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'Where the Iris grows... That is where I want to be....' The flower at the end of the rainbow.

Please read and enjoy our articles. Turn off the T.V. the radio, lock the door, and take the telephone off the hook .  Give yourself a bit of quiet time to enjoy the full flavour of emotions, ideas, and inspirations you will get from these articles. Occasionally Dr Lant will suggest going to the search engines for music to go along with the article, I will will do the search myself and post the video(s) below the article for you


Come on in at…


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The most stupid man in Washington, D.C. learns the power of the 'net.. The abbreviated scandal and career of U.S. Representative Chris Lee, America's laughingstock.

Below I have posted an article written by Dr Jeffrey Lant  CEO of Worldprofit. Dr. Lant

along with Sandi Hunter and George Kosch Co- Founded Worldprofit in August of 1994 at

believe it or not a kitchen table in Canada. George Kosch read one of Dr Lants 18 best-selling business Books called him up and the rest as they say is…


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Top Opportunity 2010 - Chris Hopkins Launches Wealth Mastermind System

On the back of a financially successful and rewarding 2009, I have Just launched my best business opportunity for 2010. Chris Hopkins Wealth Mastermind System.

Here's the Plan

LGN just launched a new opportunity called LGN Prosperity.

Its not even a month old yet but its the best business model for earning fast money, I've seen.

I've put together a marketing system which is going to tear this thing apart and make my team members a bucket load if cash this… Continue

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Keep Them Coming Back!

How I feel you can keep those valuable clients and win over the hesitant ones. Enjoy!

Chris Borowski

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Blogging is like the battle of the bulge -Compendium Blogware founder Chris Baggott

"You know you should eat right and exercise. Great content requires frequency and diligence" -- Compendium Blogware founder Chris Baggott at the Boston SEO Meetup

More posted at

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Prioritize Strategies: Sales & Marketing

Business owners who are concerned about their sales and marketing capabilities could begin to see improvement by breaking down the term sales as it relates to marketing, into manageable elements. You end up with a checklist that can be reviewed in order to prioritize areas needing improvement

1) MARKETS: How much do you really know about your current markets or future market? Why do your customers buy from you? What could you offer that would attract more non-customers?… Continue

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Pivot Rejections are Ruling Trading this Week

As we can see by the EURUSD and GBPUSD charts below, the Pivots have been dictating where price has been getting rejected at this week since volatility levels are down a bit with our slew of economic releases to come tomorrow (ECB and BOE Rate Decisions) and Friday (NFP).

What we are seeing is how trend or momentum methods will not work in such environments. When this happens, we need… Continue

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Dunn Bros Coffee launches new promotion

Specialty coffee chain Dunn Bros. has launched a unique giving program to raise funds for community organizations.

The Dunn Bros Coffee Community Giving Program allows community or nonprofit organizations to apply for special Dunn Bros. “Roastmaster Rewards” cards for their employees.

When anyone uses the Community Giving Roastmaster Rewards card, Dunn Bros. Coffee shops will make a donation equal to 10% of the net sales proceeds to the registered organization that… Continue

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Speeding Along: The Elevision Network

As Mario Andretti says, “If everything seems under control, you’re just not going fast enough.” At The Elevision Network, we are still in control, but things are happening very fast. So fast, in fact, we are having trouble launching because new and exciting things keep coming up!

Content, content, content and more content! It is amazing how many programs there are out there in video format that have no home. Old movies, past tapings of events, speakers, you name it, there is probably… Continue

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Bringing the World to the World: The Elevision Network

What does that mean? The Elevision Network will bring speakers and programs for all over the world to other parts of world that have not seen them. The variety is almost limitless and there are no geographical boundaries. People from the United States of America will have an opportunity to see speakers from China and visa versa. Eventually these shows will be remade and the people in China will be able to see those speakers speaking Chinese and the people in the United States will see the… Continue

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You Have to Start Somewhere!

You have watched people on various networking sites. Maybe you have even dabbled yourself. Putting up a profile is a great start, but then what? Chris A. Hutcherson faced the same dilemma. He knew there was great power in the internet and in the social networking sites. But where and how should he start?

Then Chris started watching his kids. They were always on the internet and seemed to be talking to people all over the world. How were they doing it? Chris A. Hutcherson used to be… Continue

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World Class Speakers: Are You Looking for an Audience?

If you are a speaker (or if you want to be a speaker), how do you get your message out? Usually by speaking to various groups right? Great! But what if you wanted to do more? What you could reach people all over the world, people you would normally probably never have an opportunity to speak to? Chris A. Hutcherson is bringing you that opportunity with The Elevision Network.

What is The Elevision Network? The Elevision Network works like a television network. All the programming is… Continue

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Relationships and Marketing: The Difference between Success and Failure

Chris A. Hutcherson knows the importance of relationships and marketing. After all, if you have no customers, you have no business. Chris A. Hutcheson knows the importance of making customers feel like part of your business. There has been no business where this is more important than The Elevision Network. Chris A. Hutcherson wants to bring the brightest and best to your computer. He wants to give you the opportunity to change you life.

The principles of relationship marketing are… Continue

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No Money, No Mission

Anyone who has ever been involved with a nonprofit knows how easy it is to forget this simple idea, no money, no mission. Chris Hutcherson has been involved with various organizations all his life, many of them devoted to helping children. However, no matter now much you want an organization to succeed and no matter how great the work they are doing, if they can’t make enough money, the organization will fail.

Chris Hutcherson never forgot this important rule. In fact, he has made it… Continue

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The Elevision Network and Intra-organization Communication

If you are a large organization with hundreds of sales people all over the globe you may have wished you had a great way to train all these people. Webinars are okay, but with the different time zones and the technical challenges, they don’t always go off as planned. Go back to watch them again is not always a possibility. With The Elevision Network, those communication problems may be a thing of the past.

The Elevision Network has the capability of delivering “TV under the TV.” What… Continue

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Business, Pleasure, and the Importance of Giving

The Elevision Network, Elevision Network, Elevision TV, my Elevision Network, and Elevision are ready to launch!

Chris A. Hutcherson, CEO of The Elevision Network is using this new business to help him reach his life’s goal of giving one billion dollars to children’s causes. Chris believes that while it is great to become personally comfortably well off, the true entrepreneur needs another financial goal—a giving goal.

Chris has always loved children. This love led him to… Continue

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A Different Kind of Hero: Chris A. Hutcherson

Chris A. Hutcherson may not be what you think of when you think of a child’s hero. After all, most of us had heroes like Superman or Wonder Woman when we were a kid. But the real heroes are people like Chris A. Hutcherson. Chris A. Hutcherson started a company called Children's Heroes. Children’s Heroes focuses on helping school raise funds for necessary programs and projects. Just like a real super hero, wherever children need money for school programs, Chris A. Hutcherson is there to… Continue

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Three Things in Life That Once Gone, Never Come Back: Time, Words, Opportunity

It is seldom in life that something comes along that involves all three of these things. The Elevision Network is one of those things. The Elevision Network will save you time. Imagine having information, speakers, and entertainment all at your finger tips, 24 hours a day, seven days a week at your convenience. No more waiting for weeks or months to see speakers like Bob Proctor, get inspiration from sales gurus like Zig Zigler. How much time could you save?

Want to learn how to make… Continue

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Let’s Get Together: Social Networking is Serious Business

Chris Hutcherson built a huge site on LinkedIn and he did it in less than a year. So, how and why would anyone want to spend all that time and effort t building a social networking site? They are just for fun right? Wrong!

Chris Hutcherson knows that social networking sites are the way people do business. People on these sites are all looking for something. Social networking sites have moved past being just a place to find romance or friends to a place to do serious business. Smart… Continue

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Let’s Get Enthusiastic!

Ralph Waldo Emerson once said “Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm.” Chris A. Hutcherson is an example of how great enthusiasm maintained over a period of time can lead to great things. In this case, that great thing is The Elevision Network. The Elevision Network, Elevision Network, Elevision TV, my Elevision Network, and Elevision (or any other variation out there on the web) is ready to launch!

The importance of the enthusiasm of Chris A. Hutcherson in bringing The… Continue

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