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Stop Losing The Value Of Repeat Business And Interest Shown In Your Product Or Service

All You Want To Do Is Change My Oil?”

Why you shouldn't overlook email capture marketing.…


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12 Best Social Media Tools You Should Use


We all use social media to stay in front of readers and customers.. this is my list of the best social media tools I use on a daily basis to reach new people and manage my time.


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Hot and New - Just Launched

Hi Friends ,

Are you finding it difficult to make money online?

There is no way to truly succeed on the Internet without a program that actually works!

Introducing.... The Free Trial

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* 2 x 14 MATRIX…


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Proof That Anyone Can Have 53,972 Twitter Followers and Make Money Using Twitter

Proof That Anyone Can Have 53,972 Twitter Followers and Make Money Using Twitter

Welcome to Twittenator Software where you don’t have to have

No Pay per click-ppc

pay per view- ppv or cpv

Search Engines, Google , SEO –etc.

Building Websites

Forum Marketing

Write emails or Content at ALL

Two years and over $27,000 in the making, the Twittenator is in a league of its own. It not only grows your Twitter following for you,…


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Proud to Announce Worldprofit Inc 10 YR BBB

Please read and enjoy our articles. Turn off the T.V. the radio, lock the door, and take the telephone off the hook .  Give yourself a bit of quiet time to enjoy the full flavor of emotions, ideas, and inspirations you will get from these articles. Occasionally Dr Lant will suggest going to the search engines for music to go along with the article, I will will do the search myself and post the video(s) below the article for you

Come on…


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Small Business Tech Tools - Facebook Like Box You've probably seen websites out there with that little Facebook widget on the sidebar that shows how many people like that company or product. If you'r…

Small Business Tech Tools - Facebook Like Box

You've probably seen websites out there with that little Facebook widget on the sidebar that shows how many people like that company or product. If you're a DIY website builder as a business owner or entrepreneur, you're probably wondering how to get the Facebook badge on your site. It's not too hard, and I show you how in this video.…


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How Did The Wealthy 1% Do It?

LONDON, ENGLAND - JANUARY 11: Conservative pa...
Image by Getty Images via…

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Email Marketing Made Easy | Autoresponders | Online Marketing Tools

E-mail spam relayed by country in Q2/2007, sou...
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If you are… Continue

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Frustrated? All-In-One Online Marketing Tool Service | Angie Mitchell

Beginning Marketers can save time, money and a whole lot of frustration by using 'All-in-One' online marketing tools. This service will give you everything you need to market on the web. Hosting, tools, promotion and helpful guidance and training.

These marketing tools are ideal for beginning marketers as well as seasoned veterans and are what you need to make a living and market your…


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4 Must Have Online Marketing Tools | Angie Mitchell

I'm going to share with you in this article the 4 simple must have online marketing tools anybody working online today should be using if wanting to succeed.

The number of people whose efforts are touched by the internet these days is hard to imagine. Many of us have been working full-time online for some time, but for the vast majority of people online today that is not the…


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21 Techniques To Improve Website Performance

I came across this useful information and wanted to share with my readers these 21 Marketing Techniques, if put them to practice you will surly increase traffic to your website. By Klemen Stirn

Read about them here

High Performance Online Marketing…


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Online Marketing Tools And Free Techniques

When working an online business your end goal is to be a successful marketer who is earning a residual income but in order to reach the end result you must find internet marketing techniques and acquire a set of online marketing tools that are proven to be effective to help you promote whichever product, program or service you are… Continue

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It's Not What You Are Marketing, It's What Online Tools You Use

If you are just one of the millions of internet marketers trying to make a buck online, then you will have no doubt have heard someone say, "If you want to make money online, you have to build an opt-in list." Now, how on earth are you expected to do just that? First of all, if you don't have the marketing tools in place, you can't.

You gotta understand that there are 1.4 billion people who…


Added by Angie Mitchell on February 22, 2010 at 4:00pm — 1 Comment

Online Marketing Tools Even A Caveman Could Use

I receive emails all too often asking me to check out some new life-changing software/system/tool that will most certainly change my life. While all of these online marketing tools mean well, 90% miss on the most important part of product, program or service management.


I’ve come across dozens of…


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Are Free Email Autoresponders Safe? Online Marketing Tools

Are free email autoresponders safe for your online marketing business? I will show you three main issues behind a free email autoresponder offer and how to escape them.

As you may have heard, knowledge is power: if you know the dangers, you can avoid them.

I’m talking about free online marketing tools you can have access to by way of a free…


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Who Am I To Recommend Online Marketing Tools? Angie Mitchell

Are you working from home and do you really want to be successful? That might sound like a silly question, but it is the first questions you must ask yourself and you need to be brutally honest. Do you have what it takes? Are you using online marketing tools? If not, you are leaving money on the table people!

Many people will say "Yes!, I want to be successful!" but they are not willing to do…


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Online Marketing Tools | SEO Tools | Angie Mitchell ~ 12 Second Commute

Is your website healthy from an SEO perspective? There are many online marketing tool services out there, I use is 12 Second Commute and one reason I love it so much is because I get all the tools I need under one roof, SEO tools included, saving me time and money!

It's important to be able to diagnose what the problems are with your website, and you do this by using SEO tools. In other words SEO tools provide a… Continue

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Voicemail - the under used promotional tool

Every one has voice mail either on their cell or home phone and its one of the most unused in promoting your business. When we are making our daily calls to prospects and you leave a message, you want to make sure that when they call you back they know what you do.

Here are five steps that you can use to set up your voice mail for your business opportunity. If you only have one phone I recommend getting an 800 number.…


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Online Marking Tools Are A Must | Angie Mitchell

Okay, so we all like convenience, right? Most of us aren’t sitting around wondering how we could make our lives just a little more complicated. Well, for those of us at 12 Second Commute, we’ve got online marketing tools that we use pretty much daily to help keep things, and by things I mean us, more organized, focused, and overall on track.

The flagship… Continue

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