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Helping Others in Need

We would like to offer a program which helps the community and persons in need. At the same time allowing you to build a business we all can be proud of. We found a niche which allows this and built a system to solve the problem.

With the economy as it is, We know the impact it has had on the community. School systems are having their budgets cut. Local programs which enrich the community are being dropped. The public is being left with less and… Continue

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A National Problem... Health Care Benefits

We have been hearing in the news about the fiscal problems and the high rising cost of health care. No one really seems to see that as we wait for answers by the government people are being denied a chance to improve their health by being given an opportunity to get needed medical treatment or services at a discounted rate.

All around us you see people not going to the doctor because they can't afford it. People are being laid off and downsized .When their jobs go so do their… Continue

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Burnt Out Nurses..We have had it !!

I have been a nurse for over 25 yrs. I have see so many things in my past 25 yrs. but nothing like the current nursing shortages.It will get worse if things do not change NOW ! I see young nurses still being eaten by the older nurses.What a shame. I have seen upper management ask for the impossible without caring for the staff nurses . To them the only thing that mattered was productivity points or stats.

Did it ever dawn on them that without the staff nurses who is… Continue

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A New Way You Can Text Message While Driving... Legally !

Can you imagine how lives can change in a matter of minutes.. Picture yourself on a summer day, you decide to take a drive down to the beach to clear your mind. Unknowing to you that at the same time you decide to do so, fate takes its course. As your driving down the highway, a racing Mustang GT is coming straight towards you, In desperation you dodge the car like a bullet and after you a few moments you hear a startling smash of metal and pavement.

After parking your car safely you… Continue

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Are you a dream killer or do you know one

I have had the pleasure of listening to people who proclaim themselves to be proactive in helping others succeed while all along they are killing the dreams of others.It's amazing they really believe they have your best interest at heart. Yes you will have true family members who care that you do not get financially drained but there are still the people out there who have not had dreams in their lives due to fear and will discourage anyone who has the courage to take action.

In this… Continue

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Ron Loveless & Bob Mcnulty to launch KaChingKaChing

Therse two gentleman 's proven track record speaks for itself.

Ron Loveless with WalMart was hand selected to design & launch Sam's Club - hes NOW Launching Into E-Commerce with kachingkaching .

Mr. McNulty is a visionary that has had unparalleled success with everything he touches. Mr. McNulty was the man who designed the original business model for Home Depot. Mr. McNulty founded which was sold to Compaq Computers for an amazing $220 million, in an… Continue

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A Telecom Blockbuster -FDI International

The buzz on the internet is FDI International. Not a new comer to the industry, but a business that will make telecom as we know it a thing of the past. We have the proprietary rights to a cutting edge technology that will make telecom history.We are not a reseller. Many companies are scrabbling around trying to obtain our technology.We can do things no other company can. There is no competition.

Let me… Continue

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Do you have a PMA ?

I know that in order to get your business in the right direction you need to have a PMA .This is so important to succeed in business. There are many reasons why a business fails but this by far is the most important.

What is a PMA ?It is Positive Mental Attitude. If you are a negative person or think negatively ,you better leave it at the door of your office. There is no room for negativity.

You need to approach your business with the "I will succeed "attitude. You… Continue

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How is your credit score?

Many people do not know what their credit score is until they get turned down for credit. What a devistating feeling when your heart is set to buy your dream house,a car or even start a business just to be told you don't qualify.A feeling of hopelessness or helplessnes starts creeping in.

I know first hand how that feels. I lost my house,my car and my job. I did not know where to turn.I thought I could just make a few calls and repair… Continue

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A marketing plan do I really need one ?

Do you have a marketing plan ? Have you set your goals ? What are your long term plans ? Have your tried different methods ? You need to sit down and really give it a thorough thought of where you will be in five years . Marketing planning is very important.Internet marketing is the up and coming way of doing business.

Realistically you have to understand that starting a home -based business is not just putting a website on the internet and expecting to just getting paid. It is not… Continue

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