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Thoughts Become Things


You can form things in your thought, and by impressing your thought upon formless substance, can cause the thing you think about to be created. [Wattles: The Science of Getting Rich]…


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A Storehouse of Riches

No one is poor because nature is poor, or because there is not enough to go around. Nature is an inexhaustible storehouse of riches; the supply will never run short. [Wattles: The Science of Getting Rich]

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Do you say "someday" but never act?


We all suffer from Someday Syndrome, whether it's a small someday - Someday I'll visit Paris - or big one - Someday I'll quit my job and follow my dreams.

Every time you say "Someday" - big or small - you put off the life you want and merely exist.

But that's not really how you want to live. Who wants to merely exist? Not you!

You want to be happy and you want to find…


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Attraction Marketing Using Funded Proposals A Receipe For Network Marketing Success

I often get people asking what a funded proposal is and how it works so here's a basic explanation

A network marketing proposal is a term used to describe the process of making money from other offers while building your primary business. It is the top strategy used by network marketers to finance their business It is structured to capture targed leads while generating cashflow

If it seems like a strange concept to offer marketers other products and serevices before presenting… Continue

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Does the Secret Law of Attraction Work for You?!

I like many others watched the movie the Secret. The Secret discussed the "Law of Attraction" how one can achieve and attract…


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Power Brokers - Rule The World

The economy is bad-The economy is bad. The sky is falling-The sky is falling. The economy is good-time to spend, spend, spend. Power Brokers control what you believe. The economy is controlled by Power Brokers-business people, who influence decisions in exchange for political or financial benefits. Power Brokers negotiate deals on a national and international scale to meet their aims. They can play both sides and influence decisions to the highest bidder. These brokers wield great influence…


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how to profit from product launches..

there are lots of product launches from affiliate programms you can profit from.

the homebased business is a huge market and there are a lot of hot buyers who are ready to buy your stuff.
but how you can find and attract the people to YOUR affiliate link?

if you reading this post, your probably searching for a way to make serios money online.
for what reasone else we sit in front of a computer instead enjoying…

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Free yourself make light your burden!

The Ultimate Treasure Hunt for Higher Purpose!
Class starts 01/11/10 @ 1pm PST 4pm EST
Sign up now @

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The Ultimate Treasure Hunt for Higher Purpose Course

Eliminate all fear from your future and live the life of peace, freedom and fulfillment you were designed to live! The Ultimate Treasure Hunt for Higher Purpose Course starts January 1 and will never be offered at this price or in this way ever again! Don't procrastinate....join us for the most powerful transformation course available. Don’t settle for a life of fear when ultimate peace is available, by learning the powerful information in this course. This course is being sold for 20x higher… Continue

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Article Marketing Exposed - 100+ Leads Per Day Without Spending a Dime on Google.

Man in Igloo Uncovers Staggering, yet Simple, Article Marketing Strategy Proven to DOMINATE the Search Engines for Virtually ANY Keyword in a Matter of Days… For FREE!

If you think you need to be a copywriting expert or a "techie" to duplicate this guy's undercover article marketing strategy...


You're about to have access to an exclusive 79 minute webinar that will unveil one of the simplest, most powerful marketing strategies you… Continue

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01/01/10 The Ultimate Treasure Hunt for Higher Purpose


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ULTIMATE TREASURE HUNT FOR HIGHER PURPOSE 10 week online course 01/01/10

Dear friends,

It's been a year since the first Energy Transforming Codex Course was launched and there have

been far too many miracles to mention, that have occurred as a result of the dramatic vertical

shift in consciousness that this course has facilitated and witnessed in the participants lives.

Each time the course is administered, it is a new course with tons of new, inspired information,

which takes the… Continue

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Do it yourself RELIGION; it's imperative that you get one for yourself now!

Despite the fact that most of the horrific injustices and tragedies committed on our planet, since the beginning of time, were caused by religious superiority, I believe that most all religion started with really good intentions. Some deep thinking, soul searching individuals navigated their own refiners fire to personally experience God and thereby learn the mind and will of God concerning the portion of the mysteries of Godliness for which they sought answers to. (God being "no respecter of… Continue

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A Christmas Catalog to Move Your Spirit

SPIRIT OF THE SEASON CATALOG – UNIQUE GIFTS FOR THE HOLIDAYS: For the first time ever, this online catalog offers a life-enriching shopping experience and features bestselling books, unusual and personally empowering, self enriching products and services in a varied collection from amazing authors, coaches, gurus and mentors.

You’ll find gifts in the Spirit of the Season Catalog in the following categories: wealth building,… Continue

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Manage Your Dreams!!!

Limiting beliefs are usually what holds people back from making their dreams come true.

Limiting beliefs are negative thoughts. If you could get rid of limiting beliefs then you can have a life without limits. Now wouldn't that be fantastic?

If you had the chance that you could start your life again with nothing holding you back how would you change it?

So the way to start your life again and change your way of thinking is to learn how to reprogram what you have… Continue

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You Need To Work Your Goals

When you set goals the most important task to do next is follow through on them.

Most people start off setting their and then implement them for a week or two and then give up on them.

What happens is most people find the goals that they would like to achieve, they then make a conscious effort to start making that goal work for them. They put all their attention and effort into reaching their goal and making it a reality.

Some time goes by and nothing visible… Continue

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Focusing on Your Strengths

This next step might seem really weird to some people but it really is an important step in your progress to help you find yourself.

There is one thing that all successful people have in common and that is they loved what they were doing in their life, they didn't go through life hating everything they did. When you are focusing and working on your dreams you should always be having fun. In the end when your dreams come true you will be so happiest person on earth and that's what… Continue

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Use Your Courage

Well done for making it to this step you have overcome some major issues and you should be proud of yourself for making this far.

Now you have found your talents and strengths, I hope you have more confidence.

Make sure you follow the necessary steps to follow your dreams. Now that you are gaining the momentum start using it properly and to it's fullest potential.

Make a commitment to follow these gifts and talents; let them guide you. Don't let anybody tell you… Continue

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Whats Attraction Marketing?

Have you just joined the Network Marketing industry?

Has your upline told you to make a list by ringing all your friends and family?

Are you not sure really what direction to go in next?

Well I have the answer for you. It's called Attraction Marketing. Attraction Marketing is the new concept to Internet Marketing.

Attraction Marketing is a fantastic way to run your business as Attraction Marketing is designed to have your prospects coming to you… Continue

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I once visited Mexico and took a day excursion to a remote rock island where we were to swim through a cave into the inner part of the island to sit on a white sandy beach and eat lunch. As I began to swim through the channel, I realized that the current was not helping me at all. I quickly lost all strength as every muscle in my body became fatigued. I swam and swam and swam and seemed to get nowhere. Literally just before I was losing all ability to keep my face above water, a guide quickly… Continue

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