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The Importance of Nutrients

 Everyone needs essential vitamins and minerals daily.

Each vitamin & mineral has a myriad of functions in the body and can be difficult to achieve with modern lifestyles and farming techniques. Epidemiological studies have shown that our ancestors lived on as much as 4,000 calories a day of more nutrient-dense food than we eat. Our bodies still expect this and also the level of…


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'And the days dwindle down...' Thoughts for dear friend and colleague Wallace Johnson upon the occasion of his 86th birthday April 18, 2011.

Below I have posted an article written by Dr Jeffrey Lant CEO of Worldprofit. Dr. Lant

along with Sandi Hunter and George Kosch Co- Founded Worldprofit in August of 1994 at

believe it or not a kitchen table in Canada. George Kosch read one of Dr Lants 18 best selling business Books called him up and the rest as they say is…


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phion Balance

To pH Balance your body, use pHion pH test strips and alkaline supplements. pHion's alkalizing supplements range from alkaline water, prebiotics to colloidal silver.

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It's only ONE DAY, Right??

We hear these all the time...

Everywhere we go...

We've even said them!

"That little bit won't make a difference."

"It'll be faster/easier if I just do the minimum."

“I’ll take care of that tomorrow.”

After all, what’s ONE DAY, anyway??

One day…24 hours…1440 minutes…86,400 seconds

Only ONE DAY, right?

Not a big deal...or is it??

When John Maxwell was at the Seagate… Continue

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The ego always tells us the opposite of what is actually true from the perception of God/Source. And it always thinks in terms of ‘EITHER-OR.’ Either we have to be nice all the time or speak our mind and be a bad person. Either we are rich and evil or poor and righteous. Either be loved and accepted but a doormat OR be rejected but not allow ourselves to be used. These are but a few of the many fear based EITHER/OR beliefs we hold (mostly in our subconscious) that create the current reality we… Continue

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And the really big frustration of most is this truth; the majority of motives are hidden deep into the unconscious! So how do we know what ours and others motives are? There are only two ways… and wait for the results! ‘By the fruit (result) we know them (motive.) the other way is to learn how to discern truth for ourselves. We have been told for thousands and thousands of years WHAT to believe and never taught HOW to discern truth for ourselves. Now, there is a way to know how BEFORE… Continue

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What every person seeks, searches, aches and yearns for… is to fall in love. To REALLY fall in love. To find that special ‘someone’ who sees, knows, accepts and loves them in a profound way and be able to give the same in return. We have been told that that incredibly heady and highly desirable experience and feeling, is NOT real and is only fleeting infatuation. But the truth is it is that this experience is the ONLY thing that IS real. It is the moment in which we see and reflect the highest… Continue

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ADHD Life Social & Study Skills, Strategies for a successful school year

ADHD Life, Social and Study Strategies:

Successful Strategies for the School Year

Let us help your student find their way

ADHD Life ,Social and Study Strategies

All you need to know for a successful school year!

Successful Strategies for success in life,relationships and in school.

Dr. Osborne Ph.D.introduces you student to:

The World According to ADD/ADHD

Learning time management & organizational… Continue

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Have you noticed that most people are growing in fear? The anxiety and subsequent increased dis-ease (particularly heart attacks in younger and younger people) are increasing every single day! Have you sensed that you could not do in one hour today, what you could do in one hour a year ago or more and that things are just getting more chaotic and frantic? I can show you, on a scientific level, just how the two are very much related and how this… Continue

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In teaching the physics of time extensively in THE SCIENCE OF HIGHER PURPOSE; AlchemEnergy Codex Course, one learns exactly how and why the 2012 Mayan Calendar, on a scientific level, will come about and how YOU play a vital role in this occurrence. (And if you did understand it, you would see it all as GOOD!) This week there will be… Continue

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Take your CPA here from Sandy's stuff n` Such!

CPA Review

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Online Trainings SOA-BPEL, Java,/JEE, EJB 3.0,QTP, Load runner, silk test, etc.,

We are Sanaari Software Solutions Pvt Ltd providing Class Room (Hyderabad only) / Online Trainings for any where with real time instructor each is an expert in his related field having the experience of minimum 5, 10,15 years, where the instructor and student interact (via Voice, Screen sharing and share notes via the instructor's Graphics Tablet) to provide a very close and personalized training session.

We provide training for, Share point Server, BizTalk Server, WebShpere, Web… Continue

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"Do You Know That Gets More Visitors Than, Yahoo Personals and eHarmony Combined?"

This website that many people have never even heard of gets more traffic than the top five most publicized and most talked about online dating sites combined.

PASSION is one of the big boys in the adult personals world. With over 25 million members, it is regarded as one of the largest dating sites on… Continue

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Dear Sleeping Reader,

Dear Sleeping Reader,

Over the last year I have home schooled my daughter. It has been a challenge to teach her the basic skills of reading and it didn’t seem to matter what I did, she still did not understand the basic concepts.

When I ordered your program I had been through two other courses that had failed and I just wasn’t sure whether this one would be able to work for her. But after just a few weeks of beginning the course my daughter and I had a fresh look on how to… Continue

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Sleeping Reader Customer Service:

Sleeping Reader Customer Service:

I have a young daughter named Lillian who had been struggling in her 2nd Grade Class with reading. She knew the names of the letters but could not remember the sounds that they made, making it hard for her to read even the easiest words. She was frustrated and failing almost all of her spelling tests, it become so bad that she didn’t want to go to school anymore.

I asked Lillian’s teacher if there was anything that she could do to help my… Continue

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Dear Sleeping Reader Team,

Dear Sleeping Reader Team,

My Grandson was having issues with uppercase letters verses lowercase letters. In school he was taught to only recognize uppercase or capital letters, but when it came to reading a book that has mostly lowercase letters he would draw a blank.

This problem I found out latter is very common and is one the biggest reasons why you can not teach the visual image of the letters before you teach the sounds. You must learn the sounds of the letters and… Continue

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Why Do Children Fail In Reading

Why Do Children Fail In Reading

A lot of parents wonder, "Why is it so hard for my child to learn how to read?" The answers to this question vary for every child; but scientists have discovered that children that have reading problems are a common result from poor reading instructions or learning disabilities.

Some kids have a disability that makes reading very difficult to learn. Others come to school without the literacy experiences they need to become readers. Some… Continue

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Welcome to® &!

Welcome to® &!

If you have been searching for a reading program that:

1. Is fun and easy to use.

2. Is backed by years of research.

3. Does not require hours of your time to teach your student.

4. Helps people with several learning disabilities.

4. Is proven to work.

5. Is 100% Guaranteed.

Then you have arrived at the right place!

Visit for… Continue

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Does Sleeping Reader® Work Better Than Phonics Courses?

Does Sleeping Reader® Work Better Than Phonics Courses?

Here are some of the problems with phonics programs:

1. They only work if the teacher devotes between 50 and 100 hours of time to teach the student properly. Most people do not have the time and patience to properly implement a phonics program. This time constraint is often not disclosed to the customer before they purchase the program.

2. Most of the time the teacher and/or the student gets frustrated and quits… Continue

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Sleeping Reader® Order Form

Sleeping Reader® Order Form

If you would like to order the Sleeping Reader® Program by mail using Check, Cash, or Money Order please use the following order form:

Click Here To Download & Print The Order Form

This form is for Check, Cash, or Money Orders only. If you want to pay by Credit Card please order online.

**Note** You will need to have Adobe Reader® installed on your computer to view and print the Order Form. To download the free current… Continue

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