue

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Keep Doing What You're Doing

Hi Network Marketing Friends,

Here's what you can do:

Don't Change

Keep doing what you're doing

Work Twice as hard

Get the same results from 2009

in 2010.

Is that going to be okay?

If that's not going to get you where you

want to be, then all you need to do is read

this powerful e-book.

It's f'ree for everyone Just Click…

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Make Your PC Last Longer

Although the price of computers continue to drop, they are still expensive to buy. There is the additional expense of employing people to get them working and keep them running.

PC’s don’t grow old gracefully. After a short time, your once-nippy Windows XP or Vista PC can feel as though its hard disk is running in a bath of super-thick custard. And after a few years the problem can get so bad the PC is almost unusable. It can take forever to start up and then promptly stops or slows… Continue

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How To Apply Successful Business Mindset Development Tactics In Your Leadership

Tips on How to Become a Genuine and Effective Leader

If your life's purpose is close or similar to become someone that the word Leader would fairly represent then you should be very concentrated on where you need to focus on more. If your focus is on how to get more people to follow you then you have to change your mindset. Your focus instead should be on How To grow yourself as a person and ultimately become the one that others will follow as a result of the Law of… Continue

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Happy Holidays Everyone!!!

A Worldwide Epidemic is spreading with enormous speed.

The 'WWO' (World-Wellness-Organization) foresees billions of people becoming infected within the coming decade!

Here are the most prominent symptoms of this wonderful enlivening 'disease':

1). The tendency to let yourself be guided by intuition instead of acting under pressure of fear, forced ideas and pre-conditioned behavior.

2). A total loss of interest in: - judging others, convicting yourself… Continue

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Something for the holiday's that might be a benefit to your family and friends

All of us are affected by the economic challenges of today's world .. With this in mind, we would like to take this opportunity to provide you and your clients with a health savings card that is FREE

Take Control of your healthcare costs today!

We are dedicated to helping you control your healthcare costs we have discounted programs, providing FREE access to Prescription Medications, Imaging Service and Lab.

Prescription Savings: The RxCut® Plus program provides… Continue

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It’s YOUR turn to make a difference with My Harvest America!

My Dear Friends,

Save Time, Money and Gas!

Free Nationwide Shipping – Direct to YOUR Door

Over 10,000 Items in our National Name Brand Grocery Store

The Brands you Trust and Use Everyday costs less with My Harvest America!

Imagine with a click of your mouse, you can order your favorite name brand groceries from the comfort of your home. And the best part is you paid less and enjoyed the convenience of Free shipping right to your door! We are…

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Who INTENDS To Earn More in 2010?


How badly?

Seriously, how BADLY do you want it?

Most people say they want it BADLY, but they don’t really mean it. People who want something badly do whatever it takes to get it. They don’t give up until they get it.

It’s never about what someone SAYS, it’s about what they DO.

Today, the convenient excuse is -

But the economy!…”

Do you realize there are people… Continue

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$500 million Commitment to New Program

Warren Buffett; the Initiative for a Competitive Inner City; Community College Associations; and Others Join to Support Small Business Job Creation

Goldman Sachs People to Volunteer Skills to Small Business Owners

November 17, 2009 – The Goldman Sachs Group, Inc. (NYSE: GS) today announced the launch of 10,000 Small Businesses -- a $500 million initiative that will unlock the growth and job-creation potential of 10,000… Continue

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Xmas Cheer or Bah Humbug?

For those of you not on my regular email list, please see my new Holiday message at - and if you have the time, stop and look around!

Happy Holidays - Helena

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December More Updates! :o) Sonja Fisher

I was on PageantCast, a free weekly internet audio broadcast regarding beauty pageants.

Download or listen directly at

The 2010 MCA Pageant is steadily approaching. If you ladies know someone that would be a great candidate for the competition, refer them to complete the online application at The application deadline is February… Continue

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Jonathan Kranz's blogging and newsletter tips for communicating with clients and prospects at

Jonathan Kranz's blogging and newsletter tips for communicating with clients and prospects at

Mirror customers' concerns

* Offer info of real value: expertise and experience they can use

* Spread around where applicable on your site

* Social media: think about it strategically

* Where are people who are interested in this content gathered?

More at… Continue

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Write down your plan to get there

This is the step 2 to FINALLY loving your work after forty!

When you write down a plan, your whole life and activities start to align around what you want. Then you start to figure out how to reach your goals. All of a sudden daily activities start to align and make sense. You start to be clearer about which opportunities to say yes to and which to turn down.

Once written down you have something to refer to daily especially when you encounter others who don’t… Continue

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Retirement Planning | Who Packed your Parachute? | Jim Roche NJ - Submitted by Jim Roche NJ

Retirement Social Security is a lot like a parachute-when you jump out of an airplane you know it is there you just hope it opens to guide you safely to the ground. The same can be said about Social Security Retirement Planning- you know you have done it you just hope you have done it well enough to guide you to financial safety after you retire from your 9-5. Yet most people may not know much more about it than that.



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