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Well here it is again summer time. It was next month or the month after when I initially joined this networking site. I have to admit I probally have not used it to it's fullest. But I am now trying to make a concerted effort to use it and the others I have created much more efficiently . I will be logging in more often to keep my sites up to date and the events I will be attending or showing at up to date.

It would be nice too, that I get people acknowledging with a…


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IT and Network Support Services

SysArc provides responsive and affordable IT and network support services to meet the information technology challenges of small and mid-sized businesses throughout the Virginia, Maryland and Washington DC areas.

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It only seems natural that our organisation should be structured with the same high degree of flexibility to be found in the services we offer.

Flexible Resources Associates is organised as a network of highly experienced freelance consultants, with project teams "self-assembling" according to affinity and specialty.

There is no hierarchy and no upper authority that assigns resources to projects.

This operating structure means we can:

meet sophisticated client demands

minimise operating costs

attract the best possible consultants

adjust easily to fluctuations in market… Continue

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Opportunities for Raising The Profile;

There are three key stages at which the procurement functionn may wish to become involved.

1 Undertaking the covert analysis of potential savings synergies before the other company is approached. This uses a range of analytical tools to estimate key parameters such as spend profiles.

2 The joint analysis of savings potential as part of the due diligence process before amalgamation, once the other company has been approached.

3 Combined working rationalisation… Continue

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Miscellaneous Thoughts

Have You Hugged Your Consultant Today?

You can expect to see a lot of new start-up businesses. Many people who have been laid off are starting their own ventures. Some will be successful, but many won't because just because they have a good idea, more

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Assessing Productivity - Variable vs. Fixed Costs plus 30% Overhead

Cutting fixed costs enhances productivity

The current economic crisis has affected the hiring and use of consultants. Many companies erroneously view consultants as a needless expense. This short-sightedness overlooks many of the benefits consultants can provide. First, consultants usually have a contract for a specific period of time or per job. Unlike employees, they don’t require the (up to) 30% overhead* for benefits, social security, etc. that companies face with each… Continue

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Creating A Winning Career Plan

Meet K Faulkner.pdf

There are times in our career when we are at a crossroads. Some of us actively seek our next step, while others wait for the next step to come to them. Whether you need to make a change in your career now by choice, or by default, you'll need a plan. Without a… Continue

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What does a qualified IT Manager, Network Engineer or Network Administrator look like?

What does a qualified IT Manager, Network Engineer or Network Administrator look like?

We are asked frequently about the difference between the average high school “geek” that most computer consulting companies use and a professional IT person that Masley And Associates uses.

While it is true there are some very basic PC issues which both types of IT people could easily fix, there is a vast difference when it comes to support and more complex issues.

We only use the… Continue

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The Dangers of over specing and under specing: What every business should expect from their IT consultants

In this day and age there are so many options. So many computers are available, so many servers. There are many solutions out there. Now we have netbooks and smart phones, Internet Appliances. It's all this huge overwhelming mess. It used to be Apple and IBM. Now we're worried about our phones screen resolution and if we can type on the keyboard.

I wanted to get into some details on getting the best bang for your buck in equipment and support. It's really important for your IT… Continue

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Emergencies and how to choose the right consulting agency

We all go into the office, and turn our computers on in the morning. Everything works. But what if one day you went in, and everything didn't work? Or maybe there's been a deletion of files?

Whatever it is, this is an emergency and you don't know what to do. There are many great consulting firms out there to choose from. If this situation arises look for some key points when you get bids on a job:

Are they promising absolutely that they can recover your data?

If… Continue

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Truly 24 hour computer consulting with All The Time Computer Services

At All The Time Computer Services, we found that there was a need in WA and OR for a truly 24 hour computer consulting shop. Not everyone is on the same clock and some businesses do their best work at hours outside normal business hours. We understand this and have created an operation that has no after hours fees, just a flat rate any time you call us.

Not only are we truly 24 hours, but we offer personalized professional services. Our owner Dean Thomas has experience with many… Continue

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Follow my Better Than a Business Card(TM) blog!

That little piece of cardstock called the business card can't do your marketing for you anymore. If you want to increase your professional credibility, exposure, and bottom line, follow my Better Than a Business Card(TM) blog for valuable tips, advice, and links to help you do just that.

See you there!

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No longer do you have to sweat the small stuff we'll do it for you.

From start to finish Simply Malachi will be there. Not only will we service you with the highest quality professional staff and services Simply Malachi will always keep your budget it's top priority.

Don't need the work done for you, Simply Malachi offers consultation. Our consultants will help guide you through the process of planning your…


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Get in Right Now/Urgent

This Program is SCREAMING with Momentum...

"Join My Team Now and I'll Show You How To Earn $10,000+ Per Month Residual Income by Simply 'Giving Away' FREE Education That Helped a Homeless 21 Year-Old Earn $3,244,842.32 In Just 27 Months..."

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As you probably know, I rarely ever… Continue

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Who are you and What is it that you do? These seem like simple questions, but....

If your parents were to describe you vs. your spouse, or your children, or your best friend, or your first or last boss... it is likely you would have many different descriptions. And so it is for your many audiences, clients and constituencies.… Continue

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