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Welcome to Dogan Custom clothing!

World class men and women's top bespoke custom tailored clothing house.

Every finest top bespoke stitch, every time. Proudly made in the USA.

Bespoke custom suits, sport coats, country club blazers, top…


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Erle Frayne D. Argonza


Good morning from the Pearl of the Orient!


Manny ‘Pacman’ Pacquiao, world’s best boxer pound-per-pound and the greatest boxer of the century, just defeated California’s prized fighter Mosley. The fight didn’t only highlight the prowess of the world’s best—and that best could extend to being the world’s top athlete today—but more importantly it heralded Pacquiao’s vow versus poverty in the…


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The Olympic Games - from the inside

Four months from today, the Vancouver & Whistler Winter Olympics begin – or the 19th Winter Olympiad. Whichever name you prefer probably means how you look at the ownership of the event: It either belongs to the Host City, or the International Olympic Committee that runs it. This statement has been the major argument point of the whole event. Whenever demonstrations have taken place against hosting the Winter Olympics, or ‘official’ statements from the IOC have been sent by winged-ankled… Continue

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My Best Passive Strategies

My Best Passive Strategies


Welcome to my Strategies Blog...

which has been set up for the purpose on how to handle the favorite progs I'm currently in and set up a portfolio for beginners in this industry...

* Sow - First You'll need some cash. All depends on how much you'd have to invest. A min $1000 would be necessary for getting started with 10 programs. Of course this starting amount could be higher… Continue

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My Best Passive Programs

Forex related Programs

1. Future Invest*** Pretty serious Private Club - Returns: 8 - 19% monthly - min. $20 Compounding enabled - Long term. Liberty Reserve or PayPay are their Payment Processors.

2. Private FX Club** Purely Forex based. Membership will be kept very low. Still available. But will close pretty soon. Returns… Continue

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Law of Attraction take 2!

Well opportunities just keep coming. I live in Las Vegas where two days ago 300 employees from the Venetian and Palazzo were called into a meeting and fired. Some people would say fird is a harsh word, but lets not sugar coat it. No serverence, no benefts, their butts got fired. All hard workers I'm sure, some with families and mortgages. So where is all this opportunity I keep speaking about?

It's in the direct sales and home based business… Continue

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Social Networking in Sport & Exercise Science

The idea of social networking has gained a mass of attention in recent years. This has come about from both a social and a business perspective and is evident through the popularity of websites such as Facebook, MySpace, LinkedIn and Bebo to name but a few. The scale of social networking can be seen by its usage with Facebook having over 80 million members worldwide. More recently there has been the introduction of industry specific social networking sites. This article will review social… Continue

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Sports Betting: The Betting Profits Formula System Review !!

For the Past Couple of Weeks, I have been bombarded with emails about some bloke called Joshua Jacobs, every one of my many email addresses were filling up with the usual hard sales bull that appears in your inbox all too frequently. I did the usual thing of filling it firmly in my email trash can. That was until I heard from a good friend, widely respected throughout the industry, that I probably should have a read of it as I “will… Continue

Added by Dan Avidan on December 21, 2008 at 2:00pm — No Comments - Adult Dating and Sex Personals Website Review !!!

"Do You Know That Gets More Visitors Than, Yahoo Personals and eHarmony Combined?"

This website that many people have never even heard of gets more traffic than the top five most publicized and most talked about online dating sites combined.

PASSION is one of the big boys in the adult personals world. With over 25 million members, it is regarded as one of the largest dating sites on… Continue

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