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The Death Of E-Mail Marketing!

E-Mail Marketing is Terminally Ill!



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Largest Maldivian Telco selects Ameyo as their customer interaction technology

Ameyo - award-winning contact center software from Drishti is the technology powering customer support desk of Dhiraagu. The Maldivian telecommunications company chose Drishti's communication suite for implementing an advanced customer care solution to ensure personalized service to their subscriber base. Migrating from conventional boxed solution to a state-of-the-art call center technology Dhiraagu could very effectively manage their customer experience with Ameyo. 

The technology… Continue

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How To Get Instant Blog Subscribers

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Drishti powers India's first mobile-based Infoline for farmers

Drishti-Soft becomes technology partner for a robust information system targeting rural India. More than 72.4% of Indian population lives in rural areas. Even with a literacy rate of as high as 65% in the rural areas and increased subscription of mobile services, a mass-reach information system is yet to become a movement. Such a system would require a simplified, cost-effective and relevant solution that can lead to a better tomorrow.

The Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI)… Continue

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Drishti launches Ameyo Node Flow 2.0

Drishti-Soft announces the launch of Ameyo Node Flow 2.0. The innovative IVR solution from Drishti Labs that facilitates creation of complex IVRs and call flows specifically for the intricate processes of large enterprises like Telecom service providers. Ameyo Node Flow 2.0 is a part of patent-pending Ameyo development platform that enables faster and easier application development.

The Ameyo Node Flow Designer is a GUI- based tool for not only developing IVR applications, but also… Continue

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Ameyo contact center suite reduces agent fatigue by providing pre-set agent greetings

Ameyo - the award-winning Contact Center Suite (CCS) from Drishti-Soft encompasses Agent Greetings features that helps reduce the monotony in agent pitch. In a call center, an agent usually takes approximately 200-300 call per day. The initial pitch for each call remains the same with the agent introducing themselves and their department to the customer.

Ameyo CCS allows individual agents to create and preset their own personalized agent scripts to be automatically played as soon as… Continue

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Paygear - Internet Order Processing Sweeping the net Fast!

mary hooper here, with some great news.

If you have not yet heard of PayGear it is quickly sweeping the Internet order processing community.

While there are a few choices in affiliate marketing, none of them can really stand up to

PayGear is an amazing service which is more flexible, easier to use, and far less expensive processing fees than any other marketplace on the Internet. Did I mention it is the only marketplace that allows its users to list… Continue

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Texting,Tweeting,& Technology is sending you towards crash. Perhaps Less is more in this respect.

I have liked this article from Stanford University publication.I am reproducing the article I hope you will enjoy reading it.

Here are some excerpts from Cecile Andrews latest book "Lss is More"

"Embracing Simplicity for a Healthy Planet, a Caring Economy and Lasting Happiness."

“Our obsessive pursuit of wealth isn't working -- people are afraid and anxious; we're destroying the planet, undermining happiness, and clinging to an unsustainable economy.”

“When we… Continue

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We All Need At Least One Don't We?

EVERY Olympic athlete has a coach. The top ones hire their own personal coach.

When I found my own mentor-coach in network marketing that is when I started to take off . One person actually once told me he thought it was a weakness for "people like you to admit that you need a coach to help you."

A weakness???

I replied that having a coach was (and is) one of the smartest things I have ever done.

A coach keeps you accountable and focused. There are just soooooo many… Continue

Added by MentorJohn on September 13, 2009 at 8:00pm — 4 Comments

Google Voice - Google ventures into voice communication, but is it for everyone?

I often wonder if the latest and greatest technology makes our lives easier, or if it adds too many complexities that are actually to our disadvantage.

Here is a recent blog post from the Diversity Woman website that will help determine your need for the latest from Google: Google Voice.…


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B00ST Your Business with Google, YouTube, FaceBook, and Yahoo!

Are you looking to increase your local business in this tough economy? You may be overlooking the latest and most effective GEO-Targeting marketing trends online.

Learn to Get On Top of major search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo! Also Master Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and other high traffic social media sites.

Discover how to promote your business, church and nonprofit organization with new local geo-targeting technologies. Whether You are looking to… Continue

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The True Value of Outsourcing - there are no limits when it comes to outsourcing; just our limited perception of what is possible

Any accounting or tax professional would support the view that firms need to provide true business advice.

Outsourcing helps this approach, but it is in no way a service that replaces the firm and the need for local delivery. Some work will and should always be retained in house due to its nature and also to provide the grounding for trainees to understand the basics.


Globalisation has clearly introduced opportunities to deliver accountancy… Continue

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Two New Twitter Sites

There are many new twitter applications each week. Two that I found that are very interesting are:

Twitbabble-Upload pictures, schedule tweets and view replys

Monitter-real time, live twitter monitor with a free live embed widget

It seems that the Twitter Revolution is just beginning. Discover the secrets of building your own profitable global business with my new ebook entitled Secrets of Builiding a Profitable Business Using Twitter and… Continue

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Newest ebook targets using Twitter and Ning for Small Business

Newest ebook targets using Twitter for Small Business

H. Court Young, author, speaker, publisher and geologist has completed his newest ebook targeting small business owners. This ebook introduces the global twitter revolution to small business owners, who may not understand the valuable role two revolutionary social media sites, Twitter and Ning, can play in their marketing plan.

This 42 page ebook titled: Secrets of Building a Profitable Business Using Twitter and… Continue

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My Game Farmlands On Kickstarter

Hello Again,

I recently signed my Indie game Farmlands up for Kickstarter in the hopes of raising some extra money for polishing it. (Also if you give 20 dollars it is basically like prepurchasing the game but you get your name in the credits as well!)

Here is the link:…


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I have been given a GIFT

The last few weeks have been hectic and now it is time to gather the horses again and share with you a gift I received. As I don’t believe in co-incidences, I believe I received this gift at a time when I was ready to receive it. Does that make sense ? Well let me see if I can explain.

I bumped into Grant Jooste at a networking meeting. I had not seen him in years. We exchanged email addresses. I sent him a message and invited him to coffee. Needless to say I did not hear from him… Continue

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Increase revenue and brings New Markets!

IT Home Business A lot of home based business options centre around Network Marketing, Multi-Level Marketing, Direct Selling. This allows the business owner to tap into a system that is already developed, it's turn key; whereas it's not necessary to create their own systems to generate an income, the system is already created; you just need to work it. Everything is designed around helping users find what they need when…


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Create your Business as you want it.

Most of us settle on things less than what we are truly capable of. This is shown, for example, when we set business goals that are far too accomplishable. We fall victim to impoverished ideas that don’t begin to give justice to the potential that we hold. There is always a need to be creative for us to be able to leave our competitors behind us. We need to learn to harness the passion in our hearts and power of minds to create the full strength of entrepreneurial spirit.

Through… Continue

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Tech Trends 2009

On February 18th, Keith Brophy presented the following at GVSU's Eberhard Center in Grand Rapids, Michigan. The event was very well attended and the overall mood was upbeat despite the current economic climate in Michigan.

Topic: Evolution of the cell phone

Prediction: Within 5 years, 50% of adults are tracked in home or office via phone tracking applications.

Topic: Extinction of Paper

Prediction: In 5 years, only one-third as many newspapers and books are… Continue

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Top 4 Tech Tips

You have the right approach to technology, regardless of the economic circumstances. You need to take the time to know what you need before you waiste your time and money,

1. Generate different business models: Stay relevant not just through innovation but with organization structures, competencies, processes and partnerships.

2. Harness the creativity of all your employees: Look internally to drive grassroots innovation, creatively address leadership and social media… Continue

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