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The Eureka Moment: Just call me a Cultural Creative!

The Eureka Moment: Just call me a Cultural Creative!

eureka moment

If you know me, you know I am a researcher and a seeker. I am researching and seeking truth in everything about life and living it more abundantly. Just a few weeks ago I was doing some late night keyword research and I stumbled upon a term I had never seen before – “Cultural Creative”. I was intrigued by the term and you…


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Your Dream Life: The Raising of an Olympian


Your Dream Life: The Raising of an Olympian

As I sit watching the Olympics each night, I remember all my life watching the Olympics with my parents and gymnastics was one of my mother and my favorites. From Nadia Comăneci to Dominque Dawes and now Gabby “Flying Squirrel” Douglas, it has always touched my heart as a time to reflect on how I am doing with living my…


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One Conversation Could Change Your Life!

One Conversation Could Change Your Life!



If you have connected with Therese Prentice, you know Virtual Tea is the main way I connect and build my network of amazing women, who I know, like and trust!! It amazes me how many women fail to connect when I extend the offer or ask me some really crazy questions before they are willing to…

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Stop Playing Follow the Leader instead Lead Your Pack

Stop Playing Follow the Leader instead Lead Your Pack

There’s a trend in the marketplace I can date back to 2009 but I know it has been going on longer than I care to remember. When did it become ok for you to abandon your Soul’s Purpose to follow the dreams and purpose of your High End Coach/Mentor? You see I have noticed a trend with so many women who have gotten derailed in…


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3 Keys to Igniting Your Soul’s Style into a 6 Figure Profitable Lifestyle Business

Are you a Woman Entrepreneur who is holding a secret that your business really 

isn’t making the money you expected and you really don’t know how to fix it?

I want to free you from thinking you are the only woman entrepreneur holding this precious secret of declining or stagnate profits inside a…


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AfricanPreneurs Magazine

Do not underestimate the power of an ad. We are all in business to promote our products and services, and the best way to let others know is through an ad. AfricanPreneurs Magazine is the forum for your business to be seen. It's only $199 US/ year, which translates to $16.58 US/month and this guarantees your business an ad in every magazine for a whole year. It does not get any better than this and… Continue

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Why Join GEM Lifestyle at the Start of the Month

GEM LIifestyle receives a majority of our associate registrations at the end of the calendar.


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Here are a few Powerful Testimonials from our FDI Members using the Products and Services

Bobbie O., Atlanta, Credit Trax increased her credit scores from 320 to 700 in 6 months, remove 3 chapter 13 bankruptcies and 15 negative items.

Linda T., Baltimore, Earns Five figure Income, help others improve their lives with these Products and Services

Jimmie M., Baltimore, with Equity Trax he went from 29 years in DEBT down to 6 years including his Mortgage.

Tyrone S., Florida, Credit Trax his Student loans from 8.33% down to 5.2% and Equity Trax from 16… Continue

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Know Your Debt Free Date Now

ARE YOU (or anyone you know) INTERESTED IN PAYING OFF ALL YOUR DEBTS (including your Mortgage) IN 1/3 to 1/2 OF YOUR CURRENT SCHEDULE?

- Jimmie M., Baltimore, went from 29 years in DEBT down to 6 years including his Mortgage

Then visit: {To receive your FREE Analysis.}

VIP Personal and Financial Services. Ask me how!

Anthony Manswell

(443)… Continue

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Funny Thing About Habits

Funny thing about habits; once we have them, we loose track of them. Literally. They disappear from our internal radar screen and allow us to get on with our daily business. So here is where more time for you this spring comes in. Stop and think of what you do for yourself on a regular basis--grocery shopping, going to the dry cleaners, baking cupcakes for a school party, cleaning your own house, taking the car for a gas up and wash, etc., etc., etc. The list is endless. But the point is, you… Continue

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The 3 Laws of Performance


In life in order to accomplish anything we must begin with a plan in mind. The same holds true when working on your business. Believe it or not, everything begins with a plan. If you do nothing in life, that too begins with the plan of you deciding that you're not going to do anything today, and that stretches into tomorrow, and so on. Before you know it, months and years have gone by and you haven't accomplished anything, all because you didn't have a… Continue

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Every so often fresh opportunities come along that promise the earth, but all too often fail to deliver.

Consequently we tend to treat each new opportunity with caution and scepticism, perhaps closing our minds to the genuine companies that really do have something special to offer.

Whilst we believe that ours is such a company, we would not expect you to take our word for it; why should you trust our judgement? Instead we invite you to review this website which outlines the… Continue

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Those are powerful words for someone who'd like to have an extraordinary life. If you've never heard of Landmark Education, please allow me to give you a brief overview. I recently spent the weekend experiencing their powerful flagship program, The Landmark Forum (Friday, 2/20/09 thru Sunday, 2/22/09). There was a Tuesday evening session that I wasn't able to attend. The… Continue

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GEM ISLAND LIFESTYLE the biggest 3D online Entertainment Launch 1.NOV.2008

50 Gelegenheiten mit der neuesten 3D Internettechnologie "spielend" Geld verdienen in ihrem virtuellen Büro, alles in Web 3.0.

Online-entertainment mit shopping, eigene Pferderennen, eigene Fussballmannschaft, Games in 3D und die Spiele können per Bluetooth aufs Handy gescannt werden. DU gehörst zu den ersten Menschen die davon wissen, also registriere Dich schnell. Das ultimative Entertainment erwartet Dich! Eine komplette WELT IN 3D!… Continue

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In these days of uncertainty, of rising prices and ever rising energy consumption, is this not the perfect time to consider simplifying our lives.

In my humble opinion the population at large needs to be much less selfish and spoiled. We all need to seriously consider, at least for the next few years, giving up luxurious living, using water and energy as though it grows on trees, spending more money than we can… Continue

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Healthy Lifestyle

Common Sense Steps to Healthy Life Style

1. Eat Right: Make sure you get your daily dose of Fruits and Veggies

2. Take your vitamins and bump up your vitamin C

3. Get plenty of exercise, as exercise helps to build your immune system

4. Get lots of Fresh Air -Open Doors & Windows when possible

5. Walk for at least an hour a day, take the stairs instead of elevators

6. Swim when possible

7. Wash your hands often

8. Eliminate Stress as much… Continue

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