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Just What The Hell Is The Cash Surfing Network?

Just What The Hell Is The Cash Surfing Network?

Wow that title's an attention getter, isn't it? Hi everyone Scott Rohn here and thank you for coming to my blog. Yea the Cash Surfing Network is an awesome membership site that comes to us from Eric Goettman who is the owner of three of the best trafffic exchanges out there, Top Hits 4 U, Power Cash Strean and Lobby Hits and the co-owners, the Legacy Guys Ken Locatelli, Marcus Wahl…


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Are You Tired of Working Hard To Make Someone Else Rich?

Income For Life

Get Ready For the Ride of Your Life!


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Expand your income!! Don’t Shrink your Dreams!!!!!!

Join a company in Momentum, join a company that on Feb 28th 2012 they had their first million $ Day, on the 29th Feb they had their second, total in Feb 9million, march 16 million, in four months they turned over more than the previous year.

They featured in Success magazine in April as one of the fastest growing companies in their industry, the reason for their massive growth is their sizzle product a first to market product that’s flying off the shelves.

Get in now during…


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What is EFT and How Can It Help Your Network Marketing Business?


EFT or Emotional Freedom Techniques is a form of psychological acupressure. With EFT you are

tapping on various acupuncture meridian points while you focus on a negative issue you would like to change.

About 5,000 years ago, the Chinese discovered a complex…


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High Powered Marketing Expert Joan Muschamp is Opening the Doors to Salt Lake City's Women in Biz Market


The Local Women in Business Market of Salt Lake City, UT is Now Connected to has successfully laid the foundation for its global hyper-local business news platform to facilitate lucrative cross marketing partnerships between women around the globe. As part of phase two of its development, plans…


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Is Perfectionism Killing Your Business?

At first glance perfectionism seems like a good thing. We all want to do things well but in reality perfectionism is killing the progress in many network marketers business.

I hear it all the time. "I can't start selling the products…


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This is the secret to happiness and success!

This is so awesome I had to share this with you guys. I truly believe this is the answer to success and happiness.

Take a look at this video first and then finish reading this blog.

If you are in a network marketing company, you should know that the majority of these companies will not tell you everything. YOU should be in a 5 pillar company and you should read your policies and procedures before you sign on the dotted…


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MLM network marketing - Are YOU in a Five pillar company?

If you don't know about the five pillars, then I am about to educate you. Does your company have the 5 Pillars for you to be successful? I don't know what company you are in, but you will certainly find out if it is a 5 pillar company. If you do your homework and check it out for yourself.

I have taken the time to write a blog about The 5 Pillars for success in network marketing and I can guarantee once you read it, it will make a whole lot of sense to… Continue

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Network Marketing: How to survive and have success?

Are you going to survive in network marketing?

Well the only way to answer that question is to look in the mirror and ask yourself.

How bad do I want a own home business?

Do I want it bad enough to do whatever it takes.

If you answered 'yes' then my friend you might just be who I want to share this information with.

If you're not really serious about it at all, and it is your intent to just make money and not help others. Then I have to say… Continue

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MLM/Network Marketing-The Most Fair And Ethical Business Model

You know, I've been in this industry for about 5 years now and just came back from a 9 month break due family issues and nothing has really changes, apart that the internet community goes forward and interact with each other more then before but...and it still absolutely floors me how some people don't think that MLM/Network marketing is a legitimate business model.

I know many of you already know my views on a job - and how it's actually one of the biggest…


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The "Grays"--Who and WHAT they are by Michelle

Dear Ones,


If you think that aliens do not exist; think again!

How can one be so egotistical to think that life cannot exist on another planet when there are BILLIONS of galaxies within the Universe.  The Universe emcompasses all galaxies!


There are alien civilizations with the advanced enough technologies (UFOs) to make the distance from their home to Earth.  And FYI: There are over 144,000 (what I will term) "Parental races" of species of aliens in…


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Free Network Marketing Training

Have you been asking yourself the following question? " Is there any FREE mlm training out there that is worth while?"

If you are reading this, you are probably looking for answers. Most network marketers fail as a result of the lack of skills. They have used up their warm market list and have no idea how to generate leads. Does this sound familiar? I was in this position until I was introduced to Mentoring for Free.  The training delivered by them is something your upline will not teach…


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Have You Defrauded Yourself?

Isn't that a silly question? Who would intentionally defraud themselves? Would you believe about 90% of the people who come looking for an MLM business as a way to change their lives?



Yes that's right! Ninety percent (maybe higher) of the new people coming into the MLM arena commit fraud against themselves! Let me exlain.The definition of fraud is "an intentional deception made for personal gain or to damage another individual". In this case you are the other…


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This Marketing Tool is stupid.

Some idiots are promoting another list builder - big deal, right? 

But hold on - what if this thing actually works? 


Sure, you can scan this email and think - 'meh, another stupid offer of junk' And I agree, most offers are junk.

But, is it worth 1 minute of your time to see if this one actually works?

All you have to do to access 1500 credits is go to: …


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Share, Share, and Share

I sincerely believe that whether or not you are successful in a home business depends on taking superb training, and learning the essential skills of this awesome industry. Ensure that you are seeking out quality MLM training on a regular basis, and not only should you be taking this training, but reccomend it freely to your team members and prospects.There are two types of people in this industry, those who are leaders and those who are not. Which type are you?Most of your new people will… Continue

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Are you Afraid of Success?

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If Not Network Marketing.....Then What?


Well the other alternative is get a j.o.b. I suppose. But will that earn an income for your children's children? Not Likely. Will a job change your entire families destiny? Not likely. Will a job give you freedom? Not likely. When you trade time for money it is extremely hard to get to where you deserve to be.

Working a home business is one of the fastest growing industries, as the economy is continually forcing layoffs and closings in the corporate world. To be successful at…


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These Three Powerful Tips Will Help you Generate Traffic With Digg

If you have been into Internet Marketing, even for a little bit, you already understand that you need to mine a variety of sources if you really want to build a good level of traffic for your site. However, when we talk about traffic here, we're referring to laser targeted visitors that are actually interested in what you're offering. Digg (the social media site) is perhaps the best place to get this kind of traffic because…


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