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Is Your Company Too Hard to Work For?

For the last couple of years almost everyone with a job has felt lucky to have it. The economy has absolutely forced companies to make cutbacks, hold off on investments and squeeze more productivity from their staff. We all knew that times were tough and that’s the way it was. But it seems times may be changing...

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Top Three "Do's and Don'ts" for Small Business Networking

Like many small businesses, you probably don’t think about the network until something goes horribly wrong. It’s human nature to push off planning, but the “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” mindset can cost you dearly when it comes to your network. Network planning is critical. Check out the top three do's and don'ts for small business networks:

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How Has The Face Of Money Changed

Established businesses are finding it difficult to raise capital, and Start-Ups, especially those seeking R&D money are considered a high risk. There is a lot of buzzing in the financial markets - the level of uncertainty of what the end product will look like after all…


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Can You Still Build A Money Making Business On The Internet?

First In A Series On How to Build A Business on The Internet

Let's be honest here, did you get into Internet marketing thinking that the clicks were lined with gold and that it was easy to make money on the Internet?…

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5 Spiritual Habits for Network Marketing Success

Spiritual habits are good for life. When used daily, your MLM business should take off.

Attitude is gratitude. First, be thankful for the current blessings in your life. Blessings are gifts and are good. They come in all forms – even challenging forms. Gratitude comes from your perspective and understanding that you most likely live…


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Many of my team members as well as many people I meet on ask me how I promote my business. While I advocate "high touch" marketing (warm market, 3-foot rule, etc) I also employ "high tech" methods (ad words, email marketing etc.). But one form of marketing has caught my eye… Continue

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Step Into The Age of Speed and Technology

My husband, Kenneth, and I were watching the movie “Eragon”. There were two cousins in the movie that lived with their uncle. One of the cousins decided that it was time for him to leave the farm and strike out on his own to find his future. When he left it was a very sad occasion. There were no statements made like:

Come visit us soon.

Write us and let us know how you are doing.

Call us when you get to your first stop and let us know what is going on.

Friend us on… Continue

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Sweet Success

As a young child growing up in my parents’ home, there was always plenty of desserts around. My mom was a baker, and a very good one at that.…


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6 Myths of Online Network Marketing

If you have been studying online marketing to build your network marketing business, you need to know and accept that there are some myths believed to be true which are not true. Having this insight will help you identify where you will focus your efforts - whether online or offline - and will result in a more integrated strategy for business building.…


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Affiliate Network Marketing

Affiliate marketing programs have helped many people supplement their income or find some way of getting out of jobs they do not like doing. Affiliate marketing has over the years become increasingly popular as many

programs are easy and free to join. However,success for the affiliate marketer

demands that he must find top affiliate programs to promote. The big question

is- What are the ATTRIBUTES of such programs?

1) Good affiliate programs… Continue

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It Will Work if You Work It!

I’m sure some will disagree but it’s my belief that whatever business you’ve embarked upon will work if you work it. Success in any business depends upon some key elements that many want to by-pass, jump over or overlook. Yes, the presentation sounds good – it was actually great; Yes, the compensation plan is excellent – startup bonus, weekly checks and of course, the monthly residual…


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Who are the Right Prospects for Network Marketing?

I was speaking with a company leader and he was relating to me a story that happened to him quite recently.

He was telling me how his company was downsized "out of the blue" and he was laid off. This was just after he purchased a brand-new car which he had to make payments on along with his two (first and second) mortgages.

But you would never know by his demeanor that he was one of thousands all across the country who have had similar experiences. Because he…

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3 Kinds of Goals - Which create Success?

3 Kinds of Goals - Which create Success? by Dawn Billings

As a success coach and family therapist for 15 years, I learned the secret to goals that create success. It is EMOTION. Emotion has to be connected with goal setting in order for it to register is the nonconscious brain. Interesting emotion is also the one thing that can cripple your goals and dreams. Emotion breathes life and passion… Continue

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Programmed by Negative Thoughts

Your mind is being programmed everyday. Either you're doing it yourself, or somebody else is. If you're not in charge, then you'll really struggle for success in network marketing.

Are you letting the radio, the TV, the internet, the newspaper, or friends & family program you? If you are, then you are definitely being programmed for lack & limitation.

If you're in your car with the radio on, that radio has a tuner. You can tune in hundreds of radio…


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$59.99 Unlimited Talk, Text, and Data

This is the Real Deal!!!

Lightyear Wireless offers Unlimited Talk, Text, and Web for only $59.99 per month and Now you can add $9.99 International Calling Plan (Optional), and Call anywhere in

the World from…


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Guest Speaker to Teach You How to Make Residual Income by Blogging


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What is MLM? MLM Software, India multi level marketing company

Multilevel or "network" marketing plans are one of the ways of selling goods or services through distributors. You just have to sign up as a distributor and you'll receive a commission not only for your sales but those of the people you recruited to become a distributor.

Some multilevel marketing plans are legitimate. However, others are illegal pyramid schemes. In pyramids, commissions are based on the number of distributors recruited. Most of the product sales are made to these… Continue

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Jusuru Another Nutritional Juice Product

Jusuru another nutritional juice has hit the market place claiming to fight the life long quest of reducing aging. Just like the products that have come out before it on the internet it consists of 11 different products that are rich in antioxidant. Which as we know by now antioxidants are a broad group of compounds that destroy single oxygen molecules, also called free radicals, in the body, thereby protecting against oxidative damage to cells. They are essential to good health and are found… Continue

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Do you want to grow your downline?

Update Day 14: Today is the last day of the trial period for me! I'm totally surprised at how well this has worked to date! So far I've personally brought onto my new team 35 and received an additional 199 from spillover onto my team! All in 14 days! What also pleases me to see is that the duplication is taking place.

The first task is to sponsor 5 people into the program and already 4 of the 35 I brought in have achieved this and beyond and another is very close. So you can see how… Continue

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Learn how you can get 20 to 30 Laser Targeted Free MLM Leads a Day

Multi-level marketing or network marketing is a unique marketing structure widely used by companies to market their products or services. Multi-level marketing technique has been a very successful strategy and is being widely employed by companies and individuals all over the world. This marketing technique is also sometimes referred to as chain marketing or affiliate marketing.

In multi-level marketing, the business promoters are encouraged to introduce new promoters for the… Continue

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