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EFT To Release Fear Of Change

There are all kinds of fears that can get in the way of your success in network marketing if you let them. One fear that many people have is the fear of change. Sometimes change can be a scary thing. It can feel easier to stay with what you know even if that is not what you really want.

When you start building a business, there will be change. When you are working to improve your life or your financial situation, changes are necessary. Sometimes…


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Lack Of Motivation Can Lead To A Complete Standstill When Unchecked.

Has this every happened to you? For a while you’re extremely motivated and raring to go and then soon you’re feeling down in the dumps ready to throw a huge pity party. Well, staying motivated is not always going to be easy. Everyone would be motivated all of the time if it were. But, that doesn’t mean that it’s impossible.

When you first started  to build your business, you probably felt really good about…


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How to Be More Successful Emotionally

If you are looking to be more emotionally successful you need to work on a few things. You should think about the way that you are living your life and if you need to change anything. It is important to make sure that you are always looking for better ways to improve your life and be the person that you want to be emotionally and physically.

You may need to change the way that you think. Put your mind in a better place and realize what is more important to you. Are you positive about…


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Class Act: Top 10 Tips For Using A Motivational Speaker To Inspire Youth

Now, more than ever, they need the courage, ethics and critical thinking skills to solve complex problems. Adults the world over are counting on them.

The reality, however, is that many of today's youth, from the tween to the twenty-something, are disillusioned and disenfranchised. Today's adults are leaving them with a legacy of war, environmental degradation and poverty, where a person's worth is too often… Continue

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When We Quit We Lose Automatically

Success is all about perseverance - not giving up, doing your best, keeping at it - when you would rather quit and rid yourself of the whole 'mess'.

But when we quit, we can forget about achieving the goal we are working towards. It's like running a long-distance race - a marathon. At the start, you feel strong and full of enthusiasm, but as the miles take their toll on your energy reserves, you think to yourself, 'Why am I doing this? This is tough!' If you decide to quit…


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Can Subliminal Mp3s Help You Reach Your Goals?

Can Subliminal Mp3s Help You Reach Your Goals?

If you have specific goals for yourself and you are determined to reach them then then you are on your way to success - setting goals is the crucial first step in the direction of success.

  • Are you extremely ambitious?
  • Would you like to achieve enormous levels of success?
  • Do you dream of making your mark on the world and leaving a legacy?

No matter what your goal is, be it…


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Have You Got 20 Minutes A Day?

All I can saw is WOW...

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Russll wasn't quite anticipating this. 

They are getting some terrific feedback from



If you haven't seen what's causing the buzz… Continue

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You Are Incredible!

This is really encouraging. Every-so-often, we need some encouragement and motivation to get us through a tough day. The company, Be Motivated Today motivates and encourages you through PEP-Talks, videos and more.

Here's a taste:

You are incredible!

You are incredible! You're smart, resourceful and capable. You add value to your company and those around you. You love to smile and you like helping people. You have awesome potential. You have goals…


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Why You Should Claim Your 10-Day Trial of Lifelong Success

Yesterday, Igor Ledochowski started accepting new

participants into his 12-week online Lifelong Success


And if you've hesitated to claim your 10-day FREETRIAL, here

are 3 compelling reasons I believe you should activate your

trial right now:

REASON #1: Lifelong Success will improve your life in a

dozen different areas, including wealth,…


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Our motivational program will take you there.


Every day you will be encouraged and reminded about a powerful success principle that will bring you more happiness and success in your career and relationships.

The Daily PEP-Talks:

    • Build you up
    • Share ideas to help you in your career
    • Make you feel better and more positive about your future
    • Share strategies to improve…

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When is a job not just a job

I got to thinking about this when I recently started working with this group I mentioned in an earlier post.

There is something to working in a field that you know is helping people all the way around.

There is a system to expansion in living and working call it the Expansion formula for living.

"Clear away the barriers, distractions and noncompliance from the basic purpose and the group organization or individual will seem more alive and indeed will be more alive." L. Ron… Continue

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Dr. King & Your Journey

I hope you have enjoyed your day off in recognition of Martin Luther King Day. Like most holidays, we should remember the reason for the season. We have to remember what Dr. King stood for. It's not just some old fashion way of thinking. He wanted to make a difference for his people and for all people.

MLK day isn't just about a day off, it's about the sacrifice that was needed, and the sacrifice that made a difference in the civil rights era. (whether it was Rosa Parks and the bus… Continue

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Motivation: How to obtain money off a website

If you must make money off your site, there is something crucial you should recognize that nobody is telling you about. You should know the basic motives of those you are selling to. Usually, Internet sites have three fundamental uses. These three uses are described in a behavioral theory which has been discussed for many years. The Psychologist David McClelland wrote about our motivations coming from a need for achievement, affiliation, and power.

If you desire power, you… Continue

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The 2010 Hook Up (Excerpt) pt2

My brothers and sisters of all colors, sizes, languages, and ages. Please stop looking for the hook up. Don't expect President Obama, or anybody else to just give you anything. If it's offered, fine! If it's owed, fine! But don't stand around waiting on it! you are talented, you are educated, and you are able to fend for yourself or use what the world has (technology) to raise your voice and at least try to make a difference.

If you are afraid to raise your own voice, then jump on the… Continue

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The 2010 Hook Up (Excerpt) pt1

We have to understand that we only get one chance to make a difference with this life we live. Expecting someone to give us something is not going to cut it. We have been beaten, cheated, mistreated, looked over, hung, locked up, stepped over, stepped on and abused far too long. Yet that does not gives us a pass, free ride, or a get out of jail free card.

I am African American and obviously have been all my life and if I could turn back the hands of time to right some wrongs I would.… Continue

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Best deal of season

Good holiday offer to Startup Biz members. Inspirational cd messages, plus more!

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The Reason 4...

Give love on Christmas day and remember it's ok to love yourself. I'm not talking about selfishly, but completely. Love yourself in a wholesome manner. You have a soul and a spirit, it's important to feed yourself with a spirit of true love.

We're supposed to always love and give, but above all else this is the the season for giving and sharing, but most importantly never forget the true reason for the season. It's all about the Believing, not just in God but because of God and what… Continue

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Zig and Tony Motivate No One!

How about a little reality music guys. All this hustle by the "motivational" set is pure hogwash. Trust me, I'm an organizational psychologist. Maybe you see this as a semantic differential, but it is the truth, plain and simple. A motivational speaker is a temporary high, an emotional fix, it is not a sustainable reality.

Incentive motivates us ... not mom or day (unless they have something you want like "love," or "respect." Certainly those two old hustlers Robbins and Zigler can't… Continue

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Sir Charles Holiday Offer


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Sir Charles Interview about FREE giveaways this Christmas

Sir Charles Cary on the Diana Broomfield show tonight at 7:30 pm listen in and share your comments. Find out how you can save up to 50% on holiday gifts and products, and still receive bonus materials for FREE!! At the bottom of the page is a link to the chat room (lower right hand can almost miss it)

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