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'For misery, oh, oh, Cherchez la femme'. That's what Dominique Strauss-Kahn, France's prospective next president, did. See what happened next... ou la la!

Please read and enjoy our articles. Turn off the T.V. the radio, lock the door, and take the telephone off the hook .  Give yourself a bit of quiet time to enjoy the full flavour of emotions, ideas, and inspirations you will get from these articles. Occasionally Dr Lant will suggest going to the search engines for music to go along with the article, I will will do the search myself and post the video(s) below the article for you

Come on in at…


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Drug Resistant Tuberculosis Strain: A New Threat to Health

Have you been worried about H1N1 virus? Have you taken any steps to improve your immunity and to strengthen your immune system? I know you have heard about Chaga but have you gone to the website, read the research about all the healing properties? Have you signed up to at least try it?

What are you waiting for? After reading this excerpt from today's report, you can read more about the report or you can go to the link at the very bottom and get yourself some Chaga extract from the… Continue

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Reliv International Named As Finalist In the American Business Awards

Relìv International Named As Finalist

In the American Business AwardsSM

Relìv International is a finalist for a Stevie® Award for the Corporate Social Responsibility Program of the Year. In addition to providing free nutritional supplements to 42,000 malnourished individuals, mostly children, every day in 10 countries, the Relìv Kalogris Foundation has built and furnished three feeding centers for children in the Philippines and Haiti.

CHESTERFIELD, Mo., June 8, 2009… Continue

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Can you be Clean, Green,and Legal?

You may have seen something on the news about Spokane, Washington where there is now a ban on dishwasher detergent make with phosphates. While this may seem to be an isolated case, there are actually several states (including the rest of the state of Washington) that will make dishwashing soap made with phosphates above a very small level illegal in 2010.

What is phosphate anyway and why is it used in dishwashing soap? Phosphate is an inorganic chemical that is a combination of salt… Continue

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Change Management Communication

Flexible Resources Associates Change Management Communication practice, covers all types of major organisational change including merger and acquisitions, IT implementations,Growth by outsorcing, downsizing and off-shoring, restructuring, office moves and cultural transformations with a product portfolio which includes:

• End-to-end strategic change communication consultancy (based on a robust framework) -from strategic planning phase right through to implementation

• ‘Leading… Continue

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PREMIERE MASTERMINDING - Success Shifts, just started by Leah Grant


Success Shifts

Founded by Leah Grant
, ICF Master Certified Coach, Encinitas, CA

Mission: To assist small business owners achieve greater levels of success through making internal shifts. Virtual/International -… Continue

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Boresha Coffee - Training Webinars

The Boresha International business model offers individuals the opportunity to build a successful business of their own by simply making a referral to people, much like is done everyday. The Boresha compensation plan also allows you to build a team of people who also acquire customers, and in turn build your residual income.

While making referrals is something we as human beings… Continue

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JUST POSTED - Debbie Ford

JUST POSTED - Debbie Ford exposes "The One Thing That Stands Between You and the Life You Desire" -

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Go Be Wise Now

Hello I am Dr Robin Rushlo,

I have been in this industry for 38 years now. I know up till now most people never made a profit

or even got theirproducts paid for.

I know because I was there too.

So I started to look for a company that truly had the following ideals:

1. no greed in it

2. Looked out for the new distrubutor

3. was simple

4. If all I did was bought products I could make… Continue

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The 3 Laws of Performance


In life in order to accomplish anything we must begin with a plan in mind. The same holds true when working on your business. Believe it or not, everything begins with a plan. If you do nothing in life, that too begins with the plan of you deciding that you're not going to do anything today, and that stretches into tomorrow, and so on. Before you know it, months and years have gone by and you haven't accomplished anything, all because you didn't have a… Continue

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Women's Life Empowerment Bootcamp March 2009

Women's Life Empowerment Bootcamp March 2009 with Life empowerment coach/mentor/trainer Robin Tramble

Do you dislike aspects of your life but feel hopeless to change them? I'd like to invite you to an upcoming power summit that includes 6 biz experts. They'll be teaching transformational strategies, techniques and keys to help you create an empowered life in 2009!

Special guests on the calls include: Felicia Slattery "Cash In on Communication"; Cathy Morenzie "Are you Fit… Continue

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Hungaria: ÚJ HÍR! - FASHION – „Company of the Year 2008“

- In Hungarian - FASHION – „Company of the Year 2008 -

Netcoo, Európa vezetö szakmagazinja network marketing területén a “Company of the Year 2008” kitüntetéssel jutalmazta a FASHION céget. Mint ezen üzletág elsö vállalata kapta meg a FE.N cég a Karlsruhéban 2009. január 25-én tartott Convention alkalmával az említett kitüntetést. Amikor a cégalapítók az eddig elért sikerekröl tájékoztatták a nézöket, a Netcoo-üzletvezetök… Continue

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Those are powerful words for someone who'd like to have an extraordinary life. If you've never heard of Landmark Education, please allow me to give you a brief overview. I recently spent the weekend experiencing their powerful flagship program, The Landmark Forum (Friday, 2/20/09 thru Sunday, 2/22/09). There was a Tuesday evening session that I wasn't able to attend. The… Continue

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About online advertising & marketing

Online Advertising :

The global reach of online advertising makes it an ideal channel for promoting a business. Millions of Internet users are actually earning their bread by running a successful online money-generating venture. As simple as it sounds, online undertakings and marketing require the same amount of hard work and dedication as any other business managed the traditional way.

There are two primary uses for online advertising which if utilised correctly can be a… Continue

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3 Ways to Reduce Your Cell Phone Bill !

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The Week Ahead for February 23-27, 2009


Tuesday: February consumer’s confidence

Wednesday: January existing home sales

Thursday: Weekly initial jobless claims, January durable-goods orders, January new-home sales

Friday: 4th quarter revised GDP, February Chicago purchasing managers index

Larson note: It starts in these reports. Not across the board good things but I’ll go out on a limb and say to look to home sales to pick up a little bit.

At the… Continue

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A company I'm am fortunate enough to be with and a home I've waited many years to find.

I want to share with everyone about the company I believe it took me over 20 years to find.

While I've been with many MLM companies over the years, some good and many not so good. But in each of them I learned what I needed to do to be successfull and what a company needed to provide to help me become successfull.

That company is Max International. Why?

A founder that has built several multi-million dollor companies and created an entire… Continue

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- FEN Fashion Europe Net - is a strongly expanding, Innovating business, which started its activity beginning of August 2006.

FE.N -

- FEN Fashion Europe Net - is a strongly expanding, Innovating business, which started its activity beginning of August 2006. Since the first day we put all our effort on our ideal, that our partners can decide, without pressure and risk, to create a second income, and at the same time to decide when, how and where to be active, to reach their goal of financial independancy.

The headquarters of FE.N has its seat in… Continue

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International Business Opportunities...

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