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Does Your Klout Score Know U

The Klout Score doesn't know you.

My main issue is Klout not being more transparent on how and what REALLY goes into a person’s Klout Score.

this post is to help you see that like everything else in blogging and social media, Klout is a tool you can’t control, so stop stressing over it.…


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How to Bring a Partner, Co-founder or COO into Your Business

It's not unusual to realize that as a solo-preneur you've reached the end of your expertise and that you need to bring someone else into your business. Even if you have employees, there are times when a partner can share the load. But how do you find a partner, vet a partner, and protect yourself in such a critical relationship? According to…


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Quality Score Myth Buster

Quality Score Myth Buster

In the PPC world, a Quality Score is a measure which tells you the relevance of your keyword to the users search query. Specifically, quality score is a score given to a particular keyword taking historical data of the keyword’s Click Through Rate, quality of the landing pages, relevance of the ad with the keyword and several other factors.

Why quality score is important for a PPC professional? Not because it gives a rating on a scale of ten but… Continue

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How is your credit score?

Many people do not know what their credit score is until they get turned down for credit. What a devistating feeling when your heart is set to buy your dream house,a car or even start a business just to be told you don't qualify.A feeling of hopelessness or helplessnes starts creeping in.

I know first hand how that feels. I lost my house,my car and my job. I did not know where to turn.I thought I could just make a few calls and repair… Continue

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To Build your reputation score on the net !

Build your reputation network score to rep:10 !

Mr. Stephane Dube

Mr. Stephane Dube

Mr. Stephane Dube

Cordially… Continue

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Legal Credit Repair Improves YOUR Credit Score

Denied due to bad credit?

Can Bad Credit be Deleted?

Yes, it can. Despite the fervent proclamations of bureaucrats and credit bureaus everywhere, a simple fact remains: negative credit listings are deleted from peoples' credit reports by the thousands each and every day.

A few years ago, an attorney from…


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