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Over 20 years experience with computers, laptops, digital cameras, mp3 players, printers, networks, wireless networks, WANS, LANS, hardware, software, updating…

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Social Media Is Vital For Your Business (Tara Williams SEO Atlanta Vayumedia)

Social Media is a very effective way to advertise. With all the different Social Media networks that have been formed, you have the ability to target the audience that you want to get your message out to. There are Social Media networks for the real estate industry, MLM and MLN industry, sites for Entrepreneurs and so many others types of speciality networks that it allows you the ability to make connections and strengthen your network by choosing who you are interested in marketing to. In…


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Review: Google Twitter Chat Strategy puts you on first page of Google in Real Time by

Now YOU can Tap into trends and target your market with Google’s Real Time Keyword Tool. It’s easy and free!


Ok, you have got to see this!

This is powerful and allows you to harness the power of Google AND Twitter to target your market.

SEO companies charge gobs of money for this kind of secret marketing strategy, Worldprofit Members get it FREE! Thanks George Kosch!

1. Pick your key words and narrow to 2 words.…


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The Way To Say Goodbye ToThat Cubicle and Hello To Retirement:

As the recession took a strong hold the baby boomers watched as their retirement plans disappeared! While those fresh out of college have struggled along with them and fought to find jobs, keep jobs or to find one with a decent salary. They have many years to play…


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Keyword Rich Content and Article Marketing Is The Ticket!

Image representing Google as depicted in Crunc...
Image via CrunchBase
One of the cheapest, easiest and fastest ways to bring… Continue

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6 Tips to Syndicate Your Blog Content via RSS Feed

If you have a blog, start syndicating your blog content via RSS feed (really simple syndication), for your loyal readers to subscribe to. It’s a powerful way as a blog owner to promote your blog’s RSS feed and for your readers to get updated news quickly. Let’s say you’re in direct sales or in a business that offers new products or special discounts only available to your blog subscribers, your blog content will be delivered faster via RSS feed. More people are getting their news via RSS…


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Real-Time Search Is Changing Everything

I have been talking about this one on and off since the first to the year; Real-Time Search. It’s here and it’s for real! Google and Bing have “officially” jumped into Real-Time, taking full advantage of partnerships and the ever changing face of SEO. If you do a search on Google you will now see a sizable part of the page dedicated to Real-Time search. This is not a static search result now but a scrolling, live update of content from all across the web about what you are looking for. Real… Continue

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The Only Advantage That You'll Ever Need to Beat Your Competitors

If you hang around enough internet marketing forums for long enough you will see much of the same questions being asked with varying answers but you have to ask yourself this, "Are these forums the best places to get the right answers to your questions"? - Especially when it comes to getting advice about internet marketing and making money online.

So what is the most popular type of question that gets asked? Well, it goes something like, "What do I need to make money online". There… Continue

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Google's New Site Indexing System and what it means to you and your business, product or service

Google has been slowly been releasing tidbits of its much anticipated new site indexing system.

I've included a screen capture as it is not yet fully released yet but I want you to see what is coming so I can tell you what you need to do.

First. Google is including a "SEE EVERYTHING FEATURE". You type in your search terms and what appears are ALL THINGS related to that search string broken down into categories. Specifically you… Continue

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Google Caffeine Launch After The Holidays - Are We Sure About That - Tweet & Let Me Know?

December 2009

I just Tweeted a good blog article about the Google Caffeine Launch. Please Read & Retweet if you like it. Feel free to comment in the SEO Marketing Group or at that blog post if you experienced any interesting changes with Google Caffeine during the beta period (Google Sandbox) or during this time that Caffeine is supposed to be inactive in the SERPS (search engine results…

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Google Trademark policy changes and its impact on PPC campaigns

Recently Google released their new trademark policy for the United States. This latest change has the potential to have a greater impact on PPC campaigns, which is why PPC account managers are taking notice.

This new Google trademark policy allows using the trademarked terms in ad creative by resellers, affiliates, aggregators, unaffiliated informational sites, sellers components, replacement & compatible parts in US market. So there will be no more whitelists or blacklists maintained… Continue

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Keyword Trends: How to Leverage Google Trends for SEO

Determine Keyword Trends Using Google Trends Application

In order to execute a successful SEO strategy for your website, it is important to know the search trend while selecting keywords for optimization. This data can be obtained from a Google application called “Google Trends”. The application allows us to enter in the keywords or keyword phrases of our interest and shows how often the particular keyword is searched for in the past on a daily, monthly or yearly basis. By selecting and… Continue

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The Background of Search Engine Optimization

The Background of Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization or SEO has been used strategically by thousands of individuals and companies all over the world to generate higher revenues. It is also one of the cheapest ways to continually advertise your web site and get a lot of targeted traffic who are truly interested in your services and products. It is important that you learn more about its history first to determine the right approaches that will appeal to your target… Continue

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Debunking Organic SEO Myths

Debunking Organic SEO Myths

Search engine optimization or SEO has been used widely across the internet as individuals and companies try to create and establish the right image and reputation that will entice their target market. If you want to gain long term stability in the industry, you have to understand which methods are working and which ones are just wasting your time and money. Debunk organic SEO myths and improve the way you attract your target clients.

Initial… Continue

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Tony Robbins Interview with Frank Kern and John Reese to determine the formula for taking action every time.

Tony helps us

In this interview with two very successful students, Frank Kern and John Reese. Both of them are self-made multi millionaires who made their fortunes by selling products on the Internet. What’s particularly interesting about both of them is that neither had any “real” education. Neither one finished college and they both went from being broke to becoming wealthy.

And they still continue to thrive in today’s economy. So the purpose of this interview is to uncover… Continue

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Everything all in one place!

Everything in one place!

HuffPost Social News

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Ready To Unleash The Power Of Blogs in Your Business?

The world’s oldest, most effective form of communication and marketing on steroids!

So why is blogging gaining popularity so quickly? What's the attraction? And why is it so darn powerful?

The answer is quite simple when you consider history and human nature.

Blogging is an unstoppable technological force that exponentially multiplies the world's oldest, most favorite, and most trusted form of information sharing -- word of mouth.

Think about it. Who… Continue

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Get Your Very Own Income Producing People Search Engine And Leverage This Exploding Niche of Google,Yahoo,MSN.

We all know that Search Engines are the main sources of the

astronomical incomes of Google, Yahoo, MSN.

But do you know the fastest growing search market on Google now




People Search Is Huge !!…


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Social Bookmark: GET NOTICED NOW

Today you will learn how to *Conquer All Obstacles*. I’m going to share a HUGE tip that will allow you to Hit Over A Hundred Social Bookmarks With Just One Click (okay…make that 3 clicks). But first, there are some VERY IMPORTANT techniques that must be in place to ensure optimized search engine success. Click HERE.

Jo-Anne… Continue

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What Do You Think of Google Wave?

The Google Wave buzz is in the air. Google Wave is one of the top trending topics on Twitter when the video below was released. What is Google Wave you ask? Well as a person that keeps up with the latest business trends, I have to keep you up to date!


Google Wave combines e-mail, instant messaging, photo managing and social-networking technologies into a…

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