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licensed-to-quit-your-job from Sara Brown & Tony Shepherd

licensed-to-quit-your-job from Sara Brown & Tony Shepherd

Two Highly Successful 'Under The Radar' Internet Marketers have been

Testing A Simple Income System. What They Found Could Be Your

Way Into Full-Time Internet Marketing. from: Sara Brown & Tony Shepherd.

A couple of facts:

Most people never make it as full-time Internet Marketers because they

don't find their 'bread and butter' income fast enough.

But earning a full-time living… Continue

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Introduction to the Jim Rohn One-Year Success Plan

Introduction to the Jim Rohn One-Year Success Plan

We are excited to announce a Very Special Invitation to All our Jim Rohn Ezine

Subscribers to be part of the Jim Rohn One-Year Success Plan - One of the Most

Comprehensive Resource and Success Plans Ever Created For You To Reach All Of

Your Goals in the Next 12 Months

Month 1

Personal Development - Become the person you truly desire to be by

engaging in a life-long strategy of skills,… Continue

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eBay Tools and Online Education for your Business Success

eBay Tools and Online Education for your Business Success

Have an additional stream of revenue coming in.

All you have to do is join our successful affiliate program, follow the easy

how- to steps to sell the best - selling eBay Success Books, and you can earn

another source of income from us each month promoting our products.

Choose Success in your eBay auction & website business with the Online Success Institute.

Learn how to make a profit on… Continue

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“Why do you help me for fr,ee when I’m not in your company?”

This is part 2 of the introduction to the fr,ee e-book Success In Ten Steps

No Good Deed Goes Unpunished, Part 2

People ask me:

·“Your e-book is great! Why on earth do you give it away fr,ee?”

·“Your telephone training is great! Why is it fr,ee?”

·“Your ‘Colors’ CD is great! Why is it so cheap?”

·“Why do you help me for fr,ee when I’m not in your company?”

·… and a dozen other variations.

In the early 1990s, I joined over 100 MLM opportunities. I… Continue

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What is YOUR AMERICAN DREAM? (Free E-Book at end)

How many people do you know that join every “best” online opportunity?

I know several. Some promise “guaranteed income”, “quick cash”, and more enticing crap. These types of businesses are scams and you need to keep your distance away from them.

I made the huge mistake of following their lead, joining this online “guaranteed to make you money” and then that “online business that promised you a big payout”. Not!

Reality is… YOU must take a… Continue

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Astrology and Vastu consultant: Nikunj Suthar (Author)

I was Successful Businessman in electronics field. However, due to keen interest in astrology used to give accurate predictions and remedies through my spiritual powers as I inherit my spiritual power & knowledge of Astrology gained from my father who is powerful and accurate in mathematics. Astrology is science and math's which also work on logic. When I understood that Astrology and… Continue

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Education and Power

Do you have the desire to live a better life?

Do you have enough enthusiasm about yourself to make it happen?

Are you ready to make a change and get the education you need to become more successful and worry free?

If your answer is yes, to these three questions, we can help!

If you’re ready to step out on faith and take your financial…


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Knowing HOW you created what you have today... is the only way to know HOW- to create something different tomorrow!

Someone said that time heals all wounds. I simply disagree. It isn’t time that heals-- it’s SURRENDER. It is one’s ability to finally surrender that THINGS ARE AS THEY ARE MEANT TO BE and that isn’t only ok…it’s good and perfect. That can take 5 minutes or it can take 100 years depending on the extent of the ego attachment to how things ‘should’ have (but didn’t) turn out!

The power of surrendering into trust is the single most important step to… Continue

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Ready, Set, Learn

Most economists are predicting that the economy will bottom out before the end of the year. How are you faring? Some industries have been hit harder than others, like real estate and automotive while some seem to be striving, like anything green. My question is—what have you learned from this downturn and what permanent changes you have made to cushion yourself in the future? ....more

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The Home Business Blog Destined to go Viral with Einstein-like Formula

The Home business Blog destined to go Viral with Einstein-like Formula

What if one formula based on one program can change the face of network marketing forever:

1. more networkers will be successful based on the founding grassroots principle…

2. more public will better informed about sound business principles and improve their perception.

The time has come to bring this network marketing home business together as one whole.

No army can… Continue

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Jump ON it...not over it...this awesome OFFER OF HELP, that is.

Everybody knows that surfing the Internet wastes time.

For most folks, their dreams of success have fizzled into

disappointment. So trust your gut about what I'm about

to offer you...

Everybody knows that finding someone who will tell you the

truth about network marketing is hard to find these days.

Oh sure, we can find lots of gurus offering lots of lip service

on how to… Continue

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It’s time to WAKE UP and take note: things are NOT as they seem. What seems like an ENDING is just the BEGINNING.

‘For those who have EYES to SEE (clairvoyance) EARS to HEAR (clairaudience) and HEARTS that UNDERSTAND (clairsentience) let them understand!”

What seems brand new really is your just re-remembering what you’ve always known. A new and exciting path may really be just a dead end while something precious that you thought… Continue

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What is REAL and AUTHENTIC & what isn’t? How to KNOW the difference for yourself!


We have been told for thousands of years, by those with power and authority, WHAT to believe…. but NEVER told HOW to know these things for ourselves:

1. What is REAL and AUTHENTIC and what isn’t.

2. How to know what is TRUE for YOU and what is in your best and highest good and what isn’t.

3. MOTIVE ALWAYS DETERMINES THE OUTCOME! What yours and others subconscious motives are at any given… Continue

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">object> To increase in consciousness is to uncover the Secret missing ingredient to Alchemy (NOTE: To increase in intelligence does not= increased consciousness.) However to increase in consciousness is to dramatically increase in wisdom. Wisdom= consciousness+ intelligence.


For your complimentary copy of Butterfly Medicine… Continue

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You WANTED.... EXACTLY, what it IS... you are NOW GETTING! We ALWAYS get what we REALLY want!

And until we are fully CONSCIOUS and honestly accountable about this (which will bring us great freedom) we will continue to be victims of our ego's subconscious control rather than moving into the light of higher conscious creativity!

Since subconscious fear has greater power than conscious desire (no matter how many positive affirmations you say or how much you consciously force your focus to something positive) If the subconscious is mostly in control (until one has the courage to… Continue

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Some FALL, Others FLY! ……but ALL get PUSHED over the EDGE of their FEARS!

“In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act.” George Orwell

Embracing the truths taught in the AlchemEnergy Codex Course... is not an option for anyone. In choosing life (and we certainly did) we chose to get pushed over the edge to face our Fears HEAD ON. And we KNEW (and our spirits still know) that this choice is the greatest blessing, opportunity and challenge we would ever face! It was the path of the VIP! The VERY ILLUMINATED PROPHETICS. We all knew that… Continue

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HOW ARE YOU SABOTAGING YOUR DEEPEST URGINGS, HIGHEST PURPOSE AND GREATEST DESIRED LONGINGS? You MUST understand THE SCIENCE OF DESIRE! The science of desire states that for every desire you have, you also have an equal and opposing subconscious fear which blocks the desire!

“Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us. We ask ourselves, who am I to be brilliant,… Continue

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California Dental Board Approves Sedation Course

The California Dental Board has approved a continuing education course being presented by Conscious Sedation Consulting. This two day comprehensive didactic course is appropriate for dentists and staff who are considering sedation services or are required to have 15 hours of continuing education to renew sedation permits as pursuant to section 1647.5 of the California Business and Professions Code.

This course is being presented June 06 -07, 2009, at the Marriott Marina… Continue

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Learn how to make more by becoming more.

Hi Friends,

Everyone knows that before you can make more, you have to become more. You will want to learn this industry well because there are a lot of scams out there. You will learn from those who educate, train, coach and mentor, and you will be able to apply new age marketing. Old School and New School marketing no longer works in today's world. At Mentoring For Free you will learn from Top Marketing Experts such as: Tom "Big Al" Schrieter, Michael Dlouhy, Richard Dennis and Art… Continue

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