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Software Upgrades

LivePOS’s System upgrades does not affect the data, and the installation occurs upon turning the unit on so you would not be caught up in a middle of a sale with there is a pending upgrade.

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Secured Data

Losing your sales report is a thing of the past, because with LivePOS, all your information is hosted in our secured data center and is backed up daily.

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Leading the Market

With over 9,000 successful installations and 40,000 customers worldwide, LivePOS is by far, the best Real-Time Point-of-Sale system for the Specialty Retail Industry.

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Jump Start with LivePOS

Having several outlets of retail business in different locations while employing manual transaction, inventory and sales system can be disadvantageous for your business, in effect, work is not well-utilized and for business managers, consummating time going over several paper works can be scrupulous.

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LivePOS = Competitive Advantage

Deciding to take a more systematized scheme for a business means choosing the best one that fits your organizational needs. With CSS LivePOS, no matter how strewn your organization and business processes are, it can manage to put all separate manual methods together into one accessible solution. CSS LivePOS generates reports in real time and the best part is convenience for business owners like you to review these generated reports into a summarized one. Always.

So go ahead.… Continue

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Multiple Reports in a Flash!

With a few clicks of a mouse, you can drill down into multiple layers of your report or create boardroom quality graphs and charts. To know more, check us out at

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Multiple Reports in a Flash!

With a few clicks of a mouse, you can drill down into multiple layers of your report or create boardroom quality graphs and charts. To know more, check us out at

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POS: Ease of Use

Learning the basics of LivePOS is just as easy as learning to use a cash register, and if someone makes a mistake, it’s much easier to correct that mistake on a point of sale system. The system features a touchscreen technology which your cashiers can use with their fingertips or a mouse to touch the large, color-coded buttons to process sales. LivePOS is so easy to use that your employee can learn to use the system in less than an hour!

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Specialty Retail Turn-key Solutions

Increase checkout times, make more money, increase efficiency, keep better inventory records, and have the most robust reporting capabilities right at your fingertips with LivePOS Specialty Retail Turn-key Solutions!

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Choosing the Right POS

Do you want a customer loyalty program? Do you need faster credit card authorizations over the internet? Make sure that you don’t lock yourself into a point of sale system that can’t handle all of your needs!

Check us out to know more @

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Maximize Your Sales

LivePOS has a lot of features that can help increase your profits in many ways. Quicker and more reliable checkouts mean less manpower. Sales reports allow you to maximize your inventory levels and control costs. Built in loyalty programs encourage higher ticket averages and repeat business from your customers.

For more information, check our website at

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Managing Specialty Retail Stores

Managing a cart or kiosk is superb work that covers everything from retail theft to shopper demographics.

LivePOS is a combination of Hardware + Software + Support for one low monthly fee. We have 24/7 Live Technical Support service including weekends and we do next day RUSH hardware replacement!

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What to do to find the right POS System.

In order to choose the right Point of Sales system quickly and easily, there are several things to consider. Always remember that choosing a system is often something that can take a few tries before you get the correct one, but your POS is important in your kiosk or carts, so do the right thing by spending time to make sure that you’re doing it correctly.

You have to identify what you are looking for, based on the nature of your business. Point of Sales can be many different things… Continue

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Why LivePOS Turnkey Solution is UNMATCHED in the market?

We offer the Hardware, Software and Unlimited Technical Support.

· Our systems provide Specialty Retailers with Real-time sales and inventory tracking that allows them to instantly adjust their selling strategies.

· We release a new feature targeted only to specialty retailers every week, whereas other POS companies might introduce a new feature every six months—on a system that wasn't designed with the needs of specialty retailers in mind.

· With LivePOS,… Continue

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Being number one in Google is not that easy.

A lot of busy people and social network people utters somewhat staggering. They blog and post a lot to advertise or to get attention for certain parameters from the web. The search engine plays a vital role to search stuff and information while drinking your coffee. It is very important for both web development and internet marketing because it helps your posting available in every search engine.

For a blogger or online writer, the most important in writing blogs is to have ideas… Continue

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Create an offer where your Customers and Prospects can’t refuse

In a marketing or advertising piece there are two parts, a “headline”, and an excruciating and mind breaking partner; The “offer”.

The headline is what your product is, but the offer, regardless of what you are selling even if you are giving something away, if the customer does not want it, it is nothing; makes sense right?

Here is the anatomy of creating a good “offer” that they can’t refuse. If your offer doesn’t have any one of… Continue

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How to start a Business

The reason to start a business differs from person to person it could be financial, a dream of doing your passion, or doing something new in your life. Whatever your reason is you must start something on your right track, or you’ll end up with disappointment, heartache, and most of all, an empty wallet.

First off, what questions you need to ask to yourself when starting a business

1. How many hours you need in a day for it?

2. How much is the capital?

3. What… Continue

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Only The Paranoid Survives.

Most of the companies that survive these days are the tough ones. Some continue to improve to remain in the business. Some are left behind, while others continue to lead the way because they continue to develop their products and provide the best service that goes way beyond their customer’s expectations.

The best companies know that if they want to stay at the top, they have to be creative and improve their product and services that meet or… Continue

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If It's Stolen...You Can Get it Back in less Than 24 Hours....Guarantee

Why You Need A GPS Tracking Device??????

For people that don't know what GPS stand for...Global Positioning System.It's a 24 satellite network that sends information to GPS receivers a location in three dimensions.

To know the location of the vehicle you have to measure the distance from a user's location to the precise location of the orbiting satellites.Three coordinates are established to measure the… Continue

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Investment in a new squatting device for hemorrhoids treatment and prevention


You are invited to invest into the manufacturing and marketing of the device on the base of the percent from income: greater investment greater future income. The Patent for this device is in the national stage with positive opinion of the searching authority.…


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