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Introduction of Tax Havens: Part 1.

Introduction of Tax Havens: Part 1.

When someone says tax havens or offshore banking, the first thought that pops into mind is illegal financial transactions and money laundering, followed very closely by dons and mafia heads. These are just stereotypes promoted by the media and moviemakers , but then one might ask, what exactly is a tax haven? Simply put, a tax haven is an offshore jurisdiction with lower tax rates, which…


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On A HealthCare Discussion....

How insurance plans are offered will be affected. Quality of insurance plans will be affected. Costs will continue to be affected although it's not like insurance costs are all that great today. Insurance companies are already raising rates and talking about more rates and how drastic it's going to be. That's just fodder to prepare people to accept getting gouged when in many cases it's not warranted.

Healthcare savings plans, pay as you go plans, plans for those who aren't using… Continue

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National Motor Club of America - Emergency Roadside Assistance, Work from Home Business Opportunity and much, much more!

National Motor Club

* $25,000 Medical Coverage

* $100 For bodily Injured Parts

* $200 Towards Legal Fees

* $25,000 Jail Bonds

* $25,000 Identity theft Coverage

* Accidental Death Coverage

* Car Rental 100% Coverage

Get Hotel Care while car is being repaired when traveling

There is so much more with this Debt Free Company

All this for just $18.00/per month…


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0% Interest On Anything Is A No Brainer

Is this an April Fool's Joke? I thought so at first too, but it's not. The awesome people selling the condos over in The Madison at Village Green almost seem like the fools. Their new special financing program offers 0% for 12 months on a new condo!! Yes zero percent for 12 months on the purchase of a condo with only 3.5% down. This could save buyers thousands over the first year of the loan. More information and an example of the savings are at… Continue

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Toll free Conference Calling Only 3.9 Cents a Minute, No monthly fees, No Monthly minimums and No Set up Fees

Bow Communications today announced a definitive plan in conjunction with their highly rated service providers to improve upon the learning process when buying conferencing services. Businesses, organizations & educational institutions will inevitably be the winners when they use Bow Conferencing services.

While other companies talk about this learning process, Bow actually delivers simplicity without compromising the level of service that their conferencing customers expect.…

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Do you work from home?

I am conducting research about people who work from home. I would appreciate if you would take a moment and click on the link below to complete the short survey: (may need to copy and paste in URL)

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How to Recover from Financial Hardship in a Failing Economy

No matter how severe your your situation is with you personal finance, there is a way to recover. Many of our family, friends and neighbors are on the brink of bankruptcy. Millions are drowning from their credit cards and can't even make minimum payments. The Short Sale, Foreclosure Frenzy has the banking industry turned upside down. With mortgage rates at an all time low, why does real estate crawl like a snail, on its long journey back to stability.

Everyone knows that "money talks… Continue

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How to Starting You Own Solar Energy Business

We are at the dawn of a solar revolution in the United States. Every aspect of the solar industry is experiencing explosive growth. Triple digit expansion in solar photovoltaic cell manufacturing, to the need for solar sales associates, to the huge demand for solar system installers is emerging everywhere. Opportunities abound.

The renting of a solar energy system for your home is a new, attractive twist to the idea of switching to renewable energy. With the adoption of a leasing or… Continue

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"Forex Killer" - An Automated FOREX Trading Software Review !!!

"Forex killer is by Andreas Kirchberger who makes an extra-ordinary living trading forex online, he used to work for a big bank as a forex advisor but quit and then him and 2 of his partners came up with this forex killer software!"

Features of Forex Killer:

- you do not need any experience it can be used by both beginners and professionals!

- you can start with as little as $500 in a real account or if… Continue

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How To Create An Effective Newsletter

The typical form of newsletter is a one-way communication where you provide information to customers, such as product updates and announcements. Creating a successful newsletter can be extremely rewarding. Subscribers and customers respond with glowing feedback, online sales jump and your customer relationships and brand loyalty deepens. Here are some useful tips that might help in creating a successful newsletter.

Define Success

Ask yourself "What is the purpose of… Continue

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The Mortgage Report

The Good News

According to the Federal Reserve, American homeowners saw their net housing equity-or the values of their property minus mortgage debt-grow from $6.2 trillion to $9.6 trillion from 2000 to 2007.

According to the National Association of Realtors, America is adding close to 1.5 million new households per year which will create an increasing demand for homes.

The Bad News

According to the Office of Thrift Supervision, nearly 2.3 million… Continue

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