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Tips for building communities from Matthew Mamet of EditMe

Highlights from our first Newport (RI) Interactive Marketers gathering

Matthew Mamet of EditMe:

Communities aren't just about text anymore: think video, images, multimedia

Tips for building communities

  • Don't get caught up in infrastructure
  • Start…

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Are fears holding you back and or are you letting them help you to make bad decisions?

There are a lot of people and companies that use fear to their advantage. Using terms like, This price is only good today. Get in now while it is still free. We are giving away a new car so sign up now. It is a new prelaunch you want to get in early so you will be on top. You are missing out as each minute goes by, so sign up now. You better do it or you will miss out. And the list goes on and on. Everyone knows that Professional Network Marketers would never fall for any of these fear type… Continue

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Social Networking For Business

Social Networking for Business

Social networking for business is a must learn and must do for today's marketers. When done correctly it will insure the strength of your business and its longevity. If done incorrect, ensures a quick doom of your business. Far too many new business owners do just that.

As the name applies, it is social site, a place on the Internet which allows… Continue

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Marketers Use of Emerging Channels

Here are the marketing channels the major interactive marketers are using and planning to use as well as us here at Larson’s. Where do you stack up?

E-mail: less than 1 year- 6% / Greater than 1 year – 90% / not using but plan to – 4% / will not use – 1% / Larson’s – long time user (over 9 years)

Search: less than1 year- 14% / Greater than 1 year – 71% / not using but plan to – 9% / Will not use – 6% / Larson’s – Planning stages

Video: less… Continue

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Info and Tips For Marketers on Using Twitter

Using Twitter, My Advice, Info and Tips

Note: This was an Email, that one of the recipients asked to publish, and sure you can just give me the Props!

This Email is primarily to my friends from the abandoned SBEmpire, but now its being made available to friends, who will respect our intentions. Those intentions…


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