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Erle Frayne D. Argonza


Good afternoon from the Philippine highlands!


Japan did suffer miserably from the catastrophe of a double-whammy temblor cum tsunami that walloped it recently. Deaths are now in the thousands, damage to property at past $183 Billion or 3.6% of its $5 Trillion GDP, citizens’ morale is badly eroded (more so that nuke fallout is imminent,…


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House of the Good Shepherd, recovery, homeless, hopeless, counseling.

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IT and Network Support Services

SysArc provides responsive and affordable IT and network support services to meet the information technology challenges of small and mid-sized businesses throughout the Virginia, Maryland and Washington DC areas.

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Trimming the Fat – Purposed 2010 Budget Cuts

By now, everyone has thrown in their two cents on President Obama’s proposed budget for the 2010 fiscal year. Most brought up the point that while he plans to cut out $17 billion next year, the $3.2 trillion he spends this year will still hurt the country overall. Many of the articles available don’t dig deep enough to see what exactly President Obama removed from the budget for next year.

Upon opening the Termination, Reductions, and Savings report that the White House recently… Continue

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In today's global market, successful firms understand that an important aspect of their growth strategy

must include the acquisition of key partners and practice groups with solid client relationships and targeted firm mergers.

The associates at Flexible Resources have the knowledge and market expertise to help firms achieve their growth objectives.

Each of our associate placement consultants has the diverse adaptability and experience vital in successfully helping corporations secure immediate-impact partners.

Flexible Resources Associates’ most frequently used… Continue

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Why do Business owners Nickel and Dime Their Technology?

Being an IT Managed Services Company (MSP) we find so many business trying to nickel and dime on their technology. For some reason most business owner’s don’t realize that their entire business future could potentially be gone with a disaster to their technology. When i say disaster I don’t mean just natural disasters, things like power outages, Sprinkler system breaking, power surges, data backup failure, server crash and many other things.

When you ask a business owner why do they… Continue

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Reflections for L.I.F.E. Crisis Recovery Strategies. (Spring 2009)

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Plans to get our Economy Back On Track with Obama's Stimulus Plan‏

Recovery plan to get our Economy back on track.

*Credit has stopped the flow of the economy.

95% of people will get a Tax cut April 1,2009.

1. New Lending Fund to give Auto Loans and Entrepreneurs a new start.

2. Launching a housing plan is to help the American people save their homes .Will not help speculation purchasers, people that bought homes they could not afford. .

3. Helping the banks to… Continue

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I have found my network marketing stride with Mona*Vie.

EVERYONE should have multiple streams of income. It's pretty obvious with the current economic challenges. Donald Trump and Robert Kiyosaki are great fans of network marketing.

Each person needs to find the network marketing company that works best for them. We all have different hot buttons and what works for you may not work for me and vice versa.

Mona*Vie is based upon the #1 SUPERFOOD - the… Continue

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So Many Health and Wellness Companies! Just HOW Does Anyone Choose?

The first question you might ask is, “WHY would I join a wellness company?” The answer is “Because wellness is a MAJOR, MAJOR TREND today and it’s only going to skyrocket more as the baby boomer age.”

There are many profits to be earned in the wellness industry.

A year ago, I would not have been open to joining a wellness network marketing company, yet today, I’m more excited about it than anything I’ve ever been involved with.


Because I… Continue

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Change Is Inevitable - Growth Is Optional

Many times when one thinks of change it is based on something that we are going to receive. Change can also have a lot to do with what we are willing to get rid of.

Like a hot air balloon that goes up when you remove the sand from it. So many of us hesitate to throw the sand out and still anticipate we will continue to move upward.

Making changes in lifestyle choices that are harmful, relationships that no longer serve us, or a job or business that is no longer fulfilling… Continue

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Are You Paying for Your Compeition's Christmas This Year?

Let’s face it, folks. EOY is waiting on our doorsteps, and The Audits are scheduled in INK. What about those accounts that have been collecting dust sitting on your aging reports past 90...and God forbid even Past 120 days? The bottom line, is at that point, you have probably suspended their credit lines, and placed a hold on all future orders until their account is reconciled. Yet if they are still sitting their past 90 and Past 120, it is obvious they have took YOUR money and went elsewhere.… Continue

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Ten Days Post Gustav, Still No Power!

You may not realize that some of us who were blown away by hurricane Gustav are still living the in the aftermath, because Baton Rouge is not New Orleans. We don't have levees breaking, nor individuals on roofs waving for help. Why does it take such extremities to gain the attention of the media to simply recognize that fellow Americans are still in need of help and assistance?…


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Increased profits GUARANTEED with sweet 5-piece credit card processing system.


You’ll receive the Nurit 8320 (a $700 value), check reader ($250 value), and signature capture pad ($100 value), all free of charge! If you’re using outdated equipment, you’ll love how these top-of-the-line, ultra-user-friendly machines make you more efficient. This state-of-the-art equipment can also help you decrease fraud and increase sales.


Your free equipment arrives fully programmed and… Continue

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