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2010 Website Upkeep - Stay Ahead Of The Game!

Web presence is a must for every firm. Whether you are running a business, a small enterprise, educational institute, offering service or just providing information; you cannot survive without having your own website. World Wide Web has become the first resort to the net users, consumers and information…


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50 Reasons Why Your Business Is Incomplete Without a Professional Website

Whether you are a small business owner or owner of a large firm, you cannot deny the importance of website for your business. There are millions of people online who want an

easy access to products and services at just a click and if you don’t have a

business website then you are losing a great deal day by day.

You must read the…


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World's Best: Top 10 Salon and Spa logos collection

Ever wanted to check out the world's best Salon and Spa logos? Now you shall get to see all of them at one place and also what makes them better than the rest.

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Golf Professioanl Looking for Sponsors

I am a professional golfer looking for sponsors. What I am asking is you may know of someone with the right portfolio that would be interested in sponsoring me. Any help you can give would be deeply appreciated.…


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Now Introducing TimeSvr Content Writing Service - Cheapest and Best in the World!

Do you have lots of writing projects that you have been delaying for long? May be some training manuals, marketing material or essays you have been wanting to write for some time. Now is the time to delegate all your pending writing tasks to TimeSvr Content Writing Service. As you must have experienced that a company that has been initiated lately, already has an over burdened staff working on lots of things at one time. It’s always better not to stretch your employees more or soon you will… Continue

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Beating Swine Flu Through Better Cleaning Practices

The H1N1 flu virus (also known as Swine Flu) has garnered a lot of press and has already earned a reputation of being one of the most severe flu strains of the past 50 years. Although it is very similar in structure to the seasonal influenza strains of previous years, H1N1 has been yielding a more significant disease burden among individuals under the age of 25 than the flus of previous years. It has further been shown in CDC studies that up to 1/3 of people over the age of 60 may have… Continue

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Choosing a Top Search Domain For Your Site-Make It Profitable

Choosing a Top Search Domain For Your Site-Make It Profitable

Author: Top Search Domains

If you have continual trouble finding a website name, use a domain registrar's search function to get helpful suggestions. The key points to remember are to keep the name short, use keywords to draw search engine results, and avoid dashes and odd spellings. When you generate sales, your…


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Want Personal Success? Multiple Streams of Income

“Want Personal Success?”

“Multiple Streams of Income”

Welcome back…

For those that haven’t read the initial “Want Personal Success?” series, e-mail to: and we will send you copies.

Let us continue.

Planning multiple streams of income should be fun. There are many choices. You might consider starting by saving a percentage of salary. If you know nothing about investing you should get help. Before you expose yourself to the multitude of… Continue

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#1 Marketing Tool for Authors

Click HERE to view.

View the 360 Degrees Video Portfolio Wall by Clicking HERE. There exists a marketing tool that grabs your readers’ attention and sends them straight to the bookstore.

A well-made book video is the #1… Continue

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Seven Great Reasons to Produce a video for yourself or your company.

1.) Video is powerful! The saying, "A picture is worth a thousand words" is not just catchy verbiage. Images convey powerful ideas and emotions that words will never be able to, and leave lasting impressions in the minds of viewers. Research show that people remember 20% of what they hear, 30% of what they see, and 70% of what they hear and see. A combination of carefully crafted audio and images is your most effective communication tool for reaching your audience, whether you represent a… Continue

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The Verb “to be” and Your Professional Image

When you are creating your plan for success and working on the professional image part of that plan, don’t forget about speech. It really is an important element of having a professional image. It’s not the obvious faux-pas that will call your image into question – using colorful language or speaking much too loudly – it’s those seemingly insignificant grammatical mistakes that will do it.

Imagine seeing a business woman in her success suit; all the right accessories, not too many,… Continue

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Internet Marketing & Website Development

Internet marketing can offer a greater sense of accountability for advertisers. Marketers and their clients are becoming aware of the need to measure the collaborative effects of marketing (i.e., how the Internet affects in-store sales) rather than soloing each advertising medium. It is very difficult to determine the effects of multi channel marketing, but it’s an important part of ascertaining the value of media… Continue

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7 Tips for Better Email

Email is a part of everyday life, for some people it even takes over their lives. We have email at work, at home and even on our mobile phones. The little things make all the difference, and to leave them out or get it wrong could suggest you’re lazy, unprofessional or even incompetent – isn’t it worth taking a minute to think about the emails that you send and what they really say about you?

Here are some 7 things to look out for.

1. Spelling. This may sound really… Continue

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Trade Professional Magazines

Trade Professional Magazines…

Business Publication Connections, 2008 Business Services Marketer\'s Guide


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Importance of SEO for your business

Nowadays, SEO is a commonly heard term in the world of internet marketing. People know that SEO has something to do with improving your business but no one knows how it actually works to achieve this goal. Through this article I would like to enhance your knowledge about phenomenon known as SEO. First of all, do you know SEO stands fir what? It is short form of search engine optimization, it involves various techniques used to improve search engine… Continue

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Professional Blogging

Professional Blogging

How do I create a blog that *conquers all obstacles* and stays out of the slush pile?

“The Internet is a vast wasteland of thoughts and ideas. According to Technorati, someone creates a new blog every 1.4 seconds. If blogging was a crime, and in some… Continue

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Flexible Resources can assit you in Evaluating and marketing businesses

As well as providing interim resource to cover specific temporary needs – or to elevate overall performance – Flexible Resources Associates’ consultants can help you prepare for your future by presenting a comprehensive business assessment and carefully constructed exit plan.

Our approach to evaluating and marketing businesses has enabled hundreds of clients across all industries to sell for the highest value.

Key elements of our service include:

An… Continue

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Daily Power Booster ~ How's Your Dream?

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